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  1. Same for me a lot also an issue that i can't check my online friends unless i scroll from bottom to the top
  2. Thanks devs You still haven't fixed the problem that has been in the game for years where people constantly delay a game for no reason but at least the numbers are smaller and the bingo room is a bit darker thank you for that you really know how to fix your game seriously though, anyone know where i can contact the developers? or is there even a point seeing that they haven't fixed such a big and obvious issue?
  3. Title is pretty self explanatory but, just wondering if i can play this game in proper fullscreen, or if there's any way to completely disable the rewinding/forwarding that's mapped to L2 and R2
  4. Honestly it's not the fact that they show you that bothers me it's the fact that it's always on screen and can't be turned off but if you want 5 trophys quick then yes you might as well get it
  5. i mean how do you fuck up something as basic as jigsaw puzzles? there's always a thing to show you where the piece goes My mind is blown