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  1. I still need all Co-op and Multiplayer trophies... if anyone is interested, let me know/add me on PSN. Thank you.
  2. Hiya! Was just wondering if anyone would be interested to do a casual MP clan thing (Mainly EU)... to do Ranked Matches? I'd be mostly available at evenings around 8pm - 1am GMT + 1.. Well, if anyone's interested... let's get something going on!
  3. Hey, I've used FHRD S1N1 on hard mode for mulliboom. Just go one screen down and one left to find mulliboom. (EU PS Vita)
  4. oh wow! Thanks for sharing Naks!! much appreciated :3 !!
  5. There is definitely a lack of EU seeds.... Wish I could find more... but yea.. I've been sticking to CONFETT1 mostly as well.... If anyone ends up finding new good ones... please do post them! Thanks
  6. Yes, I just found mine updated... but I don't think you can remove patch... on PS4 (at least last time I tried, it automatically got the latest patch with it) :/
  7. I think PS4 game gets updated automatically and cannot refuse patches...(unfortunately happened to me).. I had to restart the game on VITA .. because it seems that the only way to reject Patches is on the PS Vita... if someone else managed to remove latest patch from a PS4... please feel free to share.
  8. Played all of them, all have a great style... but from these three... like many others ... I would definitely go with Hotline Miami...!
  9. Thanks for your reply! Yea, seems that way... been reading through a few posts... and all have been suggesting using specific spirits... which obviously I don't own... not sure how I will be able to beat the hard continents x.X;... Shouldn't have stopped playing this game... bah....
  10. I'm still far behind with my cleared areas x.x.. can anyone offer some potential tips? Thanks...
  11. I own both consoles, but I used to enjoy playing this on PS4... seems I might have to try it out on PS Vita x.X;! Thanks again Yuri! You're great! :3
  12. Is there any way to revert back to version 1.00? I deleted my game and re-downloaded it... but when it installed.. it was back to the latest version ...
  13. Does this exploit still work? I'm on PS4 and when I check version of The Binding of Isaac it says it's version 1.02... but I can't seem to get the exploit to work... anything I'm missing? x.X; Don't I just have to insert seed... go back to load menu and select a new run again .. and it should work? Thanks
  14. Seriously?? That would be so awesome... I've really been enjoying this game haha.... was upset that dead boy was glitched so bad... (not that I'll be getting it anytime soon... but who knows!) glad to hear there is going to be a fix for it ^^ Thanks
  15. I had no problems with any trophies until......... I just beat Womb/Utero without taking any damage... which was kinda rough for me... got the in-game achievement/secret... but Trophy Mama's Boy didn't unlock .... this sucks lol I prolly won't be able to do this without taking damage again .... anyone else got any other information? Thanks