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  1. I have no idea how long the dlc is, but it's kind of a bummer to see no extra trophies... They could've done it like the Batman Arkham city dlc's iirc a few of those extra missions only had 2 trophies. That could give some people the urge to install/ start up to game again.
  2. Thanks for the add-on, I love it so far! In Game List there is a feature to remove games you've started. Would it be possible to remove them and add them to another list or only remove them when they're 100% complete? This would make a nice flow from backlog -> currently playing -> done.
  3. I got SS rank on Legend, it took me only like 6 tries. What really helped was practice mode. Start with 50% speed and try to get a SS rank. That should be doable on your first if not second try. Build your skills up by adding 10% speed each time. This helps you with getting to know all the cuts that you need to make, and you're able to find out which parts need more practice. this helped me big time in getting SS as fast as I did.
  4. Tekken Revolution, as I wasn't able to complete it before they shut the servers.
  5. I managed to hit every single note on the song M - pop music with this easy trick. You have to be the backsinger and you have to use a online tone generator. This generator is the one I used. Next you have to play the C#3 note and then you can put your microphone next to your headphones (in my case), but I think that your laptop speakers would also suffice.
  6. I wasn't sure if I should play this game at first, but I just finished the game without too much trouble. Although there was lag in a few levels, there was never that much lag that it became unplayable for me. Edit: I just got the platinum!! and if you ask me it wasn't too bad. Beating 10 levels without dying might be challenging, but it is still doable.
  7. Do the ps3 and vita trophies share the same list? I want to play the game on my vita and rent the PS3 version for the "Friends on my side" trophy.
  8. I played the game without any problems. I exited the sewers for the Blood on the Sand (The Greatest) side quest to pop up and entered the sewers again to complete the side quest, but when I re-entered the sewers (after the loading screen) my game showed me a black screen. I could still hear the sound of the game, but my PlayStation didn't react anymore. The weird thing is that I can still continue the main quest, but as soon as I try to enter the sewers again the game freezes. I hope that someone knows a solution otherwise I have to give up on this platinum.
  9. I need the trade trophy. If anybody could help, im willing to return the favor. Thanks