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  1. elder scroll vi should just be elder scroll iv oblivion wih 2 extra features: fishing and footblal

    1. Mio


      why are the scrolls old?

  2. kid asked if my refigrerator was running, i told him shut up0 lil boui

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Valid question, refridgerators will run into the wilderness if not tied to the socket.

  3. lets go all blacks, winh by less than 19 and i go half price on  mid-tier investment consultations this wkek

  4. i wipe my hams back and fiorth

    1. AK-1138


      Ham-induced static electricity was Tesla's most underrated scientific discovery

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      thank u for the coemnt frn, Telstra certianly hav contirbuted si much to the telecumunicatuons industry

  5. ~mcdindalds i'm coverd in it~

  6. congratulatex to the black cats for winning the world test kickit champ, we he re at Culture Kings love baseball

  7. ok srious question: rugby 21 vs. elderscrolls vI, lmost wanted game, lts be honest here people

    1. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      also as outside run: gta 6

  8. helo frends what number am i think nof

    1. Platisfaction
    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      poop da station u r corect woaw, plz collect ur pize

  9. dainel tramp got rona, yowch

  10. 1962 seems so long ago

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      yea nice try butt boi, i ain't fallin for that line again

    3. AJ_Radio


      Looking at the drivel you post, I can't take you with a grain of salt.


      Have fun with your "intelligent" status updates.

    4. A_FlyingMegaKiwi
  11. why am i always at the back of the haka

  12. since rugby is back  live now stocks r at an all time high, send buy rwequests now

  13. daniel tramp is not good guy, pleas be better man

    1. MidnightDragon


      You’re asking for a miracle 

    2. SinisterPledge


      Leave Daniel Tramp alone, Kiwi.