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  1. Thank you guys! I guess I should have been more specific. I know there is three lists. I just wanted to make sure, like if I buy the Complete Edition digitally and the trophies start popping out, it'll be a separate list from standard edition I bought like two years ago when it came out. Like AC:Chronicles only comes with a platinum if you buy the disc, even though on the store if you buy the "collection" It'll give you three lists, one for each game, but no Plat. So in the case of the Witcher 3 is the "Complete Edition" that is on sale digitally just complete with the dlc and the standard edition in tow (which would lead it to be the original plat list and not the Complete Edition plat list) or does it in fact have a separate trophy list with the plat unlike AC: Chronicles? I don't know if that was more clear, but yeah.
  2. So the Witcher 3 Complete Edition is on sale on ps store right now. I wanted to know if anybody can tell me, does it come with it's own trophy list even in digital form? I know for example if you buy the Assassin's Creed Chronicles Collection you have to buy the physical disc to get the Platinum, but I was wondering if that was the case with the Witcher 3 as well? If anybody can help me that would be great!
  3. Thankfully seems to not really be dependent on the loot boxes or multiplayer part of the game, so great for me
  4. You got some pretty difficult games under your belt. I'd advise the Crash trilogy, pretty tough, but it wold be interesting to see just how tough it is for someone like you. Now when it comes to what you already own. I'd recommend Dishonored or even the Definitive Edition that's on sale right now on PSN. Did it on PC and it was a ton of fun.
  5. I'm What do you mean? Leveling up is easy alone, but you need to win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode, and for that you need to play on ranked servers. Unfortunately if you invite people, unlike the PS3 version, it won't count as a ranked win for the trophy. You need to not invite anyone, what I'm saying here is that the servers are dead that it's easy to populate them with a group of people you coordinate and thus receive the trophy for the PS4 version.
  6. Yeah, my brother played Pac Man: Championship Edition years ago, but I never touched it and then I heard that this had a Platinum so I played it. As far as hype and all that, I'd say it's well deserved. It's definitely showing it's age at least in terms of control. I feel that I could never really control Pac-Man as accurately I wanted to, but then again it could be a limitation of using the joystick instead of the actual stick that was on the Arcade. The charm holds up and it was fun while I was playing it. It definitely feels like what somebody would say is a tech demo in the modern era, but I'm sure it was revolutionary at the time. I had fun. I'd say it's more than basic. It's a great, fun, little game and I can see why it would be addicting trying to get the high score. I do that on all my mobile games, so I can understand the allure. The fact that it's fast and mostly accurate makes it hold up far more than Galaga or Dig-Dug in my opinion. I don't know if that's the answer you're looking for, but it's kind of hard to talk about a game that does only one thing. Hopefully it's not too wordy.
  7. Around and Around We Go - Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition PS4 0.64% Ultra Rare Was working on Metahuman and Feel the Burn, but I'm sure they are glitched in some way. I did every move on my own in Practice Mode and then I redid them and made sure to connect them in Single Fight. Then I did them again with a video series on Practice Mode and then again with the same video series and making sure I connected them in Single Fight and I made sure to look out for the easily missable ones (Character Powers, different stances, etc.) each time. And no trophy pop what so ever after that I told Injustice to go f***k itself
  8. Yeah I actually had never played Pac - Man, but I got good enough once I looked up some tips. And I fought through Om Nom Nom, but then I found about the save when I lost twice to the doing the rounds. I didn't realize that you could turn on level select. Yeah eventually it wasn't too difficult. And I'll always be more proud of my rarer trophies then Plats because they were usually harder to obtain.
  9. Awesome I'll be looking forward to it!
  10. Thanks for replying guys, I actually took a look at that and yeah, it was way easier. Now I get it lol.
  11. I'm pretty sure I'lll be able to get the platinum soon, but 3 hours my butt. I don't know if it's because I suck, I don't think so. I'm just wondering how everyone here seemingly makes it look so easy. What's your secret friends?
  12. Is this game really hard to Platinum? Or is it just really obscure? I didn't even know this sport existed till I saw that this was coming out. I'm going to play it regardless, but I was just wondering since it's Ultra Rare here on PSNProfiles. Is it really difficult? And is it the controls or just the nature of the game?
  13. The TellTale one lol, since it's an easy plat. I forgot though that all the episodes aren't out yet for The Enemy Within though. That's what I was referring to, but also I saw that you have Arkham City, but not Asylum or Knight, I'd recommend those as well. After all the Enemy Within Episodes you'd have all the Batman Plat's, a nice accomplishment.
  14. 100 % Bioshock Infinite, you're really missing out if you haven't played the Burial at Sea episodes at least. After that I'd say Obviously Batman, but definitely do Prey, I played it on PC and it was really awesome trying to get all the achievements.
  15. All you had to do was wait two years, no sweat