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  1. Second clear: Neon Abyss Difficulty 7/10 Enjoyment 3/10 Assault Android Cactus PS4 (2,68%) 100% 20XX PS4 (1,76%) 32% Frostpunk PS4 (1,51%) 50% Ziggurat PS4 (4,30%) 80% The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human PS4 (3,59%) 91% Neon Abyss PS4 (3,03%) 100% Nefarious PS4 (2,88%) 80% Mother Russia Bleeds PS4 (2,70%) 89% Shadowgate PS4 (2,51%) 22% Team Sonic Racing PS4 (4,12%) 81% No.. Just no.. I don't want to talk about it. Except from the somehow tolerable art style this game is the wish version of any good rogue-lite dungeon crawler. It's bland, it's boring, it's soulless, the music is auditive syphilis in a loop, the balancing is awful. I was rarely that happy to delete a game from my backlog. Never again
  2. Elden Ring Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time played: 100 hours Is it a good game? Yes. Is it a masterpiece? Absolutely not. At least not in my opinion. Elden Ring is like a plate with a pound of spaghetti, even though it is too much you continue eating and towards the end you start feeling really sick. And while I still liked what I played it is without a doubt my least favorite from software title. After finishing I felt drained. I always liked the challenge to go into a souls game and experiment around with the different possibilities to beat the game without any coop help. Elden Ring felt different, I found the boss design incredibly bad and gimmicky from a gameplay perspective, compared to other souls titles it is much more relying on: "with what bs build can I come up next to minimize the frustration" than on skill. I know I am not the only one who felt that way and I am honestly still baffled by the 10/10 rain this game got in the reviews.
  3. I am very hyped for Sifu but despite the really good reviews this game will more than likely refuel the accessibility debate and an experience that was conceived to be difficult and with a steep learning curve will probably get watered down to avoid a shitstorm of entitled whiners that think everything should be delivered on a silver platter. By taking a look at the reviews below 75% it gets obvious that the game was unfortunately panned for its difficult fighting system, the actual core of the game. That would be like bashing hitman because the game has too many stealth elements. We sadly live in a time of video game fastfoodisation where everything needs to be easy, fast and with as less brain usage as possible. I hope Slocap will resist the pressure to install an easy mode or any kind of crutch to make the game more "user friendly".
  4. I was actually writing this before your message went out so I wasn't responding and now I feel like I was rude to you. I suppose very few people expected Sony to buy Bungie but it makes sense from a business perspective, Jim Ryan may have the charisma of an oyster but he knows what he does when it comes to money. After M$ bought Bethesda they had 2 out of the 5 big FPS developing studios at their hand and while Sony may lack the funds to buy Activision or EA they had enough liquidity to acquire Bungie and secure an FPS developer that generates enough revenue to justify the 3,6B$ buying tag. SEGA is making money sure, but it's not the kind of money that is worth 4B$.
  5. Jesus, stop throwing SEGA in here. From a business point of view this is just complete nonsense, the company is worth roughly 4 billion $ and the only real moneybringers are Persona, Yakuza and maybe Total War to some extent. Yes there is a catalogue of dormant IPs that would please a niche audience and that's all good and nice but you need studios to develop games and that would mean outsourcing like SEGA did with Streets of Rage or Sonic Mania because Sony sure as hell won't put up one of its triple A Studios to develop the next Golden Axe game. It's not worth it, Sony will not spend 4B$ (that is if SEGA sells for that amount, what they probably won't) to acquire 2 or 3 potentially good IPs and a double dozen of hibernating ones that would take 50 years to break even if they ever do. That's just not happening.
  6. Great!. Thanks for the heads up, I will try it that way. And yeah I clearly underestimated the amount of grind needed to plat the game. Without the quick save and reload gimmick this would be barely possible. The first 10 hours were fun, after that it gets quite tedious.
  7. @Eternal21, @Messknecht I am only missing the "family amulet" from the item pool. Can you remember how you got it?
  8. I think taste is generally dictated by what is easiest to understand, and while this is not necessarily always a bad thing it codifies the brain in a certain way so that subjective and objective quality are more and more difficult to hold apart. You see Disney/Pixar/Myazaki you think good because its easy to grasp and the majority likes it. I see it with my kids in class, show them a Banksy and a Picasso. They will find the first one great because they can relate and even a braindead fish can understand a Banksy but they will look at the Picasso like its from another planet because they are not used to reflect on esthetics. The game that comes automatically to my mind is Horizon, it was one of the blandest games I played in a while, sure it looked gorgeous but everything was so incredibly boring, repetitive, uninspired and generic it almost gave me an ulcer. Objectively Horizon is not a masterpiece but the majority will beg to differ. I am not saying this is the case with Kena, I watched a good amount of gameplay and read about it but that is no substitution for hands on pad. I will give it a go and get back to you with an honest review.
