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  1. Spider-Man 2, hopefully on the PS2 and not PC
  2. Definitely Admiring that AC Brotherhood plat, I hate the multiplayer with a passion
  3. Sorry for the baity title but does anyone know when the servers will go completely offline. The WWE 2k15 servers went off shortly after 2k16 dropped. I don't wanna miss out on the online trophies and WWE 2k17 is out in a couple of days so any info regarding the 2k16 servers would be appreciated.
  4. Survival horror/rpg fan
  5. Go finish sly 3, only game i saw on ur profile without a plat and its relatively easy
  6. Anyone have any idea if this is even planned for EU??
  7. Oh oops sorry about that, the post is still slightly different tho, but if you think it should be like locked or deleted is there a way to do that?
  8. If you could add a full trophy list to any game you wanted, even if it wasn't ever on a ps console or if it has a trophy list already but lacks a platinum, what game would you choose? For me personally i couldn't go past Crash Bandicoot, any of them really, i loved those games and 100% all of them, every diamond, every crystal, every speed relic thing it would be great if that game got trophy support or even a hd remake
  9. Yea i need help with his too, I've gotten pretty close by myself using phobos (the last boss with like a cm of health) if anyone wants to do this just hit me up with a friend request thanks PSN: Themoneymaker500
  10. post
  11. Everyones entitled to their own opinion but personally i found far cry 3 amazing and am definitely picking up 4 when i have the money $$$ but i would suggest you buy the game from somewhere with a return policy and if you don't like it return it for a full refund, tho i think if you don't like 3 you won't like 4, idk how far cry 3 was boring, as i said b4 i think its a gem and am hoping far cry 4 is much of the same.
  12. i think we can't really judge on ps3 to ps4 just yet but in my opinion the jump between ps1 and ps2 was the biggest
  13. Just gotta wait tip the credits fin and then god of war 3
  14. i should play dishonored
  15. prototype 2 but in a boosting sesh for ac brotherhood