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  1. I got my medals about 2 or 3 years ago and all the summons I got were near the King's Gate bonfire I think (the last bonfire before the final boss). You could reliably get summoned once every 10 or so minutes on average and you'll see a lot of other signs around there (at least 2-3 years ago you would Lol)
  2. It's not immediately obvious off the top of my head what I would choose if i could download anything for the ps3 from the psn store. Fun to think about! even if it will never happen. Also, I'm in Ontario too and the snow is really coming down here + its a lazy Saturday afternoon to relax after the work week + I got Broken Age going on the PS4 (just mentioning because of your Grim icon) and damn, this is a COMFY mood right now. just thought I'd share lmao
  3. finished the game recently and really enjoyed it. I had one really cool experience I wanted to share and its not really a spoiler or anything but anyway: One of the encounters in the early-mid section of the game, I turn into one room to explore a bit and a monster creeps in behind me so I hide. The monster seems to be in this loop where it leaves the room for 5 seconds then comes back in ad infinitum. "Well what the hell, I'm stuck" I remark so I resolve to kill myself in order to respawn somewhere more favorable. So I wander into the middle of the room, and just like in Amnesia - I turn away and look at the floor so I won't see it come up and kill me because its still pretty spooky. So I hear it come down the hallway closer and closer, "hmm, it should have seen me by now" and I'm wondering what's going on when it appears in the peripheral and just walks right by me. I immediately turned around and ran my ass to safety. And that's how I found out that some of the monsters in the game are blind!
  4. my biggest gripe with the Two Thrones is that it all feels rather phoned in. More consistently mediocre than outright bad, I guess it doesn't have the lows of Warrior Within but it doesn't have the highs either
  5. It's telling that you completely left The Two Thrones, the worst of the original trilogy and the worst of those five main games imo, off the list entirely! I don't like the direction WW took in terms of presentation, tone, art design, etc. However it has grown on me over time. The backtracking can be confusing and annoying however I really think the level design is terrific, both specific levels and the overall design of the island has a continuity to it that I always appreciate (like the castle in ICO for example), The final act of the story takes a pretty interesting narrative turn which I was impressed by, and you kinda just have to learn to love that musical queue for the dahaka, once that Godsmack comes on you know it's bout to go down. The combat is frankly pretty bad, and this is true for basically all the games, however I can appreciate that they tried to do interesting things for the sequel, but yes not all of them paid off. I also got a really bizarre bug in my first playthrough on the PS3
  6. so does this sort of work like a ps+ game download? ie: once the Summer Pack period is over, even if I've already purchased/installed this game it won't be playable anymore? If so, when does the Summer Pack period end, July 30th?
  7. Glad The Sexy Brutale has been mentioned so often, terrific game. Burly Men at Sea: nice little narrative adventure game with great minimalist art & sound and surprisingly sharp writing. Machanarium: classic point and click adventure with incredible artwork and nice puzzles. The Bridge: I feel like this game is always on sale for $2-4. Neat puzzle game with quite a bit of content. The art style adds to the surreal atmosphere. The Fall (part 1): 2-D sci-fi puzzle platformer (emphasis on puzzle). Great premise and writing go a long way towards world building. Ends on a cliffhanger, though part 2 was released recently albeit for something like $20 CAD whereas I picked this up one Halloween for $1.50, look forward to getting around to it one day. Sam and Max Season 2: this is kinda cheating since the first episode has just over 5k while the subsequent ones are under, but I'll take any chance I can to sing the praises of the S&M series. Hilarious adventure game with a great cast of characters. Not as good as Tales from Monkey Island or S&M season 3, but absolutely worth playing if you're a fan of the genre. Seriously, Telltale needs to get back to making this kind of game again, their narrative adventures have grown a little stale. and one more I haven't actually played but waiting for a good sale is Thimbleweed Park. Looks like a nice pixel art adventure game from - I believe - Ron GIlbert, and it reminds me of Twin Peaks a bit.
  8. I like AC 2 - probably my favorite in the series - but it's not that great of a game, true. I didn't get my 'AC-fatigue' until a little later but I can understand those who don't like them.
  9. just did the same thing last night haha. always press the right side of the touchpad, nothing happens in this game, "oh, I guess there's some autosaves going on or something" died and had to redo the first ~20 minutes. There's something about having to google "How to save game in Red Faction" that was very humbling.
  10. Jak 2 was such a disappointment after Jak 1, real shame.
  11. updating this, now it's probably Alice: Madness Returns. boring game, levels are padded to increase playtime but its just the same ish over and over. I was into it at first, but slowly I stopped caring. More just mediocre than outright bad
  12. First Treasure Find one treasure probably a month or so after it got the trophy patch, around September 2008, almost 10 years ago. damn.
  13. First time I read about this thread I was around 40 - 50 platinums (around 2 years ago) I think and I wondered if I'd ever make it here. Tried to hit #100 in 2017, and I had a good pace going for a while but ultimately fizzled out in November/December. Was originally expecting either Dead Space 2 or Metro 2033, but spent longer with Amnesia than I'd anticipated, then thought it might be Uncharted 2 but I opted to wait and start The Witcher 3 (and even then, I wondered if I'd finish Batman: The Telltale Series first). The Witcher was a great gaming experience, and a worthy title for this milestone. (low key gonna steal this from Kevvik's post) and the rarity distribution of my first 100 plats: (as of Jan 21, 2018) Ultra Rare - 17 Very Rare - 21 Rare - 34 Uncommon - 24 Common - 4 Seems my list of ultra rare's become longer and longer after the fact, Lol. I'm prety sure Rage, MGS4, CoD: MW3, and Arkham City were all very rare's when I achieved them, but I'll take it.
  14. don't mean to bump a 2 year old thread, but my survivors were Jessica, Mike, and Emily (and Josh, I guess?) Sam was like one qte from surviving but I couldn't hold my controller still enough which really peeved me. I also got Chris killed because I was screwing around shooting the wendigos, easily avoidable and Ash would have let me in too. Matt and Ash weren't execution mistakes, I just unwittingly led them to their demise. Great game all in all.
  15. Hey everyone, here's my level and I'm going to start playing the levels in this thread too. https://lbp.me/v/q1fg0dm/topreviews?p=1&l=12