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  1. Lmao , those arguments of SUPER-BRAINS are very entertaining. 😎Personally i think DG should get a sequel, that game was decent enough. New IP at least and sequel can be way better , but people are happy with useless remasters or remakes (FF7 is good but will be chopped to dlc's)
  2. Well , it has sync issues but i should have mentioned it is best design-wise 😎
  3. Ps3 trophy list still the best
  4. Finally... A proper Diablo , haven't play the third because graphics style and colorful theme was putting me off a bit😎 Lets hope it wont be f''''d up in any shape or form
  5. Why are You bothered about PS5 ? Nothing interesting on that console atm , at least imo
  6. No only in arena you can add colored headlighs , office is useless if you have arena workshop that does ALL types of vehicle upgrades (exept Opressor mk 2)
  7. In Arena workshop you can upgrade weaponized vehicles , arena wars and "Benny Vehicles" also it is the only place to add colored headlights. In Office garage workshop you can only upgrade ' Benny Vehicles '
  8. It should been a new gen release only , ps4 might have holded it back It was developed for PC anyway , just like W3 . Not enough power and bad port i guess
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 , i hope there will be bundle with console
  10. COLLECTIBLE trophies that serve just as FILLERS (AC games or GTA5) with useless reward . Next ones are GRINDING trophies like GTA4 Wanted And finally Rng based , Uncharted 3 treasures almost took my sanity
  11. Farming Simulator 19 , enjoying it now . So many possibilities and new mods almost on daily basis . I can't wait for another game on next gen
  12. Better performance , more foliage , a fev of new vehicles , birds like cats were added to current gen and fishing 😎
  13. It will be transfer option like from ps3 to other platforms, online being free for digital version version is ok imo, because current performance is a S""tshow . But no new GTA is worst part of it , no sense developing new one while making a fev cars and same content brings more profit , that's exactly what most fans were afraid of and reason why Benzies and Hauser left R* . GTAO turned into WoW of consoles.Maybe we will see paid map expansion , no one knows . New GTA might see the light at the end of next gen if not on PS6 😜
  14. Vagrant Story Final Fantasy Tactics Tactics Ogre port from Psp Chrono Trigger and Cross Industry Giant 2 Way os Samurai Onimusha series Wasn't FF7 remake fun ?
  15. Wrapping up GTA5 and doing 100% every everything on Fallout New Vegas , then goodbye PS3