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  1. Can't say "rage" but the Sandstalker one was mind-numbingly stupid. Once you figure out where to place your guys it's easy but time consuming/VERY boring. XXXXX XLXXX XXMXX XXXSX XXXXX Lost once with that starting set-up.
  2. Glitchy as hell mechanics, super slow paced/boring gameplay, boring gimmicky story. Only redeeming quality was that it was very short. Usually this is a negative for me, but in the case of this game, the faster you can plow through it, the better
  3. Yes I handled this one poorly I will admit, I had a bunch of sessions lined up for the weekend and 100% of them fell through, and I shouldn't have let that affect this session. I did post that I am available at other times on the actual session, you can invite me any time as long as I'm not in a session I'll help.
  4. Yea, and like I also said, if you boot someone from your session that's just being a jackass or a troll, they could go downrate everyone in the session even though they brought it on themselves. I think if it was something like a + or - where if you had a great session you can all go +1 each other, it would balance out the abuse, but who knows. This isn't to your session specifically dude, pretty much every session I sign up for ends up being hit or miss. Maybe I'm just unlucky. I posted on your session I am available any time after 5PM (atlantic) weekdays, or any time on weekends, as I do with any session.
  5. Like I said, just making a constructive suggestion, if you don't like it, move on instead of pissing on people.
  6. Yea, it's not really a big deal if someone lets you know, it's just common courtesy as far as I'm concerned. But you get someone who creates a session, you sign up well in advance, they no-show, noone gets invited...or someone joins and basically trolls the session like what happened last night. I do see potential for abuse in a system like this too though unfortunately, as we refused to invite the troll after a few games, and what would be to stop him from down-voting us all because we didn't want to play with a troll.
  7. Forgive me for making a constructive suggestion. I guess it really is hard to keep ones mouth shut when they have nothing positive or productive to add to a thread.
  8. Having wasted about 4 hours this weekend on 3 different boosting sessions (Creators and others no-showing, people being jackasses and not actually boosting) I fully support a reputation or like/dislike system. If it was "just a game" or "stuff happens" people wouldn't go through the effort of joining sites and finding sessions
  9. Technically I'm not getting a "free service" since I paid for a membership, but that's besides the point. If the same people are creating sessions or joining them and not showing or just being a general jackass throughout the session instead of being productive there should be a system to let people know. If you don't mind wasting hours of your day staring at the PSN XMB while waiting for people good for you I'm sure there are a lot in my boat that would prefer to know what kind of people they are joining or adding before they put in the time and effort.
  10. I'm sure it's been asked/suggested before but there really needs to be a way to rate session creators and people who sign up for sessions. I expected a weekend full of AC: Brotherhood boosting, as I signed up for 3 different sessions from various creators. Not a single one of these sessions actually went through...either the creator simply did not appear and invite people, or random sign-ups would no-show or bail at the last second. I love this website as a trophy tracker, so much so that I bought a lifetime membership in the first month or so lol, but these crap boosting sessions where there is no real consequence to screwing people over for trophies or for time is just getting old. I've been wanting to get these particular multiplayer trophies for a while now, so I passed on a fun trip on my off-weekend just to work on them, only to have wasted hours with nothing to show. I think people would show up and do their research on correct boost methods if there was a consequence of some sort, or at least if other people could see how many time's you've been down-rated due to no-shows, being uncooperative, etc. Just my 2 cents!
  11. My vote is Record of Agarest War, most pita Plat I've been working on, great for a 100th
  12. Rock Band 1
  13. Battle Toads on NES, and Record of Agarest War for PS3 (Although my own fault kind of, trying to 100% in 1 playthrough starting on hard )
  14. I don't know what you did Sly but it updated, it won't let me again for another 60 minutes of course since I have yet to be premiumized, but Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I been messing around on here since last night trying to figure out what I did wrong lol.
  15. Yea same spot it gets stuck for me, wierd. Haven't made any changes on my PS3 or my PSN Account.