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  1. That was the first thing I tried, as I wasn't sure at first if the trophies hadn't unlocked or just hadn't synced yet. No dice. On the bright side, I'm fairly confident at this point that the problem is avoidable if you close the game every few hours, and keep manual saves as backups just in case. Missed story trophies have to be gotten in NG+, but I imagine most other missed trophies should still be gettable after a quick restart (at least the 50 ranch harvests and 32 owls trophies were for me).
  2. I'm sure someone smarter than myself can figure out the irony
  3. In case anyone else stumbles across this thread, I've seen some confusion elsewhere online as to whether the P4D codes have already expired. I can confirm that they're still good, and there doesn't seem to be anything resembling an expiration date on the sheet, so I imagine they'll stay that way for some time (assuming you can get your hands on one that's unused, of course).
  4. Just realized the same thing happened to me, I missed 3 or 4 story trophies at this point. Restarting the game seems like it may fix it, at least going forward: the next time I tended to the ranch it popped the 50 harvests trophy, while my play records say I'm at 74.
  5. Gamers and taking the bait, name a more iconic duo.
  6. @Evil_Joker88 I just updated my list on page 3, I'm ready to become a Shihan! I had a good time hunting down games for those last few letters. It's been ages since I played many non-plat games. Olija is one in particular that caught my eye in a sale earlier in the year, but since that was before this thread was started I wrote it off due to the lack of plat. Shows what I know.
  7. Yes you can, but you'll need to play through 2 extra NG+ cycles to get the other two ending trophies.
  8. It's obviously not exactly what you're suggesting, but as far as organization tools are concerned, the PSNP+ extension allows you to create custom game lists. I use it to keep track of everything in my backlog across different systems, but it would work just as well for some of the situations you're describing. There's no way to share or see other's lists as far as I'm aware, but for personally keeping track of things it's a godsend.
  9. This is exactly the reason why Sony clarified that future games would have paid upgrade options going forward: even without a price difference, there's zero reason to buy the PS5 version of a game if you can pay the same price for the PS4 version and get the upgrade for free. Throw in the $70 next-gen price point that Sony wants to stick, and I'm very (pleasantly) surprised that they're going with the free upgrade on HFW.
  10. But how am I supposed to have a personality if I can't constantly berate other people's choice of video games?
  11. I couldn't find a way back into it, but I didn't know if that was only because I'd already gotten all of its figments. How sure are you that the one you're missing is in it?
  12. Sisyphus has his own unrelated prophecy and trophy-- Divided by Death is for Achilles and Patroclus.
  13. Just realized I wrote out an update yesterday but forgot to actually click post... 0 - The Gardens Between (8200) 1 - Timespinner [Vita] (8221) 2 - Persona 5 Royal [EU] (10572) 3 - Stardew Valley (5673) 4 - Control [PS5, NA] (12184) 5 - Hades [PS5] (13635) 6 - Manifold Garden [PS5] (12906) 7 - NieR Replicant (617) 8 - Scarlet Nexus [PS5] (13198) 9 - Phoenotopia: Awakening (13319) And that makes 10! I picked up Timespinner in the giant sale that started this week, and didn't even realize there was a Vita version, much less that it counted for the last number I needed. It's a very good metroidvania, not quite on the level of Phoenotopia, but the art and music were excellent. My main complaint is that despite being themed around time travel, the implementation is skin deep and underexplored. All in all, my list is quite different from what I set out with, but I'm quite happy with it regardless. Thanks for putting on such a fun event, and to everyone else who participated!
  14. 0 - The Gardens Between (8200) 1 - 2 - Persona 5 Royal [EU] (10572) 3 - Stardew Valley (5673) 4 - Control [PS5, NA] (12184) 5 - Hades [PS5] (13635) 6 - Manifold Garden [PS5] (12906) 7 - NieR Replicant (617) 8 - Scarlet Nexus [PS5] (13198) 9 - Phoenotopia: Awakening (13319) #5 complete! I thought I might need to pivot because I wasn't sure how long or difficult the Hades plat would be, but it turns out the answer to both is "not very." Honestly, despite the rave reviews, it's not my favorite Supergiant game - I think I burned myself out on roguelikes from playing too much Isaac - but I'd put it on par with Pyre, which is high praise in and of itself. 13 Sentinels has been rotting in my backlog for a bit, I may just do that if nothing else jumps out at me. Jonathan Strange is also on my reading list, I've heard nothing but great things!