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  1. Hey everyone, I ended up with missing timestamps on my hitman go platinum due to some issue caused by my psvita. I was wondering if someone else had similar issues with this specific or another psvita game. So here is what happened in details. I started Hitman go about two years ago on my ps4 but had it installed on my vita as well to play it on the (hitman) GO. I chipped at it here and there and yesterday I got sick of it hanging around unfinished on my profile and decided to get rid of the remaining trophies. My psvita was out of battery so I charged it, powered it up, had to give in the actual date and started the game while my vita was offline, got the platinum and deleted the game. After that I connected the vita to my cellphone hotspot to upload the trophies and was asked to install the latest update, what I did. The game synced and I was left with no timestamps on the remaining trophies and the platinum. I had a similar experience with welcome park five years ago, but I thought that glitch had been fixed long ago.
  2. For every player with little to no Tetris experience it is absolutely a 10/10. getting the SS times and score on sprint and ultra is extremly difficult.
  3. I can absolutely relate to what you say, two month ago when I started the game my sprint time was around 2mins and I thought I will never, ever be able to get under 1m40. Well 160 hours later I crushed my starting time by 40 seconds. My biggest enemy is myself, I started to mute the sound Because I was always waiting anxiously for the music switch at 1min10 to tell me I messed up getting 32 lines on time and completely losing my focus on the last 8 due to stress, misdroping stupidly one piece after another. Being able to stay focused 3min for ultra doing only back to backs is an absurd effort and I also started to train ST stacking to have a better chance at it.
  4. I am still an amateur myself and just started playing Tetris more seriously two month ago with the launch of Tetris Effect. I was fortunate enough to have @marioexpert1999 helping me out with tricks and strategies to improve my game. He live-streamed showing me the best ways to tackle the effect modes ( SS ranking them all in less than an hour) and with a lot of practice and his advice I was able to up my game significantly in a relatively short amount of time. In the end its only practice, practice, practice and how well your muscle memory adapts to the game, there is no work around, no special trick, it is purely skill based. When it comes to sprint I had talks with different pro/tournament players and they basically all said the same, practice to get better and it will come naturally, their time estimate was around 300 to 1000+ training hours depending how well your brain adapts to get under 1min10.
  5. If you have trouble using t-spins consistently it is best to start at the highest speed level.
  6. Marathon: 500 000 Ultra: 35 000 Sprint: 1min 10s Master: Clear 150 lines Chill: 300 000 Quick play: 10 000 Playlists: 40 000 All Clear: 30 Combo: 120 Target: 30 Countdown: 55 000 Purify: 450 and finish Mystery: 400 000 and clear 150 lines
  7. I share your pain, sprint and ultra are the ones I am missing as well. 7 seconds on sprint and 2000 points on ultra. And yes long time Tetris players will mostly do all the SS ranks in less than 2 hours journey included but they also invested thousands of hours and years of practice. I am clocking around 160 hours now and it may still take a good amount of time to chip away those 7 seconds.
  8. Unfortunately you will need SS rank on all the non-endless modes for the trophy. Countdown being one of the more frustrating modes to SS due to the high rng.
  9. Iridium Seal 0.69% Stardew Valley
  10. OlliOlli2 old chap! 😉
  11. I am throwing my hat in the ring for a complete UR collection 😀 Let's see who is faster @zajac9999 😈 # - / A - Alien: Colonial Marines (UR) B - Binary Domain (UR) C - Cryptark (UR) D - Downwell (UR) E - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (UR) F - Fairytale Fights (UR) G - Geometry Wars 3 (UR) H - Hotline Miami 2 (Not UR) I - Indigo Prophecy (Not UR) J - Jamestown + (UR) K - Knights Contract (UR) L - Little Big Planet 3 (UR) M - Muramasa Rebirth (UR) N - Neverdead (UR) O - Olli Olli 2 (UR) P - Painkiller Hell & Damnation (UR) Q - Quantum Theory (UR) R - Rogue Legacy (UR) S - Stardew Valley (UR) T - Titan Souls (UR) U - Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (Not UR) V - Velocity 2x (UR) W - Worms Ultimate Mayhem (UR) X - / Y - Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (UR) Z - Zombie Driver HD (Not UR)
  12. Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements following the everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero. Game launches to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 29th, 2018 for $19.99 USD in digital and equivalent in other currencies!
  13. Nuclear Throne Vault Raider Unlock all Crowns as one character. 0.45%ULTRA RARE
  14. Nuclear Throne Crypt of the Necrodancer Dariusburst
  15. Stardew Valley Iridium Seal 0.63% ULTRA RARE *12 years a farmer*
  16. Fleks_Mhteam Jamestown+
  17. #100 El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
  18. Here is a video of me beating the final boss on normal mode, best advice I can give is to stay calm and focused.
  19. Furi, well done!
  20. Inversion takes 300+ hours to boost while the 60 hours for Singularity seem fair. The sp campaign is great but the mp is heavily soporific.
  21. The binding of Isaac: Rebirth, hands down. Grats on that juicy plat
  22. Deception IV: Blood Ties Nice one
  23. 1) Select Hard from options before starting a new game? Yes 2) Play the tutorial after selecting the difficulty? No 3) Win QTE stuff in chapters that aren't necessary (i.e. Lucas/Tiffany sex, Carla/Tyler boxing, Tyler basketball game) No 4) Play the game in more than one sitting? (i.e. quitting the game, turning off the PS4) no 5) Did you jump around in chapters or play them in the order they'd appear in chapter select (i.e. did you just pick the default option every time you had a choice)? In order / Default option 6) Which game ending did you get? the easiest one, I died on purpose. 7) Did you have subtitles on? No 8) Was your console online or offline while you were playing? Online 9) Was your controller plugged in, or did you have to switch wireless controllers at some point (i.e. did you get taken to the log-in screen so you could switch controllers)? I had to switch controllers 10) Did you ever have to reload a save/continue from last save point because you hit a game over? Yes multiple times 11) Did you get all the tarot cards during your Hard playthrough, and did the trophy unlock for it? No I did that during my normal playthrough and had to replay a chapter to unlock the respective trophy. 12) What language is the game and console set to? English / English 13) If you were online, were you ever signed out of PSN, even for a moment? Not that I know, but it could be. 14) Are you playing a censored copy? (The NA version, for example, removed the Tiffany/Lucas sex scene, and censored Carla's shower scene) No, the EU Fahrenheit version 15) What model PS4 are you using? Does it have the original hard drive, or did you replace it with a different one? 1TB original hard drive 16) Did you have any other devices or accessories plugged in? Yes a headset and I was in a party most of the time. 17) Did you ever bring up the XMB while you were playing (to sync trophies, leave the game without closing the application, etc) Yes, I did sync my trophies from time to time 18) Did you use the PS4 Rest mode at any point? No 19) Did you use Remote Play at any point? No 20) Did the game ever crash? No
  24. I got the trophy after replaying chapter 20 "face off", the card is in the right desk drawer. Even though I am sure I got that special card during my first run. A few trophies seems to be glitchy, for example, I did not get "smooth criminal" even though I raised no suspicion and hid all the evidence. edit. I got "smooth criminal" after closing down the game and replaying the chapter.