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  1. #274 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Platinum Hero Time to Platinum: 25 Hours Difficulty: 4/10 (Subjective) Enjoyment: 8/10 Wonder Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a wonderfully crafted action-puzzle-metroidvania mash up. The hand drawn animations, colorful world, rocky music, light tone and tight controls mix perfectly and make it enjoyable from beginning to end. Even though the high platinum percentage would imply a game rather on the easier side, I was actually positively surprised by how challenging some of it was and I found myself dying over and over again on some sections, but never bringing me to the brink of frustration. The game is quite meaty and you get plenty of bang for your bucks clocking the 100% time at over 20 hours. I can highly recommend Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom to anyone who enjoys Metroidvanias and light puzzle elements in games.
  2. #273 Parappa the Rapper Hip Hop Hero Time to Platinum: 6 Hours Difficulty: 4/10 (subjective) Enjoyment: 3/10 A rhythm game where the beat is off is... well it sux and if your tv has a high input lag it proves barely playable. I had to mute the game and put on rumble to hit the beats correctly and that pretty much kills the purpose of it if you can't listen to the music. It is sad because I had fond childhood memories of Parappa the rapper but it is a chore to plat. If you are looking for a nice and relaxing rhythm game just pass your way on this one it will spare you some frustration.
  3. Looks like right up our alley! @integra_93GS-R
  4. Very Hard to pick the best out of so many good games... Psx: Parasite Eve Ps2: Shadow Hearts Covenant Ps3: Catherine Ps4: Bloodborne PsV: Persona 4 Golden *Honorable Mentions* Psx: Soul Blade, Silent Hill, Vandal Hearts, Alundra Ps2: Yakuza, Persona 3 FES, R-Type Final, Phantom Brave Ps3: Binary Domain, Demon's Souls, Caladrius Blaze, Yakuza 4 Ps4: Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne, Yakuza 0, Persona 5 PsV: Muramasa Rebirth, Söldner X2, Downwell, Geometry wars
  5. Fantastic news ! 😁
  6. Ratchet and Clank, just stop, it is way above your league🙃
  7. Nuclear Throne Unstoppable Reach Level Ultra as Skeleton The trophy name pretty much says it all, you have to be unstoppable... pretty much. In a nutshell you only have to (all that in one run): -Use the hardest character in the game -Beat the most annoying boss in the game -Do a kamikaze action that will fail 50% of the time to transform into the worst character of the game -From now on you have half speed, half life and your special ability is suicide (that was the easy part) -Now you have to reach the last boss, kill it, loop it, kill the second last boss and approximatively get to half of the game on first loop to reach ultra mutation. There is an easy (still difficult) way to get this trophy with a set up that requires around 4 hrs of doing the same monotonous task without losing concentration or you ll die in a fraction of a second. most of the platinum achievers used that strat because the trophy is so painfully difficult and the few that did it the hard way have a nice video to back it up.
  8. Easy pick🙃 - Ace combat 7 Skies Unknown This is on my to do soon list.
  9. Super nice giveaway, count me in for the lottery
  10. The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human The Last Human - Complete Hardcore mode - 3.89%
  11. Still one of my favorite games 0.73%
  12. Street Fighter X Tekken. because the game is a snore fest and the plat requirements are brain damagingly dull.
  13. In no particular order Enter the Gungeon - because bullets shooting bullets Nuclear Throne - because 500 hrs in I am still having a blast dying Tetris Effect - because it taught me that playing Tetris does not equal playing Tetris Yakuza 0 - because Yakuza and 80s Japan Cuphead - because running around in a 30s cartoon is more than my mind can process Resogun - because pew pew pew particles everywhere Hollow Knight - because I don't feel bad playing with bugs as an adult Dead Cells - because rise from your grave...again...and again Bloodborne - because prey slaughtered Persona 5 - because Persona I guess?
  14. This is done on the first level by revisiting the farm where you get the apple quest. Simply push triangle on the pig and a minigame will start.
  15. Yeah I know, for you its like Christmas every time a new hardcore schmup shows up 😁 Give me a heads-up via private once you give it a go, Iam definitely interested!
