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  1. 7/10 solid collection, half an extra point goes for that juicy SFV plat, a few more Urs would be nice
  2. Aww You need to try harder, I am sure you can find some Time & Eternity at least if you dig long enough - Child of Eden, I really need to get rid of this one.
  3. Darksiders 2, because until further notice it's unobtainable.
  4. Record of Agarest war, that's one you rarely come across:)
  5. Disgaea 3 without hesitation, well done.
  6. 7/10 Dedicated grind, well done
  7. Good news Steredenn is finally getting a ps4 port, the lack of a plat is indeed curious and a bit dissapointing. It wont stop me from grabing it as soon as it hits the shop though.
  8. Hey Soultaker, I miss Outland in the 100% section, would you consider adding it since it qualifies as a metroidvania. Greets
  9. Hey Zad, sign me up for"The wood may be black, but I see gold." please. Heavy Rain Life is Strange Tales from the Borderlands The Walking Dead The Wolf Among Us Until Dawn Greets
  10. Yakuza Demons Souls Catherine Binary Domain Deus Ex El Shaddai Caladrius Blaze Guilty Gear Xrd
  11. Can you sign me up as "real contender" with 5 games ( titan souls, muramasa rebirth, geometry wars 3, rogue legacy and olliolli2) Thanks
  12. Knights Contract Singularity Anarchy Reigns Split Second Velocity Ultra Killer is dead
  13. No More Heroes, I need to go for that one:)
  14. Homefront Resistance 2 Buzz Quiz World Fight Night Champion (gym glitch) Gt5
  15. I got the plats for Rogue Legacy and Muramasa Rebirth so you can add me the fancy emblems
  16. Guess you can sign me up as a metroidvania connoisseur Strider Guacamelee Salt & Sanctuary Shantae and the pirate's curse Dust Teslagrad Hell Yeah! Xeodrifter
  17. Yes I do since my 2000 every 1k is an UR plat with 3000 being an exeption, mostly because I enjoy setting myself a challenge. 2000: Catherine (JP) 3000: Dmc Devil may cry 4000: Yakuza dead souls 5000: Quantum theory 6000: Muramasa Rebirth 7000: Painkiller H&D 8000: Neverdead 9000: Dragon Ball Z UT 10000: Fairytale Fights 50th: Bulletstorm 100th: El Shaddai 150th: OlliOlli2
  18. 2 at the moment, Binary Domain and OlliOlli 2.
  19. Guess I got "Poor Taste" in games Magus Damnation Putty Squad Doctor Who Painkiller Time & Eternity I need to admit I had fun with most of those besides Magus, that game was pure rubbish. But I wouldnt trade Painkiller against any modern Cod or battlefield, it was plain oldschool Fps fun and I would redo it anytime. Speaking of bad games, I am missing Deep black, probably one of the worst games I ever played on any system.
  20. I see Catherine here a lot but it was never underrated by any means, got an average review rate above 80% and with around a million copies sold by now it did more than four times what Atlus was originally expecting, the game was a huge financial success for the company. I ll jump on the Spec ops the line, Nier, 3d dot game heroes train though.
  21. Good PP idea Hemiak You can sign me up:) El shaddai Catherine (eu and jap) Dyad You should consider getting games like House of the dead overkill, muramasa or geometry wars 3 into the list since those wont really fit into another PP thread. Greets F!
  22. Yeah I am around 900k, should have it in about two hours, hopefully its not glitched Edit: "Gatherer" popped like it was meant to, the platinum is officially achievable. Good luck to all others and have fun!
  23. Actually you play with 2 people on the same vita facing each other, buttons and Dpad being directional buttons and the sticks for shooting. feels realy weird at first but you get used to it after a bit.
  24. Hey Ackendo, you can do more than half of the stages by yourself and for the few left simply invite a friend over or ask your litte/big brother/sister to lend you a hand, tell them what they need to do and with a bit of patience you will get it eventually, those stages are way easier to 3 star than the adventure ones.
  25. All trophies popped like they should for me, I had issues with "retro" on the ps3 version, had to redo it 4 times before it worked and the trophy finally showed up.