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  1. If the video content comes at no extra cost, then what's the issue here? It would be a welcomed addition that would further add value to the service.
  2. I honestly thought you were kidding until I actually went to read an article about it; I understand the context as to why he said it, though.
  3. This might actually be the issue here haha. I appreciate the response 🙏
  4. Exactly, "who's to say", we won't have any probability that they would implement it it all if the community's impact didn't have something to say about it.
  5. Does it need to be multiple pieces of gear submitted to obtain it? I turned in two separate times and I haven't received it so far, unfortunately.
  6. Same but I doubt they would at this stage. The demo consist of a specific part of the story from what I've read and I much rather avoid that as much as I can.
  7. I love it honestly, maybe not ideal for competitive games but I enjoy the immerse aspect of it.
  8. Not to derail the topic, but I wonder if the ps plus version would be upgradable to the ps5 ...somehow I doubt it though.
  9. But the feature exist now within the store, so how is that not stripping when it was there previously? It had to take the community to band together and push them to roll it out, maybe they would have done it eventually but it surely wasn't coming on the horizon anytime soon. They had to rework the entire PSN store anyway so why is that somehow a lesser task than the wishlist?
  10. I never understood the concept of stripping preexisting features and reintroducing them, why can't they just have them available day 1? Wishlist was (and still is) a beneficial feature and I can't see in any way why anyone would not want it implemented.
  11. Did this guy really just compared sale figures of a new IP like Days Gone to an established franchise like God of War to make his point?
  12. Everything looks fantastic so far; the graphics are gorgeous, the world feels tenebrous and intimidating as well as the enemies. I also love the presentation/realism of the weapons, not to mention on a different note how the story would unfold since there seem to be various angles at play here. I can only hope Ethan undergoes some form of character development this time around, he was pretty bland in 7 tbh. I'll probably pass on the demo to avoid any potential spoilers; I want my first experience to be fresh and new. Besides, the game is right around the corner so it's not that much of a wait anyway.
  13. I've read that the trophies will have to be unlocked manually by doing their respective requirements, eg. completing a fate will unlock the 3,000 fate trophy assuming you surpassed the amount.
  14. I suggest voting with your wallet (as cliche as this may sound) for everyone expressing their opinion against this decision; at the end of the day, you're in charge of how well this would sell. From the decisions Sony has been making for the past number of months, I think it's absolutely crucial to hold this ideology moving forward.
  15. It still should be able to work since it doesn't have an expiration date to my knowledge.