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  1. working on it right now as well. I m doing both methods as well, but my progress in Legendary Multiverse is way better that i expected so i m focusing on this for now( still doing the random ability events though). so you get loot for atempted bossfights?
  2. Lvl 39 Warhammer Inquisitor Martyr Tropy name: Couch Warrior-Complete a lvl in local coop.
  3. same as @EternalChaos72 , did all the remaining kills in Arena Mode with music in the background good memories
  4. still didn t give up, i baught a new one though to play again , but i ll try to repair it i did take here apart completly and set here back together and didn t fuck it up
  5. I have a vanilla ps4, she has enough space to ventilate apropriately. I clean my ps4 on a regular basis because even with good ventilation and all, there will be dust inside, never had isues with that, she still is as silent as ever. But anyway.. In the meantime i inizialized the ps4 in safemode and made it back to the Main menu, and i thaught i got here going again but she still turns off after 10-15 min.. Hurts to see everything gone, even most off my savedata got corrupted which is a little not so cool But if the console is able to make it back to the main menu and run for aprx 15 min what can be the problem? it can t be power suply i guess.. Like @ElBolovo said, i read online that it might be the Motherboard or something , but how do i know for sure? I m not gonna give up that fast but it s not looking too good right now ;( Thanks for the help btw people
  6. i tried nearly everything that i could find, i made it back to the main menu ( i inizialized in safe mode ) but after about 20 min it shuts down again..
  7. So i wanted to play a few rounds of X-com 2 as i am currently trying to complete it, but after about 5 min in the console suddenly shut off as if there was a power outage(there was not ) ... Now when i try to turn it back on it either gives me a beep and the blue light for a few secs before shuting down again, or it starts checking the system, restarts , starts rebuilding the database but never finishes,it allways shuts off at about 80-90%... So is my ps4 dead now or what?
  8. yeah but i didn t know that(the first time) if you do not check the box at the start of the game these guys spwan i said for me ( i checked again) litteraly on the 3 mission
  9. I lost in the meantime but i re started right away and it s going way better this time. yeeah , i just used the stasis thing and it awesome agains the Archon ruler! thanks for the tipps by the way
  10. When i first saw the healthbar of the Berserker Queen i was like "how the f*** am i suposed to kill that?! " i mean 81 HP ?? Jesus But as stated i survived about 5 encounters but i payed a high price..i m gonna try the special ammo thing asap because that Archon King needs to die. He has an attack were he pulls one of my soldiers in the air, does the elemental dammage interupt this? that would be realy nice
  11. So first of all i love the game,despite realy not beeing that good.I did a first run to get to know all the mechanincs and all,including the Alien Hunter dlc Ruler mechanincs. First run was good, no deaths or anything so i started my Commander ironman run...and things got, let s say, challenging I forgot to check the boxes at the start of the new game what results in Alien ruler spawning randomly insted of beeing tied to the mission. And this gave the game a whole new pace,my god..2nd mission and i see a god damn Viper King squashing my squad to death.. Anyway,i lived. And reached the Archon King , but this guy is giving my a realy hard time,so does anyone has a good tip for me against him ? I have the highest weaponery researched but mid tier Soldiers at best. ( my top Men where knocked out by the Berserker Queen and taken prisoners)
  12. Smite:Master 70 Gods 3.48%
  13. well after 583 hours clocked in..stil haven t got enough of this game the new trophies every now and then are mostly easy and fun to get so win win right
  14. this video was awesome,i love Tower Defence and i mgonna take a look at that one for sure
  15. i can t really decide between Black ops 3 (frustation lvl was high) or Sport champions..both were hard ,but sport champions was damn fun at least I would mention Unreal Tounament 3 (love the series) the online was grindy ok,but the last boss in campain on highest difficulty,holy shit what a BITCH