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  1. I'm not sure what you mean, it makes sense to me that illegitimate trophies would be removed from the leaderboards and legitimate would remain.
  2. You do need the online pass for a couple of trophies. Servers are still up but it looks like no one is playing, so you'd need to find a boosting partner. It seems like most used copies are selling for more than the digital version costs, and digital comes with the online pass, so I'd recommend going that route.
  3. I'm with Parker on this one, "might have cheated" isn't enough to justify a flag imo. There might be a little bit of wiggle room, but not much; if a user syncs an old game years later when they've synced other games on the same system in the meantime, it would be reasonable to at least have them prove that they own more than one of the system, or for relevant PS3 games, were subscribed to PS Now.
  4. #334 and 335: Lego Ninjago and Arcade Spirits. That's probably enough of a break from the 100 hour RPGs, so next up is Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

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    2. Xylobe


      @IntroPhenom I actually enjoyed it quite a bit! Some of the dialogue was pretty stilted, but the characters themselves were varied and well-rounded, and the humor in general landed a lot better than I'd have expected from an indie VN. If you enjoy the genre and aren't the type to froth at the mouth when you see a minority I would definitely recommend it.

    3. IntroPhenom


      @Xylobe  That was one darn good response.  'Froth at the mouth'...hilarious.  I would love to see more minorities in video games, and everywhere else, too, no worries.

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  5. I just wrapped up Arcade Spirits-- it's a bit meta, but surely a game about arcades counts as an arcade game, right? As for songs, there are lots of not-so-great ones this year, but also lots of great ones. I'd probably have an easier time picking a top 10 than top 1, but since I have to choose I'll go with Malta.
  6. #332 - Tales of Symphonia, 3 weeks and 4 playthroughs later. I definitely need to work on some shorter games after that one.

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    2. Xylobe


      Thanks everyone! @eigen-space I'll definitely be starting on Dawn of the New World at some point in the not-too-distant future, probably within the next week or two, but first my PS4 backlog needs a little bit of attention-- Mark of the Ninja has been calling my name since, like, December.

    3. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie



      I been playing Dawn of the New World myself :) I think you'll enjoy it when you get to it.  Tenebrae is the awesome.


      @eigen-space I think Monster Statues are my favorite thing ever in this game now.  The stat boosts are as awesome as Tenebrae being Tenebrae.  I've waaaaaay over leveled... This game is too much fun. xD 

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  7. "Use every element in a single battle." I had some difficulty trying to unlock this one and I wasn't able to find any useful advice online, so here are some helpful things I learned in case anyone in the future has the same trouble: The enemy needs to take damage from the attack. The dragon in the Earth Temple that I was using is immune to fire, so that won't work. Carnivorous Plants in Torent Forest take normal damage from every element and have the health to withstand all six spells. Only Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Lightning, and Ice are required. Genis learns the Light spell Prism Sword at a high level if he's S-type, and that's the only Light spell he learns, but it's not required for the title, so don't waste your time switching him from T to S like I did.
  8. Fastest for me was Titan Souls, I don't remember how much actual playtime it took me but in real time it was less than a day. It was definitely tough, but not nearly as much as I'd expected from what I'd played of it on PC. Easiest has got to be Styx: Master of Shadows, it's a fantastic stealth game with a 2-3/10 at worst trophy list thanks to its generous save system. The only reasons I can think of for its rarity are it being a PS+ game back in 2015 combined with stealth being a pretty niche genre.
  9. I've finally been going back through the PS3 backlog. Which should I tackle next: Nier or Tales of Symphonia?

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    2. DEsIx_KaerO


      Go for Symphonia :)

    3. Xylobe


      Thanks for the input everyone, seems like I'll be starting on Symphonia later this evening. From what I can tell it seems like its trophies involve more moving parts and micromanagement than the other Tales games I've played, but hopefully it's not too bad.

      Speaking of the other games, @eigen-space I wrapped up Graces earlier this week and that guide you wrote recently was a big help! Thanks a lot for making it!

    4. eigen-space


      @Xylobe, glad it was helpful!!

  10. As long as you're returning from quest and not abandoning, you'll still get the crown. I know I had plenty of false positives where the monster looked tiny or massive, but no crown-- Kushala was especially bad for me in that respect.
  11. Kulu-Ya-Ku and Jyuratodus are both in the High Rank event quest Wildspire Bolero. The tracker I posted in this thread should list all of the increased/guaranteed crown quests if you need help with any others.
  12. Recently I've been noticing a lot more impossible completion times at the top of the leaderboards, especially on Vita games. I can only manually flag so many, and only for certain (but strangely not all) games that I've personally played. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to implement, but I think it would be helpful to automatically flag game completions under a certain time for review-- say, under a minute. There are certain games for which those times are possible legitimately, like Sound Shapes or Sly 4 with cross-save, but those are relatively few and could in theory be whitelisted. Just as examples, Assassin's Creed III Liberation, Super Meat Boy, Terraria, and Titan Souls all currently have impossible sub-minute completions at the top of their leaderboards.
  13. The tracker is here. To use it, go to File -> Make a copy while signed in to your Google account. The tracker is based on one made by a reddit user (/u/greyf0xuk) that I liked the clean format of and found helpful when hunting crowns for the base game, so when it came time to start on Iceborne's crowns I decided to update it for the DLC. In addition to crowns, it also lists relevant event quests with increased or guaranteed crown odds, and has links to the wonderful size comparison videos made by @GamingWithAbyss1. Using it should be straightforward enough, but for reference here's what it might look like filled in (I can't get the image to embed properly). It can also still be used for base game trophies, of course, and the Iceborne toggle in the top left will grey out anything that's only required for the DLC. This is my first time doing anything like this in a spreadsheet, and even though I had an excellent base to work with I'm still pretty proud of what I was able to add. I should note it's not completely comprehensive; some monsters like Rathalos or Jyuratodus are in multiple crown event quests, and some like Great Jagras or Kulu-Ya-Ku have multiple quests with guaranteed crowns. For the sake of formatting I only included one example for each, so I tried to pick the easiest or most accessible option. Hopefully this can be of use to someone. If anyone finds missing or incorrect information, or any kind of formatting bugs, please let me know so I can fix it!
  14. The High Rank event quest "Tracking the Delivery" has 24 tempered elder dragon tracks to farm for investigations, and thanks to the quarantine it's live right now. The investigations you find will all be tempered of course, but if you have Master Rank gear that shouldn't make much difference.
  15. Probably doesn't need to be confirmed again at this point, but for posterity this list for Ballad of the Hoarfrost is correct. Also looks like all of the previous event quests have returned until May 7th, including the rest of the Iceborne crown quests. Not sure what the occasion is unless it's for quarantine.