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  1. For anyone who can provide me with some input, would you recommend this game for someone who isn't a fan of the souls genre? I played Dark souls and bloodborne and never finished either one but CV catches my interest for some reason. I played the demo (didn't finished it) and I somewhat enjoyed it, but again, hard to invest into a game that I probably won't enjoy due to the soul-vibe of the game itself.
  2. Samsung Note 10+
  3. If it wasn't mentioned already, I would also like to add that checking your mail for specfic facilities such as the first prepper, novelist son, veteran porter, would save you a lot of heartache since their star progression would stop until you check their corresponding mails. If you don't receive any mail, head to your oyr private room and at some point you would start receiving them... I learn the hard way sadly 😩
  4. Batman Arkham Origins. Years ago, one of the challenges for the "Olympian" trophy glitched out on me unfortunately which was a damn shame considering I completed every other challenge at the time.
  5. A combination of both actually depending on the scenario presented.
  6. #106 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  7. #105 - Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. #104 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  9. Story of my life
  10. #103 - Nier Automata
  11. 1,786. A lot of them can be earned easily, but I don't have the patience or time sadly
  12. #102- Batman : The Enemy Within
  13. #101 - Resident Evil 7
  14. PSN ID : Triniplayer101 PS Systems : PS3, PS4, PS TV and Vita Accepts Blank Friend Request : Nope, atleast engage me in conversation so I would have a reason to keep you around (no offense of course) PSN Region : NA Time Zone : EST