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  1. This is not meant to be mean in any way but... you have a completion rate below 30%, you have 3 plats, you obviously not care that much about finishing your games. Even though your "friend" started that game you don't want to play on your account, in that case Fifa 15 you also have Fifa 18 and 20 started. The stuff you are whining about just doesn't make sense. Just start a new account and finish your games if you care so much about not having unachievable on your profile. If you had an almost perfect profile with a substantial amount of plats I could absolutely understand your concern but this here is just a lot of drama for for nothing.
  2. Straimium Immortaly This is a super weird, super obscure lsd trip of a game. It is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler with schmup elements, the learning curve is steep and most people will probably give up quite fast because the difficulty can be overwhelming at first. Once you get the hang of the game it gets extremely addictive though. Beware that the plat is at least a solid 8/10 in difficulty and highly skill based.
  3. #274 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Platinum Hero Time to Platinum: 25 Hours Difficulty: 4/10 (Subjective) Enjoyment: 8/10 Wonder Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a wonderfully crafted action-puzzle-metroidvania mash up. The hand drawn animations, colorful world, rocky music, light tone and tight controls mix perfectly and make it enjoyable from beginning to end. Even though the high platinum percentage would imply a game rather on the easier side, I was actually positively surprised by how challenging some of it was and I found myself dying over and over again on some sections, but never bringing me to the brink of frustration. The game is quite meaty and you get plenty of bang for your bucks clocking the 100% time at over 20 hours. I can highly recommend Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom to anyone who enjoys Metroidvanias and light puzzle elements in games.
  4. #273 Parappa the Rapper Hip Hop Hero Time to Platinum: 6 Hours Difficulty: 4/10 (subjective) Enjoyment: 3/10 A rhythm game where the beat is off is... well it sux and if your tv has a high input lag it proves barely playable. I had to mute the game and put on rumble to hit the beats correctly and that pretty much kills the purpose of it if you can't listen to the music. It is sad because I had fond childhood memories of Parappa the rapper but it is a chore to plat. If you are looking for a nice and relaxing rhythm game just pass your way on this one it will spare you some frustration.
  5. Looks like right up our alley! @integra_93GS-R
  6. Very Hard to pick the best out of so many good games... Psx: Parasite Eve Ps2: Shadow Hearts Covenant Ps3: Catherine Ps4: Bloodborne PsV: Persona 4 Golden *Honorable Mentions* Psx: Soul Blade, Silent Hill, Vandal Hearts, Alundra Ps2: Yakuza, Persona 3 FES, R-Type Final, Phantom Brave Ps3: Binary Domain, Demon's Souls, Caladrius Blaze, Yakuza 4 Ps4: Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne, Yakuza 0, Persona 5 PsV: Muramasa Rebirth, Söldner X2, Downwell, Geometry wars
  7. Fantastic news ! 😁
  8. Ratchet and Clank, just stop, it is way above your league🙃
  9. Nuclear Throne Unstoppable Reach Level Ultra as Skeleton The trophy name pretty much says it all, you have to be unstoppable... pretty much. In a nutshell you only have to (all that in one run): -Use the hardest character in the game -Beat the most annoying boss in the game -Do a kamikaze action that will fail 50% of the time to transform into the worst character of the game -From now on you have half speed, half life and your special ability is suicide (that was the easy part) -Now you have to reach the last boss, kill it, loop it, kill the second last boss and approximatively get to half of the game on first loop to reach ultra mutation. There is an easy (still difficult) way to get this trophy with a set up that requires around 4 hrs of doing the same monotonous task without losing concentration or you ll die in a fraction of a second. most of the platinum achievers used that strat because the trophy is so painfully difficult and the few that did it the hard way have a nice video to back it up.
  10. Easy pick🙃 - Ace combat 7 Skies Unknown This is on my to do soon list.
  11. Super nice giveaway, count me in for the lottery
  12. The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human The Last Human - Complete Hardcore mode - 3.89%
  13. Still one of my favorite games 0.73%
  14. Street Fighter X Tekken. because the game is a snore fest and the plat requirements are brain damagingly dull.
  15. In no particular order Enter the Gungeon - because bullets shooting bullets Nuclear Throne - because 500 hrs in I am still having a blast dying Tetris Effect - because it taught me that playing Tetris does not equal playing Tetris Yakuza 0 - because Yakuza and 80s Japan Cuphead - because running around in a 30s cartoon is more than my mind can process Resogun - because pew pew pew particles everywhere Hollow Knight - because I don't feel bad playing with bugs as an adult Dead Cells - because rise from your grave...again...and again Bloodborne - because prey slaughtered Persona 5 - because Persona I guess?