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  1. This is a common glitch. My work around was resetting my skills, and didn't choose to loot an enemy if it was assassination or melee kill.
  2. Anyone tried to do it on the vita? Seems like all of the story related trophies wont pop, when you do the debug menu, and go to the last mission and then play the cutscene for beating final boss.
  3. As I wrote, it can be done in one of the first five Mahong games. The one coming later is almost at the end of the game, so its better to do it on the beginning.
  4. Hello all If you want help with the game, you can find a walkthrough here for the normal game: All the collectibles can be found here: For the bonus chapter you can follow it here: I recommend doing the first playthrough on expert and getting all the Mahjong games out of the way. Then on your second playthrough do it on normal, and complete all hidden-object puzzles, since you can spam X after getting the trophy for minimum mistakes. If you dont get the Mahjong trophy for completing it under a minute in the first 5-6 of them, there will be one later that is really easy to do it in. The map ingame can help you travel to another point easily, and it will also show you were there is something to do. Any conversation can be skipped. If you have played the first Nightmares from the deep, it should be an easy game for you to platinum.
  5. Most of the combat trophies you can get in the start of chapter 18: Two Angels Just fly up to garden immediately and start to hit the enemies, dont use statis field one them if you want to get the speciel attack trophies. High wind alert you can get in start of chapter 11, when you have to bomb the bridge. Make the nevis surround you after you have your speciel attack ready, and be on the ground close to the bridge you have to destroy. You can hit the enemies with gravity kick, but be sure not to kill them when filling up the meter.
  6. There must be another way to get Precious Gems faster. Dont think this was the way they thought this should be played. Its like 3-5 hours every gamer is grinding for max out Kat's power.
  7. I have been searching around the web, to se how I can farm precious gems pretty fast. All the sites says you have to go the mines, and I have a mining population around 60.000, but cant seem to find that many gems. Is it only the green orbs you can hit, or is there something another to do it?
  8. I have tried to play all game modes again, but still no trophy. Hope there will come an update soon.
  9. Hello Anyone else experience the trophy "A New Hope" not popping up? I got the trophy "in a galaxy far, far away...." and it seems like no one else got the other trophy since the last update or Bespin got out. EDIT 21-09-2016: the trophy is fixed today, and the platinum is obtainable
  10. The trophies A Royal Arsenal and LEGENDary can only be obtained by building up the weapons. I have tried to use name changing tickets, to upgrade the weapons, and the trophies didnt pop up. But you can name changing ticket for the Supernova and then going around to kill strong enemies, then switch to Monica and get the ABS for her weapons to build up. When they are high enough, just kill enemies with Monica, and switch to Max.