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  1. I can confirm that this method is still working. if someone wondering about the ps vita being in sleep mode will corrupt the game/save data just backup the data using content assistant manager to a PC/PS3 after every game session. I played about an hour then a message popped "The memory card has been removed.Do not remove the memory card while the PS Vita system is in use. If you do, the data may become corrupt.The PS Vita system will restart." I inserted back the memory card back even tho I didn't touch it, restarted the system again and everything was back to normal including the game icon until I tried to open the game and another message has popped about guiding me to activate the account that has this game. just redo the method and if you still have this message, download anything from the store and cancel it right away from what I know this should activate the account on your system, go back and try to lunch the game and whallaa! back to business, hope I helped someone here 🙂
  2. Well this is my channel
  3. You can still obtain 100% in this game. If you will buy the "Complete Edition" you will have all the dlc's Besides "Party Pack DLC" can be done offline so yeah. I bought it I think this month on the PlayStation 20th Anniversary discounts it's in eu region
  4. Hey, I was trying to do this skill point about 4 - 6 times but it seems glitched. Little search and I found out simple solution. Thanks for SIE from "". Just Restart your console (PS3/VITA) and try it out. My advice is just to be sure that none of those enemies will fall to death, And just be sure to kill them all. For original article click here