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  1. I said forget about the f-ing topic, I'm doing it myself, so why are you guys still posting?
  2. Yo.

    Hello! I'm a bit new to PSNProfiles, so please be easy on me! I enjoy fighting games and RPG's, preferably by Atlus and Arc System Works, I only have one plat, and that is for BioShock Infinite, umm... that's all!
  4. I am SOOOO with you on this...
  5. I know, I know... But you don't play games with your friends on your account and one of THEM earn a trophy? Even if it was one measly trophy, maybe one for I don't know, taking one step or doing the first attack, THEY earned the trophy, not you. So could you say it's YOUR Platinum? Besides, I know it may be a bit disgraceful, but if it comes to it, and I need to, I'll try my hardest. I mean, I understand what you guys are saying, trust me, but I have Storm 3 (Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm: 3) and my friend offered me help getting an S on the last boss to help me towards the Platinum. As PSN users, we are all on the same team, or play towards the same goal. There's no need for a competition, so why not help me a bit? I doubt anybody would want an account with barely anything on it, no credit card info, nothing, really... P.S. Nice Saber picture! I have a friend who LOVES the Fate/Stay series. ^^
  6. I understand what you mean, but P4A is a greatly skill oriented game, and me myself I can't master every single character there is, maybe 3. If it weren't this, I would agree with you here, but it's not like I want you to Platinum the whole game, just do the Trials. I already explained that it might be a bit too much to ask, and that I know I'm being a pain.
  7. I love Atlus and everything about them, ESPECIALLY the Persona series. I guess you could say I'm fan-boying them, HARD. But recently, trying to Platinum P4A has been difficulty, my only problem being Trials, not a lot of people got the Platinum for this game, and I know this might be a pain for some people who did all the Trials and collapsed out of joy. I main Akihiko, and I think I'm pretty good with him, but just that won't cut it for ALL of those Trials. If anybody, and I beg of you, can do those Trials for me, I'll never forget you. Friend me so we can talk about my account info if you're interested in helping me. Thanks!