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  1. Just act 2. You can start with chapter select in act 2 and get it done. The fastest way is by farming teeth with the practice dummy in the wizard tower, then buying a crapload of foils (other than the few required cards you need to get on the map from NPC's.): You can tell which cards you're missing by looking at the book located next to the trader in the Wizard Tower.
  2. I've learned a few tricks from watching a couple videos here and there, but there doesn't seem to be any dedicates streamers that post daily videos. Are there any recommended youtube/twitch channels you guys can recommend with good content to watch to get better?
  3. I think you risk getting discouraged by the steep difficulty curve at that point and giving up on the game altogether. I personally find it easier to work on the trophies in the order of their difficulty, starting with easiest to hardest. This way you always have some goal to look forward to in relatively near future, rather than 1000 hours away. At the same time you're still gaining knowledge about the game, like enemy patterns, tempo changes etc.
  4. I remember getting a sun fragment by joining a random co-op game. And it did count towards the trophy.
  5. Did you try playing Offline (the option inside Returnal menu)? I remember finding my last pieces in 2nd biome after doing that.
  6. The RNG exploit is really what makes the challenge trophies a walk in the park. Combined with being able to re-roll sigils, you can completely break the game. I ended up getting the `backpack` icon for insects, and managed beating the all-skull challenge with a 5 power mantis, because I was too lazy to re-roll campfires. Just being able to get the items needed to clear a single bear was enough to punch through for the win each time. In fact it was far more annoying beating the game with some of those weak-ass decks without any challenges, since I had no Mantis God to fall back on, and had to build up a card from ground up (it usually end up being that Pup that transforms into a dobule striker).
  7. I figured I'd post this, since I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. Once you complete all the acts in the game, you can mop up the remaining trophies via chapter select by pressing on the main screen. You can tell which Act you need to play by the color of the trophy (orange = Act1, green = Act2, blue=Act3, red=Kaycee's Mod). Also none of the trophies span multiple acts.
  8. Yes, there are missable trophies, but there's chapter select after you complete the game, so it's not too bad.
  9. This is the first time I've used one, and so far I'm liking it. The directional buttons are obviously the most important part when it comes to Necrodancer, since the other buttons get very little use in comparison. So there aren't that many advantages over just using a keyboard, other than the convenience of wireless connection without having to use an adapter.
  10. I started playing the game for the first time last night. For a while I knew this would be the toughest game I'd ever attempt, so I figured if I'm going to spend the next couple of years going for 100%, might as well not handicap myself in the controller department. After being unable to buy a XIM adapter anywhere, I decided to build my own Crypt of the Necrodancer controller, that wouldn't need to rely on a 3rd party device. To that end, I ended up sacrificing my release white controller. It wasn't a big loss, as it was already falling apart, and I hated the white color. My approach was to simply 'remote' the buttons on the controller itself to the big buttons on a hitbox. The advantage of this solution is that to the PS5, it looks just like your original PS5 controller, so you can use it wirelessly, and don't have to worry about any latency introduced by 3rd party adapters. It will also work with any PS5 game. The disadvantage is that you obviously can no longer use the L/R sticks, L2/R2 triggers or the touchpad, but luckily those are not needed for the game. I also opted to use quick-connect terminals for the buttons, so I could easily remap the buttons without having to re-solder the wires each time, but turns out it wasn't really necessary as you can easily remap the buttons in the game itself. Maybe it will come in handy for another title. Required Parts: Hitbox Controller Enclosure (with or without buttons if you want to customize yours) PS5 Remapper (you just need the ribbon board, no paddles or other hardware needed) 24mm Arcade Push Buttons (if your enclosure didn't come with them) WASD keycaps (if your enclosure didn't come with them) Cherry MX Red Keyswitches (if your enclosure didn't come with them) Optional Parts Blank PCB Prototype Board Panel mount USB C Socket USB C to USB C Cable 1ft 2.8mm Female Spade Quick Connect Wire Power Cable Daisy Chain 2.8mm Wire Harness Nylon Spacer Standoff Kit PS5 Stickers for Button Box Useful Links: Gamepad Tester (online tool to help troubleshoot any issues) Online Tool to DS5 mapping: B0: B1: B2: B3: B4: B5: B6: B7: B8: SHARE B9: OPTIONS B10: B11: B12: B13: TOUCH-PAD A9 (-1.0): ⬆️ A9: (-0.42857): ➡️ A9: (0.14286): ⬇️ A9 (0.71429): ⬅️ DS5 PSB Scans (shows locations of L1/R1/TP vias) Fightsticks (pics of another build, with better way of soldering SHARE and OPTIONS cables (top inner side of corresponding push-buttons)) 1. Side View: 2. Initial disassembly: 3. DS5 motherboard with adapter cables soldered 4. Closeup of adapter board: 5. Final assembly:
  11. Here's the vid of me cheesing the boss with those dashes. You can see me practicing the jump right before the fight starts:
  12. I just hope the new additions don't make trophies any easier, for the sake of the people that put in the time and effort to earn them already.
  13. I can confirm the cheese still works on PS5 Remastered version in 2022. I enabled the 'Immortal' cheat, then proceeded to win all 4 battles in a row. Then selected Quit -> Quit to Main Menu, and the trophy popped. Thanks.
  14. If anyone needs codes for the beta, message me, I have a few left over.
  15. I 100% the story and was going after all the collectable trophies. At one point I was attacking a port and my ship got destroyed by a combination of enemy ships and the port canons. I was then respawned at that port harbor, which would immediately target my ship and destroy it within 5 seconds of me spawning there. This would cause me to desync and re-spawn in the same spot again. I essentially ended up in an infinite respawn loop. Exiting animus didn't do anything, because I already completed all the missions. Looking online I found some posts from years ago, saying you're pretty much screwed, and need to start the game over. I'm on PS5, playing the remastered version, BTW. In any case, I was lucky the game auto-uploaded the save from the night before, which meant I only lost an hour or so of progress by restoring it. I guess make sure you have auto-upload enabled, and make sure to backup your save every couple hours.