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  1. Story is okay at most, the worst part being the "different" endings (which are 90% the same and contain the same UNSKIPABLE scenes). It's a good reading for the first time, but going for all endings makes you hate the game writing so much.
  2. That's not true, Atlus did remind P1 and P2 exist by introducing themed DLC in P5. 😛 But yeah, I pretty much agree about irrevelance part. As much as I love P1 (being dungeon crawler), I would NEVER introduce someone to series by having them playing this game. Heck, I tried to get friend into series by having him play P3Fes yet he complained he disliked main dungeon being randomly-generated and enemies being pretty much the same so he dropped it somewhere on 60ish floors. Guess shouldve went with P5. Another point of irrelevance is, if willing to play Q/Q2, you wouldnt need P1/P2 anyway.
  3. I am getting tired seeing all those PC vs console wars everywhere. I have both. I use both. I dont care. Stop with PC/console shaming.
  4. Oh yeah, another Etrian Odyssey spin-off, terrific! Glad they finally confirmed it. Just a thought of being able to experience yet another fantastic first-person dungeon crawling adventure in next year makes me a one happy fellow.
  5. B-but Firefly's Diary didn't have a problem with controls on Vita... I want to get this game when it's gonna be on a sale, eventually. Hopefully there isnt anything similar to htolNiQ's "Concentration" trophy in this one. I am still having nightmares.
  6. @MMDE He is still claiming it's power outage fault for not getting the trophies first time. Like when you get a freeze when game autosaves and your save could get corrupted. (Don't think it applies to trophies though). And something about not willing to hide the game because he has to do that from PS3, not directly from this site. @PegucKuH На других ресурсах механизм сбора данных такой же, вряд ли кто-то будет заморачиваться функцией отдельно прятать игры через сайт. Ты ведь понял, что тебе лишь одну эту игру надо скрыть на PS3, а не всю платформу?
  7. Happens quite a lot in Russian PSN store. Some days my card works fine, some days not. Using paypal/buying psn cards works well.
  8. I had a similar problem with another game. You must delete game data left from your physical LBP3 version, otherwise you wont be able to install a digital one. That's stupid, I know.
  9. You can combine speedrun+no upgrades and do akumu after that.
  10. There is a good site for backlogging called Backloggery with a pretty good customization and progress tracking if you are into that.
  11. Following your logic most rpgs are dungeon crawlers, because they have dungeons. That reminds me - Revelations: Persona IS a dungeon crawler and you can play it on Vita. That's something at least.
  12. Vita only? Aren't all of those depend heavily on fanservice and lacking in actual gameplay? I bought Demon Gaze long time ago and still wish I could get a refund. Would be nice if there was something similar to EO on vita...good thing EOV coming west in autumn.
  13. Random rant: I really want to get back into series, but after finishing Meruru Plus for the first time I had quite a lot distractions in life so decided to put it on hold until I get Dusk Trilogy Plus games on sale (still waiting for Ayesha Plus for more than a year...). Kinda hoping for "Big-in-japan" sale in summer. Surprised there is no Meruru (Plus) guide though. Gonna be a pain getting back into NG+ to get the plat.