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  1. #123 - Unravel An exceptionally beautiful and heartwarming experience, you can tell this game was crafted with the utmost love and care. The visuals are gorgeous; the music captures a calm and soothing sensation, and the story, while sad, puts into perspective the unbreakable bonds we form and making the most out of what life gives us. I highly recommend just embracing the story first before pursuing the trophies, or else it may or may not otherwise ruin the experience for you.
  2. #122 - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 This one was surprisingly enjoyable and quite comical
  3. #121 - Assassin's Creed Rogue
  4. Not a big fan of the game but the FF15 Royal Edition cover is absolutely breathtaking.
  5. Currently Assassin's Creed Rogue
  6. Resident Evil Resistance, struggling to acquire a few trophies, unfortunately 😩
  7. You got one of the best games in the Assassin's Creed series in AC2 with nearly 50% completion; I know you can wrap up the rest in no time despite the tediousness of certain task.
  8. #120 - Mass Effect Andromeda Despite some shortcomings, I thought it was an incredible title that IMO didn't deserve nearly the tremendous backlash it received. Many aspects of the game that piqued my interest came down to the discovery and lore behind the different planets, species, and the relationships you build with them. The game is also graphically alluring. The gameplay, although a bit repetitive at times, kept my interest since you can play a variety of combat classes with different movesets aimed to switch up gameplay every so often. The customization isn't entirely satisfactory when it comes down to the male counterparts, and sometimes it may have a glitch or two but nothing game-breaking. The story, although nothing unique, did its job and kept me entertained throughout my experience with the game. Overall it might not be a popular opinion, but that's my take on it; I enjoyed it and kept me coming back even after acquiring the platinum.
  9. Mayo, apart from its easily obtainable platinum, the game is just pointless all around.
  10. Appreciate this, extremely useful for when I'm ready to get on it 👍
  11. Trophy progress would be a great deal alone for many, I never get why they failed to implement such a beneficial feature in the first place, but hopefully, they listened to feedback from the community and provide us with one. On another note, you can probably try calling your store to see if they are partaking in a midnight release, I know some aren't doing so but you never know.
  12. Tomb Raider on the ps3 with a 5.18% rarity. I loved the campaign, but the multiplayer was an unnecessary grind.
  13. Preordered through the playstation website via invitation. I just wish they would showcase the UI already
  14. God of War