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  1. You have to also include the reason why you were flagged.
  2. Has anyone watched IT (2017) yet? I want see it sometime this month. And has anyone seen it in 4D!? I've never watched a 4D movie and kind of watch IT to be the first lol. **I noticed that someone commented that they enjoyed the movie--that's promising :)!!**
  3. I'm two episodes from finishing Black Mirror--it's pretty good.
  4. Hi 😀 I mostly play single player games, probably have only a handful of multiplayer games--I'm a big fan of RPGs. But if you want to team up for a game, let me know, I might have a copy. To be honest, I'd prefer if people who are at least 25 years old added me. PSN ID: Rinoa_VIII PS Systems: PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No--at most, let me know where you're from. I'm in Canada. Currently watching The Godfather Part II and I feel for Fredo 😢
  5. Silent Hill 2 (I know it hasn't been completed or had 100% yet)-- I've always been intrigued by the series, but don't anticipate I would do well playing the game lol
  6. Hello ! Got kind of a random question for those of you who have the game: Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many firestorms you can have in the hanger bay?
  7. I've gotta work on my French!

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    2. Rinoa_VIII


      Studied it for 9 years-- haven't practiced it for a solid 3 years and now my French sucks >.<

    3. Kirbz


      I speak it every day with my grandma on Skype. Am I cool yet?

    4. JadedDragos


      I'm only part French and no help, lol sorry.

  8. @BadWolf90: No one has asked me that -- I probably won't. Never was one to go back and play games once I was finished them and I like the look of my pre-HD games lol. The graphics may not look the greatest or up to date half the time, but it gives a collectors/antique feel @Azakos: I love Kingdom Hearts! I've only played Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, but they were fun to play .
  9. Voted ! Haha-- not that many female gamers I see @ERGOPROXY-DECAY: Probably not--never really had interest in XIV. But I haven't played it so its not far to knock it before I try it @Dr_Mayus: Haha-- I started playing 1 a while ago but never finished haha. But thank you for the pass
  10. Thank you all so much for your welcomes and kind words . My intro might seem a bit self-deprecating but I'm actually quite proud of my gaming accomplishments lol @ Aeirou: Haha-- I hope I get it too @Sir_Bee: For me it would be between FF VII, FF VIII, and FF X-- but I like all three of them . I might be bias/loyal to VIII a bit more though haha. I work really well in a structured closed world setting, so when they made FF 13-2 a bit more opened world, I was a bit put off by it lol.
  11. Hi ! My name is Judith-- its nice to meet you all. Long time gamer-- all the way back to Super Nintendo. Big fan of Final Fantasy, as you can probably tell from my PSN name lol. First game I bought for myself was not in fact a Final Fantasy game, although it was a toss up between Final Fantasy VIII and Legend of Legaia, but I ended up getting Legend of Legaia on my Playstation. Then I borrowed Final Fantasy VIII and fell in love with the series. Played 7, 8, 9, 10 (first FF I bought myself on my PS2 lol), 10-2, 12* (but it was the DS format of the game--which is considered the sequel of 12), 13, and I started 13-2 but I'm not that fond of it lol. Overall, I really like role-playing games and my trophy completion might not be that great because I kind of suck at games, keep busy with work, and other randomness outside of my room, but playing video games (really into RPGs and on occasion FPSs--but games in general) and trying to complete trophies is a hobby I enjoy . So I look forward to collaborating with people on completing all of our respective goals !
  12. Just finished my undergrad and said I would do a bunch of randomness-- one of them being reading The Walking Dead Comics because I really like the TV series and the game from Telltale Games . Currently on volume 13 and its interesting to see people's counterparts from the comics on the tv show.