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  1. hekllo friends stay safe

  2. nz week ass only lvl 2, i got a pidjey that level 23 and it nose peck



  3. the only thing i like to lock down is high yielding rates for my investment clints, msn me now for free invetsment advice

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      MSN?  I feel like I had a huge wave of early 2000s nostalgia on reading that.

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      frooty the tentn we can use aim if u r more modern client

  4. why do we have towels specifically for drying tea

    1. DaisyVilla102


      same reason we have towels for drying baths

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      because baths sweat

  5. does any body no how to merge bubble, asking for investors

  6. I haven't seen your name in ages for some reason! How are things? It's nauGie btw. ...

    1. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      things have been better, like in the famous dotcom boom of the late 90swhen ppl frequently bought and speculated on my stocks(please buiy my stokcs). now i cant even slick my hair or clean my glass bc ill get cornvirus, have to stay in the bubble everyday and is not even dotcom, literal worst, dont tell the nzx59


      how r u noogie

    2. Platisfaction


      Glad to see you haven't changed one bit. 😅 I'm fine as rain... if you think rain is fine that is...

    3. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      rain is fine when it is not acid. are you not acid

  7. how do i take my glasses off if i cant touch my face, asking for friend

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    2. Neputyunu


      I do not understand the question. <takes glasses off>

      ...When exactly do you need to touch your face? <puts glasses back on>


    3. Hemiak


      Wash hands, take glasses off, wipe with disenfectant wipe, wash face, wash hands again, put glasses back on. Ez claps. 

    4. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      u giys r great, thanks

  8. also watch out for bugs - worms specially

  9. i offer free soshul distance advise in these hard times, plz don hsitate

  10. comment for free tax addvice, dont at me

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    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi



      ples fill expense and income

    3. SinisterPledge


      Thanks, I owe you my life.

    4. hugglebunn-e


      I am suspicious of your advice.

  11. helo freinds, it is tax seeson

    1. DaivRules


      I take allergy pills to be avoid being affected.

  12. i bet u vote nz first

    1. Simpo


      Hello  gay kiwis, been along time, I wub you

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      i bbet u broke ur bubble u unemploye looking bitch

  13. skimpo stinko

  14. hello fends any envestors frm mynmar her? will b visit soon for regnl meeting, hope not to lose jb