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  1. Random rant: I really want to get back into series, but after finishing Meruru Plus for the first time I had quite a lot distractions in life so decided to put it on hold until I get Dusk Trilogy Plus games on sale (still waiting for Ayesha Plus for more than a year...). Kinda hoping for "Big-in-japan" sale in summer. Surprised there is no Meruru (Plus) guide though. Gonna be a pain getting back into NG+ to get the plat.
  2. If you consider Persona 5 a grueling work, Hebrew scholar Maimondes might have some bad news for you. Why even attend such an unwilling task? Martyrdom isnt praised these days. Seriously, though, it's hard to burnout in newer Persona games. Being able to alternate between battle and social aspects with slow pacement story keeps the game fresh for me.
  3. Should be a Golden Week sale tomorrow. (for EU at least)
  4. Yeah, I guessed. There was kinda cheap (~25 euros) "digital premium" edition, and while I was thinking if I should get this one it got taken down too.
  5. There is no Final Fantasy XV in Russian store, though.
  6. New SMT (SMT V?) YES, YES!

  7. Guess no one really plays Claire huh. Good work, buddy. That would be really handy if I am to replay this on Nightmare someday (seeing as how you can just home-quit game if you die). Thanks. Bit salty I only missed one butterfly for the trophy, where are you even supposed to get hint about chess puzzle?
  8. Combat and character interactions looks pretty bland, crafting so-so. Guess I couldnt expect that to be near the Rune Factory level.
  9. Why do you even care about "some idiots in certain trolling forums" so much? It's not like all of them are trolling though. I, personally, find XV mediocre at best. I detest SE marketing policy, all those movie/mobile game/browser dlc stuff and yes I think XIII is better than XV, does that make me a troll? Don't get me wrong, I would buy it later on (when they fix things here and there, finish adding stuff they didnt manage to add before release, put all 10000000+ DLC in one GOTY edition), but yeah, opinions.
  10. You can finally get premium using cards directly, best update ever.

  11. Furi was an amazing experience. Sleeper hit of the year for me. Feels extremely satisfying that I made it my 50th platinum.

    1. slash


      Furi was a gem for me. had no idea what it was until it was IGC and it ended up being one of my faves this year. congrats on the plat, you really have to earn this one!

    2. ruffedgz


      Congrats on the 50th, heard it was a hard game as well so that must also be satisfying :D

    3. Stuart Pot

      Stuart Pot

      Haven't started it yet, but really want to!

  12. It's not about those 12 deals, there is another promotion not mentioned in the title(buy one game, get another for free).
  13. No Vita games, come on...
  14. Well it does have some good gems in it actually (like previously mentioned Odin Sphere, VLR, Muramasa Rebirth, etc), but I was hoping for more japanese goodies I dont own yet. Maybe on Christmas?