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  1. my new account is BrAdEdMoNdS2000

  2. bull shit yet again.
  3. deep black, what a bad game
  4. the worst game i played is deep black on ps3 the worst game i played is deep black on ps3
  5. i use it in my hands at home.
  6. payday the hiest. great game,
  7. sure mate just add me.
  8. yea if i give u seed i just give u map. nothing for plat i made doesent come with it
  9. i have a plat map that could put you on the fastest achievers. i would say u could get the plat in 1 hour. add me and ill be happy to help.
  10. exams finally fucking done. Whoop whoop.

    1. -Dark Mark-
    2. ProGamerX56


      Awesome! I've still got another week.

    3. amebapiko


      i got one in week and my last one two weeks after xD Had two today... I think it's been my 15th or something

  11. if u bought minecraft on ps3 then you get it on vita for free because its cross buy.
  12. exams this week fuck that shit!

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    2. Asuka Langley

      Asuka Langley

      Ahah I started last week, they fucking suck

    3. Naoto Shirogane

      Naoto Shirogane

      The only exam I'm looking forward to is Japanese. All other exams can go die in a fire.

    4. ProGamerX56


      Me too. I've technically already started.