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  1. I purchased the deluxe edition from ps store and the village of shadows is unlocked from the beginning.
  2. Not needed for auto-pop trophies trick, the game is good to the point that I'm going to unlock another platinum trophy in legit way. What is more village of shadows will be my first run on ps4 without any cheats and upgrades
  3. I'm a little worried due to the fact I can't find information on when can I start downloading pre-ordered games from ps5. What do you think guys? Is it possible to start downloading the game 48hrs or more before launch?
  4. Super excited for revealing the trophies list and hope for two separate platinum trophies.
  5. Wondering how many people managed to download for free
  6. anybody know how i can solve this problem? reloaded save point many times and trophy still not pops up