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  1. Which extreme track is the best choice for the no-fault trophy?
  2. I got it after about 6 hours of attempts spread over a few days. I initially tried to cheese it using the Donkey method posted above, but gave up after a while, because I just couldn't do the last part with it, and even getting to it was too random. I ended up using Helium after trying all other bikes. It lets you recover from mistakes much easier. One tip I can provide that's not mentioned is that if you search for: "Loose" in Track Central, you'll see a few tracks people made that try to recreate Loose Screw but with checkpoints, and you can use R3 to toggle between checkpoints. The best one I found was called 'Loose Crew 2' (note different spelling, probably so it doesn't get removed). Here's my Gold medal run:
  3. Only saw it once in 100+ runs.
  4. The relevant trophy description states: > Get a Gold medal or better in all the career tracks from World Map, including R.A.C.E. league. 1. What do they mean by 'career tracks' and RACE league? So far I've been just getting gold medals for the Red Helmet tracks, and after finishing a bunch of Hard difficulty ones, there are no new ones appearing. I do have a bunch of Extreme Tracks that popped up, but without Red Helmet on them. 2. Do I need to get gold on the final race (the one you unlock after completing 9/9 local races?) 3. Do I need to get gold on DLC skill games?
  5. Maybe I'm getting old, but I had to turn off the music after the second track. Sounded like something they play to torture terrorists. Miss the soundtracks from the previous trials games.
  6. @KindaSabbath I see you went after Trials Fusion plat afterwards. Congrats, I believe that's the hardest one of the PS4 trials games. You may also want to check out Trials Of the Blood Dragon.
  7. I got it on the very first area, but I had one of those perks that made your god power increase when you were taking damage.
  8. I think that's pretty much it. Also you get a 15 Bloods for minor fate rewards for completing the game using each harsh condition at least once. Another 10 for completing the run using each weapon, and another 8 for completing the run using each mirror talents (including the green ones). So that's 33 right there you get for free. I never had to farm any of them.
  9. Make sure you upgrade your relationship with Nyx. A lot of my quests started progressing when I just started advancing relationships with other NPC's. I'm pretty sure Nyx is the one that triggered Meg's progress. But if that doesn't work, then just start incrementing relationship with other people, you'll need most of them.
  10. Rail for me. Why? I'm too lazy to continuously mash the SQUARE button, and that's the only weapon where you can just hold it down.
  11. So we all know what the pain in the ass can some of those trophies be, since you just need to do runs over and over. Is it possible to save right before the room, and then keep entering it after a reload to get the conversation you need?
  12. I played on Normal mode, and wish they let you change it in the middle of the game, because at one point it got annoying as f***. Story was alright if a bit predictable, but gameplay-wise this was a slog to get through.
  13. I didn't mind it at all. As others indicated, a lot of time it took me less time to beat the game on Expert, because I was already familiar with the boss. It also meant I had to get better at other aspects of the game, that I could blissfully ignore on lower difficulty (parrying and super attacks for example). In the end I the extra boss health didn't even feel that bad. It just meant I had to get more proficient at dodging, instead of relying solely on the 2 extra heart charm.
  14. I've just platted the game legit in about a week or so. My biggest tip is to properly remap your controls properly. The game is hard enough as it is, no reason to handicap yourself with the crappy default mapping. In addition to that I also muted music, and only left special effect sounds on. Also, I beat the whole game without using the Charge gun once. I tried for a while, but it was just too annoying to have to worry about aiming and dodging enemies at the same time. I can only do one thing well at a time. Ended opting for Chaser + Spread or Roundabout almost every time. On my Regular playthrough I had the toughest time with the Bee boss, so I expected that to be the case on Expert. From reading other posts I figured that the aerial maps were harder than the ground ones, so I decided to split my Expert mode in two parts. Beat all the ground bosses first, then beat all the plane bosses. I think of all the bosses I've spent the longest on the Devil. King Dice would be hardest, if it wasn't for the video I saw where the person just dashed through his wrists. That made it infinitely easier. The problem with King Dice is the fact that you need to consecutively parry multiple cards, and there's no way to practice it, without first spending a long time to even get to that section. By using the dash exploit, you no longer need to worry about it. I ended beating the Bee boss only after a couple attempts, I guess by the time I got to her I got good at the underlying mechanics. When it came to aerial bosses, I spent the most time on the very first one (Hilda). After that I got proficient with the air controls on expert and was able to breeze through the rest with relative ease. I did go into each map fully prepared though, by watching all the top video guides online first. So I knew what I needed to do, it was just a matter of executing it. The problem with the videos is that they always try to guide you on how to get an S-Ranks, which is not optimal if you just want to beat the damn map and don't care about parries/health/time. Dr Kahl's Robot turned out to be extremely easy, after I saw a video where you can simply destroy his antenna before he gets to fire off a single shot. The 2nd phase is a joke, and you just need to be on top of your game when it comes to dodging in the 3rd phase, I found that continuously moving helps a lot as it gives you an immediate visual feedback. It looked like Wally Warbles is the most popular choice when it comes to the hardest boss, but he went down in about two dozen attempts or so. Like with a lot of these, the key is getting the super powers to end the fight quickly. Here are the videos of my Expert plays in the order of difficulty 1. The Devil 1. Wally Warbles 1. Cala Maria 1. Dr Kahl's Robot 1. Rumor Honeybottoms 1. King Dice
  15. You use it by pressing the super arts button (default is 'circle'). You need to have 5 cards filled up on the bottom left to do it, if you have less than 5, you'll just use one up for a strong attack. You fill up cards by shooting at the enemies, or parrying the pink items. You also need to make sure you have the invincibility super art equipped (there are a total of 3 you can pick from: energy beam, invincibility, ghost). You unlock the super arts in the museum sections (there's one on each isle).