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  1. Give me a Revelations 3 over another resistance/RE: Verse game anyway, we're definitely in need of one IMO.
  2. To be fair, there were specific details throughout the showing that highlighted a possible RE4 reveal like the new merchant/inventory system in RE8 which was clearly inspired by RE4, not to mention the Netflix movie which takes place after the events of RE4, so I won't say it was entirely farfetched to expect some form of announcement tbh (it was announced sometime back assuming you didn't receive the news yet). On the flip side I would assume 1) they aren't ready to reveal any details yet since they might still be working on it 2)they didn't want RE4 to be the main focus of the showing 3) is saving the news for the 25th anniversary in march. I'm in the same boat as you are, from what I've seen nothing so far on a season pass unless they plan to announce one in the future or the base game itself is the final product. For all you know RE: Verse is probably the reason why we possibly won't get one since its bundled with the game.
  3. Yeah it seems likely it would release later on today at this stage, it's weird though considering Amazon/bestbuy are the only stores that's accepting preorders on both standard/deluxe editions of the game, unlike GameStop. The only news I heard is the CE is priced at $219 US which is roughly 285AUS I'm assuming for you.
  4. It does seem to be heavily inspired by mercenaries which were quite fun to an extent, but this... I'm usually open to trying different stuff, but from what was shown it doesn't impress me at all, unfortunately. It's probably a smart move it's bundled with RE: Village, otherwise a separate purchase would kill this game on the spot.
  5. Y'all know if the Collector's Edition is up for preorder yet? It doesn't seem to be as far as I can tell but it doesn't hurt to ask
  6. I really enjoyed it when I got it years ago, but the pricetag for each DLC was (and still is) outrageous.
  7. My ass about to be broke again with an even larger backlog now 😩
  8. Did you eventually get it?
  9. The bugs/glitches can be ironed out over time (which I'm not making an excuse for btw), but based on the video, they made several promises that never made it into the final product, which is quite disappointing. Even the articles that recently came out with one of the staff members stating that a 2022 launch window would have been more realistic given that they would have a lot more time to continue working on the game is even more disappointing to hear; I felt like we would have received the developer's vision on what they really wanted their game to look like at the end instead of the rushed version that was handed to us by leadership (unless of course, both parties are to blame).
  10. #137 - This War of Mine: The Little Ones (backlog game) This game truly reminds us of the casualties of war and the negative impact it can have on innocents, including children. I first got this game through ps plus back in 2017, but like other games, I never fully immerse myself into it due to other games that got a hold of my interest. I decided to give my attention back to it, and boy, every choice you make not only affects the means of your survival, but it strongly presents a very dark aspect of how people live throughout their daily lives in fear within the very dangers of war. This game requires you to think strategically about how you would like to pursue your day/night cycle venture by acquiring food, craftable items, or anything beneficial to your survivors; If you fail to make smart and/or responsible decisions, there will definitely be consequences which can lead to your survivors likely get killed, starvation, getting sick, or even committing suicide. As it's been said before, It's a very dark take on what I imagine some folks around the world go through when it comes to warfare, it's also a game that, despite the gloomy atmosphere, has a good amount of replayability as well.
  11. Not to hijack the thread, but is it advisable to tackle Yakuza 0 first before setting sights on Kiwami?
  12. That's weird, I accessed my ps3 for the first time in years a couple of days ago and I never encountered a single issue getting into the store.
  13. All I can say is, these developers certainly aren't stupid, they know how enthusiastic the trophy community is when it comes to platinums, so I won't be surprised if they deliberately made it obtainable with little to no effort just to drive sales on a much higher scale.
  14. Tbh I felt inclined in supporting the game by purchasing the season pass because the game is simply worth it; several factors like exploration, puzzles, and gameplay in particular, not to mention the humorous dialogue as well is why I don't mind dropping the extra cash on future content.
  15. It's without a doubt an entertaining game even if it does get repetitive after a while. The more hours you sink into it and grow your shark the more fun it becomes as well.