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  1. there is an option to transfer your PS4 save data to PS5 version sadly you can't transfer from PS5 to PS4 yet so far I tested one trophy ( upgrading a weapon to max ) and it auto poped for me i can assume most if not all trophies will auto pop i will update the thread after getting more trophies
  2. Are the servers still on
  3. Same thought but nothing strange when it comes to Bungie bullshit
  4. your are welcome anytime and i always prepare myself to help friends in future which i am doing the same for elden ring
  5. if you enjoy the game it is worth it i did plat most of souls game so far missing few trophies for Demons souls EU and AS version and now i am working on Elden Ring both plats
  6. it is worth it for me if you want i can drop you all unique and different upgraded weapons for faster plat
  7. there is a temporary fix for the online issue until they fix the game make sure in online option game type open and never request help 1- close the game 2- disconnect your internet from your console 3- start the game until your reach main menu where you can choose continue 4- reconnect your internet 5- choose continue now you should be able to play co-op without any problem your are welcome
  8. i will do my best considering i am busy lately moving to my new house
  9. New game enter the profile name cms2021promo Do the tutorial or not doesn’t matter you will start the game at lv 36 with 510k money and max skill points also this trick can be used for previous game enter profile name cms2018promo
  10. there are 50 sub stories in the game you will be fine as far as I know the trophy not glitches I got the platinum recently and I ended up doing 47 sub stories 5 of them related to dragon kart
  11. Thanks for your reply I guess it’s time to speedrun through NG+
  12. I started the game with the magician class and soon after decided to start a new with a different class and noticed my trophy tracking for all sorcery’s snd all rings are still counting I think there’s a big chance that will work I am half way through the game taking my time doing all tendencies later today when I save the last NpC sorcery teacher will test the theory and will update the post
  13. I think the servers are offline I just logged in to collect my scraps and didn't get anything last time i logged in was over 12 hours ago now I think I can't get the platinum because I am missing 1200 scraps for divided challenge