  16. The guy gives a good review of the game. It looks great but the 1L mode will certainly put off some players.
  17. Apparently the game is always in 1L mode, 1 Life no continues 😶 guess this one will be quite a hustle
  18. #261 NEUROVOIDER PLATINUIM Enjoyment: 8/10 This is the next entry in my "Games almost nobody played" series and it was a very enjoyable one. Neurovoider is a rogue like shooter similar in its mechanics to Enter the Gungeon or Nuclear Throne with light rpg mechanics on top. The gameplay is smooth as well as addictive and testing out all different guns is a lot of fun. Difficulty: 7/10 ( With save exploit ) 10/10 ( Legit ) Neurovoider is a healthy challenge and while you have the option to back up your save file after every level especially the bosses will be an issue on loop ( second ) runs and may take a LOT of retries. The reason I gave the game a 10/10 in legit difficulty is that I am not sure it is actually doable outside of theory. In loops the Rng will give bosses weapon combinations that are A: massively overpowered ( that is the lot of retries option ) or B: Downright impossible to dodge leading to instant death ( forcing you to restart a complete run ). That may also be the reason why you won't find any complete loop videos on Youtube. Time to Platinuim: ( Yes it is called like that ) 25 Hours
  19. I must admit that your arguments left me a little bit puzzled and while your opinion is yours, objectively this sounds like a bunch of nonsense. First of all you started playing the game recently, so years after it came out. There are threads on this site and others concerning fector and with a few clicks you can sort out the trophy list by rarity and have a grasp at what awaits you. You blame it on the challenge but you apparently didn't even took the time to look it up before starting the game. There are almost 7000 unearned trophies on you profile and you are having half a nervous breakdown because of a single one instead of simply playing a game you apparently enjoy. Bashing it because of your own inability is pretty low, sure Fector is not easy but it is by no means impossible and it is absolutely not wonky. After some training I was able to do it pretty consistently and I think most of the achievers will tell you the same. I hope you can get over your frustration and keep on because you would miss out on a great game otherwise.
  20. #260 GUNLORD X KING OF GUNLORD Enjoyment: 8/10 If you like games similar to Contra or Turrican you should definitely give this little retro gem a go ( 9,99€ in the eu store). Controls are super responsive, the soundtrack has a nice nostalgia vibe and the game overall plays great. Difficulty: 3/10 ( Subjective ) Gunlord X is a fairly easy plat with a few tricky situations but no road blockers at all. The game is generous with continues and will Respawn you right where you died making it a smooth ride. On top of that you will find a great guide by @OniWalker here on the site. Time to Platinum: 5-10 hours It is on the shorter side but worth every penny. If you are on the look for some arcade nostalgia go grab it!
  21. I need to disappoint you on that, the quests on some of the items are an utter rng nightmare and you will most likely need hundreds of runs to get everything. I had 150 and the last 40 alone for 1 task and I think @integra_93GS-R had even more since we worked together on figuring out how to speed up things.
  22. #259: RAD TOTAL RADNESS Enjoyment: 6,5/10 Rad is a fun game as long as you do not aim for the platinum due to the heavy involvement of luck with the rng for some of the side missions and collectibles. Playing it casually is enjoyable though and I can still recommend it to rogue lite fans. Difficulty: 4/10 (Subjective) The game itself is not particularly difficult but needs a lot of patience and a high tolerance for frustration. The rng is a nightmare and if you are unlucky you will restart the game over and over for tens of hours just to get one certain sub mission or item. I was mostly blessed with luck but the last task still took me over 30 hours of constant replaying to finally appear. Time to Platinum: 75 Hours ( If you have bad Rng this could be WAY over 100 hrs)
  23. I still play my mega drive (genesis) so why should I ever stop playing ps3 or any other of my systems. There is so much fomo in the air nowadays that things that are perfectly fine are declared obsolete as soon as the next shiny thing is available.
  24. Mk3 Premier Tower is up (14.01.19) The hidden fighter will appear after round 3 if you beat your opponent with a fatality netting you the trophy. (credit for this information goes to the guidewriters @xZoneHunter and @Sergen)
  25. Crytek sold the Ip to Koch Media in 2014 and THQNordic bought Koch Media in 2018 so I suppose you should look there. Good luck on your petition.