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  1. It was purely masochistic, and boi did it hurt (and felt no good). I genuinly loved the first game and was happy to see a sequel coming. I generally wait several years after launch before I play games because I am not a fan of how bigger companies treat their customers in the AAA segment nowadays milking every last cent out of the fans pockets. I make exceptions when it comes to indie games and a few selected bigger games like the yakuza series though. But anyway, I wanted to like ni no Kuni 2 but I didn't, the story was generic and boring, the side missions horribly repetitive, the monster palette was so small they had to recycle and color swap every single enemy a felt dozen times at least, everything about that game besides the gorgeous artwork felt like a lazy attempt to cash grab on the Ghibli brand, again this is all purely subjective. I can fully understand everybody wanting to quit trophy hunting after going through that dlc door. Namco Bandai if you read that: SHAME ON YOU!
  2. I did a fair amount of dlc's in the past years, some good, others bad. But tale of a timeless tome is by far the worst and most monotonous addition to a main game I have ever experienced. The difficulty is artificial, only related to grinding out gear and levels for tens of hours, skill being completely irrelevant. The little bit of cookie cutter story they added was boring and repetitive. This is all in my own opinion and purely subjective, if you had fun with it, good for you. I would though if you are not a completionist stay as far away as possible from this dlc.
  3. Yeah the list looks a lot easier than transformed, pretty straight forward. They could have done a better job with the image designs, they look extremely ugly.
  4. Everything good turtle, you should have an easier time now with master, starting at M10 must have been quite the hustle. Yeah of course the game got patched but the requirements for the SS ranks never changed.
  5. It would have been easier to simply say "sorry I was wrong" but let's go with hard facts. The requirements for the SS ranks where never altered or patched since day one, now you are simply making stuff up. I wasn't being sarcastic I was pointing out the obvious, you don't know what you are talking about and the only disservice being done to the community is you insisting on your wrong statement. I recorded an SS rank master run on the latest patch after your response so feel free to still insist on not being wrong after seeing it for yourself.
  6. You need to clear 150 lines for SS on master it is not about points and there is nothing random about it, the only thing you are proving is that you don't know what you are talking about😉
  7. Grats on the Seriously trophy. I had very little Tetris experience, a little bit puyo puyo Tetris and some gameboy Tetris in the early 90s. My stats show 210 hours and 600k spins, I think it took me between 120 and 150 hours to bring up the skill for sprint and ultra.
  8. I was finally able to get rid of Sprint and Ultra, while my sprint run is quite ugly I was fine with my ultra run using only back to back and no t-spin at all. The sprint run is like I said quite horrible and I messed up badly towards the end, it did the trick though. The Ultra run went fine, it was a close call but I am happy this went well without using t-spins at all.
  9. Tough call but I ll go with those in no particular order Megaman 2 (NES) Castle of illusion (MD) Diablo 2 (PC) Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES JP) Super Metroid (SNES) Silent Hill (PSX) Yakuza 2 (PS2) Catherine (PS3) Demon's Souls (PS3) Bloodborne (PS4) Honorable mentions : Souledge (PSX) Resident Evil 4 (PS2) Burnout 2 (PS2) Chrono Trigger (SNES) Hollow Knight (PS4) Persona 3 FES (PS2) Binary Domain (PS3) Deus Ex HR (PS3) Theme Hospital (PC) Price of Persia SoT (PS2)
  10. Well, thank you guys, it makes a little bit more sense now. guess I ll always get my vita online before I go back to my games in the future to avoid that kind of situations.
  11. Hey everyone, I ended up with missing timestamps on my hitman go platinum due to some issue caused by my psvita. I was wondering if someone else had similar issues with this specific or another psvita game. So here is what happened in details. I started Hitman go about two years ago on my ps4 but had it installed on my vita as well to play it on the (hitman) GO. I chipped at it here and there and yesterday I got sick of it hanging around unfinished on my profile and decided to get rid of the remaining trophies. My psvita was out of battery so I charged it, powered it up, had to give in the actual date and started the game while my vita was offline, got the platinum and deleted the game. After that I connected the vita to my cellphone hotspot to upload the trophies and was asked to install the latest update, what I did. The game synced and I was left with no timestamps on the remaining trophies and the platinum. I had a similar experience with welcome park five years ago, but I thought that glitch had been fixed long ago.
  12. For every player with little to no Tetris experience it is absolutely a 10/10. getting the SS times and score on sprint and ultra is extremly difficult.
  13. I can absolutely relate to what you say, two month ago when I started the game my sprint time was around 2mins and I thought I will never, ever be able to get under 1m40. Well 160 hours later I crushed my starting time by 40 seconds. My biggest enemy is myself, I started to mute the sound Because I was always waiting anxiously for the music switch at 1min10 to tell me I messed up getting 32 lines on time and completely losing my focus on the last 8 due to stress, misdroping stupidly one piece after another. Being able to stay focused 3min for ultra doing only back to backs is an absurd effort and I also started to train ST stacking to have a better chance at it.
  14. I am still an amateur myself and just started playing Tetris more seriously two month ago with the launch of Tetris Effect. I was fortunate enough to have @marioexpert1999 helping me out with tricks and strategies to improve my game. He live-streamed showing me the best ways to tackle the effect modes ( SS ranking them all in less than an hour) and with a lot of practice and his advice I was able to up my game significantly in a relatively short amount of time. In the end its only practice, practice, practice and how well your muscle memory adapts to the game, there is no work around, no special trick, it is purely skill based. When it comes to sprint I had talks with different pro/tournament players and they basically all said the same, practice to get better and it will come naturally, their time estimate was around 300 to 1000+ training hours depending how well your brain adapts to get under 1min10.
  15. If you have trouble using t-spins consistently it is best to start at the highest speed level.