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  1. Your opinion is based on almost nothing, you played the first level 2 times and decided this is a terrible game? that is like reading the first page of a book and saying it's awful. Seriously @TurtlePM, I know you generally have good taste in games making this piece of crap of a non review even more terrible. You bought this because it's a platformer and looks like Rayman but you were put off by the controls not being like Rayman? Imagine buying Gran Turismo and its not playing like Need for Speed, how is that even possible since both are car games.... In all seriousness, the game may have some flaws (like the hit feedback on enemies) but all in all it's a great tricky platformer with a gorgeous art style (hence the 75-80 rating on Meta). If the gameplay was half as bad as you describe it 3/4 of the speed runs wouldn't even be possible since a lot of them require pinpoint accuracy. Had you played it a bit more instead of judging the book by its first line you would have noticed that the controls are actually quite sharp. With so few of the game played you are simply in no place to judge the quality of this product. You should put playing a game over talking next time.
  2. All can be done locally. The trophy for finishing the game in coop can be done with a second controller during the last boss fight if it wasn't patched out. You won't need to play the whole game.
  3. Just shut up, you already reached rock bottom 30 comments ago.
  4. You not liking Darksiders does not make it a bad game. Some people really need to learn the difference between the objective quality of a product and their own tastes.
  5. Great list, good taste in games, over 95% completion, decent amount of URs. 8,5/10 (half a point extra for saying DS2 is the best souls game!) Impressive collection of hard games, good overall taste! 9/10 (half a point extra for COTN!)
  6. ObsCure remembered me a lot of the movie "The Faculty", I really enjoyed playing that game with my brother back then. I never heard about Illbleed but I looked into it and I think I ll fire up that good old DC emulator and give it a go. First I thought lets get a copy of this but I am not paying 200+ € for a 20 year old game!
  7. In the end we vote with our wallet, and as long as people feel the need to buy overpriced cosmetics, packs of whatever or the same re-skinned game (COD, AC, Sports title X, etc...) each and every year this will continue indefinitely. It's always easy blaming the industry for our own faults.
  8. That is a fair point to some extend, dlc with a substantial amount of game content added can justify a 20$ price tag without a problem in my opinion. Sure if you go for the cash grabs and gatcha stuff the prices rise into astronomical heights but here again it is a personal choice to empty a wallet on cosmetics. And it wasn't called dlc back in the 90s but Capcom for example had no problem selling 3 version of street fighter 2 full price in the span of around 4 years. So we should be happy with our 20 bucks dlcs and for those with a more limited budget they will eventually learn to handle the day one fomo until the game goes on sale a few month later.
  9. If you take the inflation rates games are a lot cheaper than they were before. I remember my parents buying me Sonic 3 for the Mega Drive ( and a lot of those games had a lot less than 10 hours playtime) in 1994 for 140DM, that would be around 130$ today. And considering the development and marketing budgets triple A games need nowadays the 70$ price tag is quite justified in my opinion. Plus like others mentioned no one is pressured into buying stuff full price.
  10. A few come to mind: Konami's Vandal Hearts (ps1) Parasite Eve (ps1) by Square The lesser known NIS games especially Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom (ps2) Vanilla Ware's GrimGrimoire (ps2) ObsCure (ps2) Dungeons & Dragons - Chronicles of Mystara (ps3) Developed by Iron Galaxy for Capcom Painkiller Hell & Damnation (ps3) This one is pure guilty pleasure Straimium Immortaly (ps4) Hardcore LSD Roguelite at its best. (has less than 100 owners) Wildfire (ps4) Metal Gear Solid with superpowers and witchhunt, my Indie Game of the Year. (same as above just a few more)
  11. My experience was similar, the game was ok (even though I didn't really like it) but I felt exhausted and unsatisfied after it endet. While clearly influenced by RE4, RE8 Village takes itself very seriously behind his goofy characters and Disneyland setting and therefore lacks a lot of the charm and self awareness of its role model. ( Yeah RE4 is dumb, but it knows it is dumb and is not trying to come up with some Bravo Sierra to justify itself). Capcom could as well have called the game just VILLAGE and sell it as an action fps because, if you scrap Chris Redfield and some Umbrella references you would barely notice this is a Resident Evil game at all. I am quite surprised some critics are calling this one of the best games in the series because, honestly, there is ten times more Resident Evil in Resi 6 than there is in Village and while the game is decent, as a Resident Evil in my opinion it fails but that is just my 5 cents. And RE7 clearly showed that the series is fully able to reinvent itself while still keeping its essence.
  12. Companies also spread those kind of rumors to test the waters and estimate the value of their assets based on what other companies are willing to offer. Warner did it with its game branch not long ago before retiring the offer after they saw what others were willing to pay. And In the end it is always THQNordic who buys everything and nobody has a clue where the funds come from ( it is literally impossible to find info about how the stupid amount of money they have at hand is generated and its certainly not by game sales).
  13. PS3: Bloodrayne: Betrayal Cubixx Hd Dark Void survivor missions dlc Bionic Commando Rearmed 1+2
  14. #286 WILDFIRE Your Spirit Will Fly Time to Platinum: 35 Hours Difficulty: 4/10 (Subjective) Enjoyment: 9/10 Wildfire was a blast to play and I gladly would come back to it if they add any dlc in the future. This is one of those gems that unfortunately flew completely under the radar despite being an absolutely fabulous game. Think of it as 2D hitman with superpowers in a medieval setting and that alone should hopefully trigger your curiosity. If you are a fan of Indies and stealth games this is definitely worth checking out!
  15. Ah snap I misread, I mentioned that in the other topic. The difficulty is a 4-5/10, but that is purely subjective. The only missable are the lockers but if you replay the stages you should get them automatically after a while since as far as I remember those are not stage bound but randomly appear.