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  1. Do you own Afterbirth on that account? Afterbirth+ requires it.
  2. I'm interested, I'll be working on cleaning up a lot of my backlog anyway. Currently at 84.92%, so an even 90 seems tough but doable.
  3. People have recommended fishing around the mouths of rivers, but I had very little success with that beyond flatfish and cod. I found that immediately after fast traveling to a new location or exiting and re-entering the animus, fish would spawn for a brief period: sometimes only a second, sometimes long enough to fish up one or two. I managed to catch everything I needed by immediately pulling out my fishing line and praying, reloading the autosave if I was unsuccessful. Also, like @h4mx0r, the last fish I needed (bream) was a solo spawn at the recommended spot in the PowerPyx guide. Good luck!
  4. There's a guide here if you need one. There are two specific wealth collectibles that are missable, which would lock you out of the completionist trophy, but nothing beyond that.
  5. It's a glitch related to the 1.04 update. That thread is for the PS5 version, so it's good to know the problem is on PS4 as well.
  6. AFAIK this is a PS5 bug rather than anything game-specific. Options -> Sync with PlayStation Network on your trophy list should fix things.
  7. https://crema.gg/crema/ps5-early-access-faq/ The game is out in Early Access next week, and they put up an FAQ recently with some new info regarding trophies: I was looking forward to spending some time with this over Christmas, but now I think I'll hold off until the full release.
  8. Thanks for the confirmations everyone, I've updated the original post with everything you all have figured out thus far. It's strange that the base weapon used would have an effect; I wonder if that's something Bluepoint will change in a future patch.
  9. I actually thought this at first too, but I went back to double-check before my earlier post and it turns out you can see all trophies on PS5. They won't appear on the games list on your profile but they're there on your trophy list. It's just PS5 trophies on other systems that's the issue. 8.01 was just a stability update, no change to trophy visibility.
  10. I can confirm PS5 games can't be seen on PS4, PS3, or Vita. My level and trophy totals are correct but neither Astro's Playroom or Demon's Souls are visible on my trophy list.
  11. @Helyx You're 100% correct and that completely slipped my mind. You can get 3 Colorless Souls without bothering with world tendency, but Urbain won't offer the miracle for sale unless you've slain a Primeval Demon on that playthrough.
  12. Trophies are fun to collect, but they're just shiny 1s and 0s that make a fun noise when they unlock. A My Name is Mayo 2 plat has the same "value" as a Super Meat Boy plat: none. If that bothers you, I urge you to step back and take a break.
  13. The all rings trophy is the only thing that makes world and character tendencies matter in the remake (aside from the Makoto and Istarelle trophies, which both amount to "go do one thing when the world is pure white"), so an all rings run would look pretty much identical to a full platinum run without NG+.
  14. There's a system setting to choose whether the USB ports receive power in rest mode. Are you saying that the front A port ignores it and is never powered, or the other three ignore it and are always powered? Or is it both, and the setting just doesn't do anything?
  15. So the setting for whether the USB ports are powered in rest mode only applies to the rear ones? That's odd if true.