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  1. you got me covered just a single trophy. (dam work, destiny, life ect.)
  2. gotta love the random draws $10 bucks and after two months im still the only one with a minus score..
  3. i've had these for the last two days. 😒
  4. hey cj. i picked Persona 5 that should take a while.. good luck.
  5. @Feral the wooden spoon is mine.. now to find my next -5 game lol
  6. @Feral you already had 1 wooden-spoon this year this is mine lol
  7. i ran around like i score a goal in world cup final.
  8. so happy to have this done.. was thinking i have one of the highest total scores and never get it. 193K lol thanks to the few that helped me @hasooni0 & Mainly @NUTBAG_____AL you guys are legends..
  9. think that will depend of the number of crazy boosters.. yes there probably be another 20 crazy's still would of been nice to see a week were people worked together... just a shame no one know how to work as a community. its just small little group vs others
  10. well you still would of wanted 120k.. maybe the 150k is just a little over kill
  11. why that high.. the people that got 150k wasted 10hrs last week as it wasn't need
  12. cut off was 68,499 so 22nd place
  13. this game blows. that is all.
  14. i think it be just a hard cut friday afternoon..when they power it down.. might even do a last reset... so maybe worth earning a few points say a few 1000 just in-case.
  15. its a major shame that we couldn't come together as a group and get this done, using a easier method. (last look over 50 plus in boosting group) it is those that are in for them-self only that have ruined it for the rest of us. those groups of 5 plus system have made it impossible for a normal person to even have a chance. its just a shame.