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  1. She only vanishes completely if you kill before assisting her with Henryk (first hunter fight). Otherwise you should find her near the cathedral ward provided you did explore it enough and opened all gates.
  2. Waiting? Not at all. That's just basically an another reminder of "F**k You" from Konami. Humanity still has some self-esteem to not fall into that.
  3. I have yet to play this game (but I did plat in htoL#NiQ) and comparing trophies it looks much more easier (most of them are just time trials, no tricky ones like CONCENTRATION AAAAA). Also, last chapter in htol#niq is easily doable if you have some kind of video recording device. But yes, this one trophy makes no sense at all.
  4. That's not true though. I have a PSP 3000 and it takes ~5-6 hours until recharge whenever I play physical games or digital ones. As many stated, the main point of getting PSP nowadays are physical exclusives. I did get one a several years back just for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core. Picked up Star Ocean I&II and Parasite Eve 3 quickly after that. Its not like PSP costs a lot, so if you have a few system sellers its worth its price already.
  5. As for me, its Hershel himself, whom I have biggest respect to. Kinda worried series not gonna be the same without him and his top hat. Although I liked the Luke character development in AA vs Layton spinoff game. In regards of Ace Attorney, if you are not picky you can get the first trilogy digitally through eShop, Capcom tends to do sales on it regularly. Hopefully you can get those games one day, that's quite a lot of great storytelling to experience. Good luck with achieving your dream. Oh, and with trophy hunting, I guess.
  6. What a coincidence. I did get the 3DS too as soon as KH3D released. Really looking forward to a new Layton game this october. Considering your love for VNs and being a proud owner of 3DS, did you ever try Ace Attorney series? Those are pure gold. Zero Escape series is great too, but you can get it all on PS4 nowadays.
  7. Someone on this site actually acknowledges Layton exists? Woah. Kingdom Hearts too. You scored some good points. Sehr erfreut.
  8. I would recommend cleaning it once (using microfiber + something like glasses cleaner) then going out and buying a screen protector (Hori works just fine), there, all done.
  9. Bloody Destiny from P1P, probably. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xfm-IDo4Eg
  10. Yes, by far.
  11. Story is okay at most, the worst part being the "different" endings (which are 90% the same and contain the same UNSKIPABLE scenes). It's a good reading for the first time, but going for all endings makes you hate the game writing so much.
  12. That's not true, Atlus did remind P1 and P2 exist by introducing themed DLC in P5. 😛 But yeah, I pretty much agree about irrevelance part. As much as I love P1 (being dungeon crawler), I would NEVER introduce someone to series by having them playing this game. Heck, I tried to get friend into series by having him play P3Fes yet he complained he disliked main dungeon being randomly-generated and enemies being pretty much the same so he dropped it somewhere on 60ish floors. Guess shouldve went with P5. Another point of irrelevance is, if willing to play Q/Q2, you wouldnt need P1/P2 anyway.
  13. I am getting tired seeing all those PC vs console wars everywhere. I have both. I use both. I dont care. Stop with PC/console shaming.
  14. Oh yeah, another Etrian Odyssey spin-off, terrific! Glad they finally confirmed it. Just a thought of being able to experience yet another fantastic first-person dungeon crawling adventure in next year makes me a one happy fellow.
  15. B-but Firefly's Diary didn't have a problem with controls on Vita... I want to get this game when it's gonna be on a sale, eventually. Hopefully there isnt anything similar to htolNiQ's "Concentration" trophy in this one. I am still having nightmares.