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  1. 10/10 and my hats off, i've grinded some J-rpg's but damn, Star Ocean sure puts all of my grind to shame lol
  2. Persona 4 Golden, really, it hurts seeing that game at only 7%.
  3. The Last of Us: Remastered
  4. Bloody feet from GH Hits, my feet didn't hurt after getting it as the trophie might suggest, can't say the same about my ankles tough
  5. #106 The Evil Within PURE EVIL Great game, trophies were fun and since the collectibles were tide to gameplay benefits ( guns and ammo)they didn't felt tedious to collect, AKUMU was lots of fun, dying in one hit is kinda bs, but the game gives you the tools to overcome every situation like the agony crossbow and its multiples and strategic uses, good weapons like the Shotgun or the Magnum with plenty of ammo if you manage it well enough and the matches wich in my opinion were a great idea and are a thousand times better than having to put out the knife and stab the "zombies" a bazillion times...ejem RE4..., and besides the game has great chekpoints which are a must in any game for me (really F perma-deaths difficulties and taking away chekpoints ...TLOU...). Enjoyment:9.5/10 Difficulty: 7/10
  6. My 100th Plat was Game of Thrones:Season 1,
  7. 1.Parkway Drive 2.Metallica 3.Avenged Sevenfold 4.Hollywood Undead 5. Slipknot
  8. Star Wars Kotor, Jade Empire, Fable, Xenoblade Chronicles, Blue Dragon, The Last Story, Lost Odyssey, Fire Emblem and Halo.
  9. I'll buy it, I didn't give the game a chance back in 2007, so this will serve me as a second chance, won't bother with the plat tho, my cousin spent 300 hours and couldn't complete the game 100% because of some dagger, I can stand some RNG bullshit, but this game can be to much.
  10. I played a lot of the game until my PLUS subscription ran out, it's a fun grindfest, but the Story is as lacking as it gets, it would not have been my choice to introduce anyone into JRPG's since one of the best things about this genre is the Story of its games, as for tips remember this is a grindfest, so you'll need to farm enemies quite a lot for some bosses, also try to always buy the skills for your party, especially the AOE's, they'll come in handy when you face a Boos with 30 sidekicks.
  11. i bought it not long ago on a sale for 18€, if I remember correctly the original price was over 30€.
  12. On PS3 you can use everything downloaded to your system no matter the account you use, as long as you don't delete the account that you are going to use to purchase the trials, you should be fine, just create an US account and purchase the DLC.
  13. CoD MW2 & MW3: Split-Screen Spec Ops, it was to much fun. DMC: Really liked how many difficulties where in the game, it didn't let me time to get bored. Rock Band 2: Great moments with friends and a infamous trophie earned the same day that my country won the World Cup.
  14. That's a great idea, the amount of times I clicked the blue highlighted name of the game thinking I was going to its trophie page is something that I lost the count for.
  15. I tend to listen to Youtube videos with my headphones, especially Walktroughs or lets plays made by people that I find their way of commentating entertaining and interesting, especially if they are not simply describing whats on screen, Thatguywhocamps was the first that I enjoyed, but know I tend to just hear TheSeraphim17 or Spanish youtubers, if not I just put some episodes of a series that I enjoy, I'm currently grinding the Alchemy trophie for Ni no Kuni while watching South Park episodes for example. All that using my laptop placed alongside me.