  9. The italicized title made me grin, someone knows how to write his academic essays. On the other hand it should be a bare minimum to keep it super scientific. I guess I was a little hard on Kena, while I am sure it's decent it really rubbed me the wrong way that they obviously went for the people pleaser instead of the better game. Well let me add a cherry on top of my pitchcake. Get Death's Door and if I oversold it or you found Kena better I ll pay for you game.
  10. Its a decent first try, you can see there is potential and good ideas. If they are able to reflect on their missteps and improve on them this could lead to a good second game. I think they overpacked it from an artistic point of view, it feels visually crowded and combined with the jankiness of the animation its really not a pleasant experience. At least for me it wasn't. Generally if the art is consistent even an overloaded concept can work out, but this was clearly not done on purpose. Less is often more and even with a restricted palette you can create something very readable, the best recent example is death door, toned down colors but super clear visually. I can highly recommend it by the way, this was by a huge margin my game of the year and it got robbed of its indie goty award by Kena that looks dreadfully kitschy in my opinion but I guess it fits the tasteless consensus of what pretty has to look like.
  11. The Morbid review was spot on, you pretty much summed up my thoughts after finishing the game. I somehow enjoyed what I played, probably mainly because it was short since I really can't think of too many positives about it. I liked the atmosphere and the pacing was decent. From an artists point of view the sprites were a mixed bag, the game had a lot of shadow casting errors and this is always something that bugs me, its ok if you cast wrong shadows for esthetic purposes but if there is a lack of consistency it looks awful very fast. My biggest issue though was the animation quality, especially hit sequences feel like they miss in-between steps, I am not sure if this was done purposely to mimic a souls game or due to a lack of manpower to draw more sprites. That made a lot of the animations look very unflowy and annoyed me all the way to the credits.
  12. First clear: Assault Android Cactus Difficulty 9/10 Enjoyment 9/10 Assault Android Cactus PS4 (2,59%) 100% 20XX PS4 (1,73%) 32% Frostpunk PS4 (1,65%) 50% Ziggurat PS4 (4,30%) 80% The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human PS4 (3,59%) 91% Neon Abyss PS4 (3,03%) 70% Nefarious PS4 (2,88%) 80% Mother Russia Bleeds PS4 (2,70%) 89% Shadowgate PS4 (2,51%) 22% Team Sonic Racing PS4 (4,12%) 81% Assault Android Cactus is a tough one. While most of the game is straight forward, getting S+ rank on all levels, especially the later ones, is a completely different story. There are no workarounds, no cheeses, and the luck factor plays a very minimal role. Its all about memorizing enemy spawns, patterns, being swift and choosing the right power up at the right time. I had a blast with the game and it sat in my unfinished backlog for far too long for such a great experience. I would instantly recommend it to anyone searching for a super arcady arena schmup thingy. ( And since I got asked twice today: yes it is much harder than Nex Machina ). And here is a bit of Nightmare Fuel (My run of the infamous Liquorice Boss fight - this is considered the Plat blocker basically)
  13. As stated somewhere above Caladrius Blaze is a good starting point, the game has a median difficulty without being overly hard and is highly enjoyable. If you are able to handle CB, Raiden V: Director's Cut shouldn't be much of an issue for you and from that you can move up to more difficult games like Jamestown+ or Mamorukun Curse! . And if you still can't get enough of a challenge Ikaruga , Raiden IV: OverKill or Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours will more than likely satisfy your needs. I am sure @Vergil has some more choices up his sleeve for you.
  14. Just in case this hasn't been posted before.
  15. Well count me in, maybe this year I ll be less lazy with the switch system and I can manage to finish more than one game. 20XX 1,73% (32%) Frostpunk 1,65% (50%) Ziggurat 4,30% (80%) The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human 3,59% (91%) Neon Abyss 3,03% (70%) Nefarious 2,88% (80%) Mother Russia Bleeds 2,70% (89%) Assault Android Cactus 2,68% (100%) Shadowgate 2,51% (22%) Team Sonic Racing 4,12% (81%)