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  1. Congrads to @fisty123 and @adam1984123 for there wins
  2. Team Updated - (Not Prize Content) Australian Team: 53265 Irrumabo non est datum : 46965 So Current Leaders are: Australian Team by 6300 points
  3. Flawed its has bugs nothing is perfect.. Very flawed i think not.. we will have to see in the long run. with all the negative removed and most of the positives reduced. it will be fairer for all. there is no obstruction to players earning heaps or very little. off course there will be people with big score, there are prizes to get. however most players are very close to each other you will see in a few days. as for more changes i don't intent on making anymore changes. However No promises! as for fisty he did choose to leave, wasn't forced!. Ok. onto the topics about 40 was more to try and sort player out.. however the two that a below are friends that wanted to support me in the competition. They have been more active then some of the other players in regard to post and playing along in the thread. Both will make more then the required number by the end of the comp for sure. and one the final point i think @Warlord99956 may have already said this. the side or (team content is nothing but bragging rights for CJ ego..) it is just a challenge Main comp vs the Wild Card. It has been at the bottom of the main post since the start. Hope that clears a few things up.. Happy hunting, i think his handicap is about right he go back to work and he is doomed LOL and the team bit is correct apart from the other team we are just 4 ...or did we gain a member @CjShai ?
  4. ok i have listened to your points. and are glad your just playing for fun its meant to be fun.. i also like to point out with the change that was made, you have lost less points then the leader did in terms of total points... u gained 500 points on the leader with this change.
  5. ATTN: It has come to my attention that a few things need to be amended in terms of rules and details. Rule 3. All Entries must have 40 posts, this rules was just to stop the people that don't want to post anything, and comment on the thread. there are two members that don't meet this requirement however they both all reply and make post in the thread so are more active then some of the other players. so to make this rule still stand.. both @holdendude2626 & @AKA_TROJAN, are required to make at least 40 post before the end of Feb 2018. Next thing is the Handicap System, i think to make it way more fair everyone that had a Negative handicap has been put back to No Handicap. However to keep give everyone a chance most people will keep there positive Handicap. So @Orphioon, @MattyH16, @spazza136, @adam1984123, @Ethan, & @readytofuky. Have all had there Negative Handicap Removed. There was a few changes in the Positive Handicaps as well. @AKA_TROJAN from 50% to 30% , @BlackCatBurrito from 15% to 0% & @TheWayne-o from 55% to 60% and one last thing.. Your Backlog only earn X5 points on the game your choose (1 Stack), not multiply stacks. you will however earn normal and double points on other stacks. Ok a final note.. do we want a Wooden spoon prize? PS: A Full Points update will be posted soon, Plus the side content update will be coming in the next few days as well.. (all this work is getting me no trophies)
  6. i must of have done 50 plus events lucky i finally got my trophy
  7. i have about that many games unplayed..
  8. bahahahahaha. funny thing is you were 13th your now 9th..
  9. New Comp Leader @AKA_TROJAN, and the wooden spoon.. @Ethan
  10. if i unhide all my 1% games i be easily a c rank
  11. i have about 500 non synced F's
  12. Yep. just got to finish a few games