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  1. Yes Do you like Halloween?
  2. Just finished binge watching Modern Family--now I can watch episodes as they air. It's a really good TV series.
  3. Tired enough to fall asleep, yet I want to find a movie to watch... (If anyone has any quick suggestions, feel free to message lol)
  4. IntroPhenom
  5. 6121
  6. Yes Are you an only child?
  7. Traffic
  8. I currently have a rarity average of 44.51%...not too shabby 🙆😁
  9. You have to also include the reason why you were flagged.
  10. Has anyone watched IT (2017) yet? I want see it sometime this month. And has anyone seen it in 4D!? I've never watched a 4D movie and kind of watch IT to be the first lol. **I noticed that someone commented that they enjoyed the movie--that's promising :)!!**
  11. I'm two episodes from finishing Black Mirror--it's pretty good.
  12. Hi 😀 I mostly play single player games, probably have only a handful of multiplayer games--I'm a big fan of RPGs. But if you want to team up for a game, let me know, I might have a copy. To be honest, I'd prefer if people who are at least 25 years old added me. PSN ID: Rinoa_VIII PS Systems: PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No--at most, let me know where you're from. I'm in Canada.
  13. Silent Hill 2 (I know it hasn't been completed or had 100% yet)-- I've always been intrigued by the series, but don't anticipate I would do well playing the game lol
  14. Hello ! Got kind of a random question for those of you who have the game: Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many firestorms you can have in the hanger bay?
  15. I've gotta work on my French!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Rinoa_VIII


      Studied it for 9 years-- haven't practiced it for a solid 3 years and now my French sucks >.<

    3. Kirbz


      I speak it every day with my grandma on Skype. Am I cool yet?

    4. JadedDragos


      I'm only part French and no help, lol sorry.