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  1. Seriously, this mode sucks. Little issues that could be looked past in the regular mode are game breaking in this garbage mode. It was annoying but not a huge problem when you would swing completely through enemies but when the killing blow completely whiffs for no reason then they one shot you, that’s so shitty. I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel but I’m not even to the second boss yet and I’m about fed up with super cheap deaths. I can’t even imagine how awful it must get in the dungeons that are too long with zero checkpoints and a boss at the end.
  2. Just beat Kaycee’s mod level 4. Some super helpful information for me was that you are always guaranteed to draw a single-cost card so with that info you can really build a powerful deck around a guaranteed-dawn card.
  3. Anyone else feel like Kaycee’s mod is like 95% luck/RNG? I was really enjoying the game up until this point and now every single time I lose it’s to some bullshit where they spawn nothing but wolves in every slot starting from turn 2.
  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!!! I'll give it a try tonight. I've always failed because I try to switch to the stupid gauntlet then he runs off and heals. It's become SO frustrating. My biggest mistake was trying to do this ending on NG+. Should have done it on my first playthrough.
  5. I played right when it came out and had both game and trophy glitches. My trophy didn't pop for entering the Bazaar and I had a mission bug out right at the end and not let me open a door to let some survivors out. This quest for to unlock a weapon too so I stopped playing and deleted the game. Tried again a few weeks ago and the trophy still did not pop. I'd wait.
  6. I started this game a week or so ago and I've already finished one of the "harder" trophies. The most rare trophies are for the more complicated ambitions (missions) but I wouldn't say they are hard. They just take a long time and require you to collect lots of currency and items. I'm absolutely loving this game. Also, if you're worried about dying and having to start a new captain, you can play on the easier mode that allows you to load a save file instead of starting a new captain. Also, even in normal mode, if you get a bad result or something goes wrong, you can quit the game and when you load back in it will take you back to the last time you arrived at or left a port. You can even use this method to re-roll story rolls if you want. I'll be playing Sunless Seas FOR SURE after playing this gem.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me. Had to create a new save file. But after that I had it happen AGAIN but after a patch had been installed and when I went back to the bridge with on my next run it was still down. Is your game updated?
  8. When I got mystery machine I actually just stumbled on to the house with the wrath in the basement and killed it without speaking to any of the people who were acting weird and it gave me the trophy. So it seems like you can just speak to the kids, then the lady by the River, then go kill the wrath. Worked for me at least.
  9. This might seem patronizing but I don’t see anyone that’s said whether or not they’ve been transmitted. You do have to turn them in at a phone before it counts them. That sucks if using the beads can glitch it though.
  10. Same. Seriously, fuck this game. It has glitched trophies AND glitched quests so whether you care for trophies or not this game is broken.
  11. I don’t t think this will work for the Vita version though. Doesn’t it delete your save files if you delete the game on Vita? I’m not aware of any way to delete a game while saving the save files. I hope I’m wrong because this plat has been eating me up for years.
  12. Too bad they never fixed the glitchy trophy for “I regrow nothing” in Munch’s Oddysee. I’ve beaten that game like 5 times without regrowing anything and it never pops.
  13. I started a whole new save file after the patch came out. Oof. That will be rough. I estimate I wasted about 20-25 hours creating new save files and shit for these stupid glitchy trophies.
  14. That’s a bummer. Was it after the more recent patch? I had already cleared it 5 times between a few session and got to the point where the ending changes slightly and then I did my 5 in one sitting and it popped. I was STRESSING waiting for it to pop.
  15. I figured out the issue. The counter for any of the quantity related trophies like dying 10 times, clearing it 5 times, etc. seems to reset when you close the game. You have to get them all in one sitting. That’s how I did it.