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  1. Companies also spread those kind of rumors to test the waters and estimate the value of their assets based on what other companies are willing to offer. Warner did it with its game branch not long ago before retiring the offer after they saw what others were willing to pay. And In the end it is always THQNordic who buys everything and nobody has a clue where the funds come from ( it is literally impossible to find info about how the stupid amount of money they have at hand is generated and its certainly not by game sales).
  2. PS3: Bloodrayne: Betrayal Cubixx Hd Dark Void survivor missions dlc Bionic Commando Rearmed 1+2
  3. #286 WILDFIRE Your Spirit Will Fly Time to Platinum: 35 Hours Difficulty: 4/10 (Subjective) Enjoyment: 9/10 Wildfire was a blast to play and I gladly would come back to it if they add any dlc in the future. This is one of those gems that unfortunately flew completely under the radar despite being an absolutely fabulous game. Think of it as 2D hitman with superpowers in a medieval setting and that alone should hopefully trigger your curiosity. If you are a fan of Indies and stealth games this is definitely worth checking out!
  4. Ah snap I misread, I mentioned that in the other topic. The difficulty is a 4-5/10, but that is purely subjective. The only missable are the lockers but if you replay the stages you should get them automatically after a while since as far as I remember those are not stage bound but randomly appear.
  5. You have to play the game twice and finish all side quests, speed runs, silent runs etc. I think its somewhere around 30 to 50 hours depending on how well you get along with the mechanics.
  6. With version 1.03 the glitched trophy was patched and the platinum is now optainable! The dev behind Witchfire was always open for questions and did his best getting the patch on the road, big ups to him. Happy hunting everybody
  7. Yeah, but if they are worth near nothing anyway, why bother to include them
  8. I think the rarity leaderboard should be based around rarity and not around certain games. If you start with: but that game and that game, and don't forget about that game you ll never finish and just to include the 5 to 10 people pleasers like horizon etc while you literally have hundreds of fantastic games with plats below 20% is just not doing it a service in my opinion. you ll end up with a half baked variant. I would completely cut out everything above 20% if it was up to me. Did you already try to make a calculation based solely on UR VR and R @MMDE?
  9. Not overly difficult once you know the level layouts and enemy placements. Except for some harder ones towards the end most levels only took me a few retries to beat the speed run time. The whole game is about a 4-5/10 in difficulty. (this is subjective though)
  10. I spoke with the dev yesterday and he assured me all 3 console versions are currently passing certification for the latest patch. I hope for a release in the next days. It is a shame the patch took so long because the game really is fantastic. It was out of his hands and he is not to blame though because the console porting was done by an external studio that struggled implementing elements from the newer Gamemaker version. Just wait till I pop the plat and it should be a safe go. Its really just the speed run timer that is broken and while it is a bummer for any trophy hunter the gaming experience itself is perfectly intact.
  11. The patch should release during February and as far as I know it has already been submitted to QA so I suppose it will be out soon
  12. #282 DARK SOULS II - SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN The Dark Soul Time to platinum: 70 Hours Difficulty: 5/10 (subjective) Enjoyment: 9/10 Dark Souls II is similar to a weird cousin that keeps being annoying but still entertains you. And I like Dark Souls II a lot, I even like it more than Dark Souls III... Yeah it is not as shiny, bosses are for the most part "dudes in armor" or just meh, hitboxes are all over the place, the eight direction control scheme is pointless, level design is pretty much non existant and the whole game feels like a giant tube. And it is basically the sum of those parts that makes Dark Souls II so great in my opinion, the fact that it is so wrong on so many levels but still was able to be Frankensteined together. Its like the difference between beautiful and interesting. Dark souls 3 is beautifully crafted together as a best of Souls games, its slick, shiny and polished but even though it is a great game I felt kinda empty and underwhelmed after finishing it while Dark Souls II was constantly throwing garbage at me in some form or another, it made me rage, it made me laugh, it entertained me and I felt satisfaction after it ended without being bored a single minute.
  13. Yeah and in the Netherlands everybody wears wooden shoes, cultivates tulips and smokes pot all day long... Lets open all those fancy stereotype bins
  14. Bad jokes and tasteless humor is a kinda universal issue, I really doubt it has anything to do with the fact that the studio is German....
  15. He wrote the same rubbish to me 5 years ago, there are enough examples of small devs with very little financial capacities patching their games out there. What I suppose is that the coder does not know how to patch it and they are making up excuses for it. In any way it is a very poor customer service.