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  1. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure the tavern keeps selling any quality of alcohol, as long as it's placed on a basement rack.
  2. Yep, just verified all my upgrades from Easy NG+ carried over to Grounded NG+. A good thing too, as I'm finding virtually no supplements/parts.
  3. I'm doing permadeath on easiest difficulty NG+. Does that mean there is no way for me to keep all my upgrades I earned on NG+, for my Grounded+?
  4. Thanks for Graveyard Keeper tip too, I write you here to avoid OT in Curious Expedition's thread.

    I read the thread and was yet willing to avoid that part untill the very last trophy needed; but I have another doubt, maybe you can answer this too if you know... 😅



    Hope I'll not get any glitch, I love the game so far!

    1. Eternal21


      As the other person responded, don't use the reward scrolls.  I personally installed the DLC only after I finished the base game so it didn't affect me.  Another trophy that may seem glitched is the 3000 blue points one.  Buying blue point books from lighthouse guy screws up the count, so it doesn't actually pop after 3000.  You may want to avoid buying blue books, and simply make gravestones to earn blue points.  More details here:


  5. I see you're working on Graveyard Keeper. Make sure to read the following post, before attempting Stranger Sins DLC:
  6. If I were to speed run now: 19 platinum frames trophy (beating the game on hardest difficulty): ~2 hours per frame (due to all the reloads) = ~40 hours. Misc trophies: ~25 hours Fame trophy: ~4 hour grind Cash trophy: ~6 hour grind So about 75 hours. But for someone starting with no knowledge of the game, add another 25 hour or so, meaning 100+ hours total. As far as difficulty, the fact that you can restart the game at any time, to get back to previous auto-save, brings down the difficulty from impossible to easy. Something bad happens? Close the game, and start again until you get the outcome you want. It's very tedious, but easy. Same goes for all the luck based trophies (like finding special items etc.). Just get to the location where the item has the possibility to spawn, and then keep reloading until it happens (it may take up to half an hour to get lucky sometimes, but better that than predefined seeds).
  7. And after 6 weeks I've finally got it. The fastest way to grind for fame and funds is replaying the first expedition over and over on easiest difficulty.
  8. Finally wrapped up 19 wins on the highest difficulty trophy. Tips: 1. Beat the first map by saving on start, then revealing the whole map, then restarting from your save, so you know the route to take. 2. The route should always be: ship - village - shrines - pyramid - ship. 3. Getting through the first map is the hardest. After that keep reloading until you get a Tent from the shop. With the tent you no longer need to worry about ever buying food again, or sanity, because you can just spam camp as long as you are above 30% health, you won't get any negative side effects. 4. For the perks between maps, I keep reloading to get: Anthropology, Heavy Carrier, Gun Expert. 5. I always pick Dry Lands when available, and try to get one with a temple. 6. Keep reloading temples to get Inhuman Strength to get +2 carry slots. 7. After you get a tent, after the next map keep reloading to get a gun, preferably a rifle, as it does 14 dmg with 2 eyes. 8. Secrets explorers count towards the trophy, so you may want to give them a try. I used 9137. I skipped the explorer that can't upgrade humans, and that can't use weapons. 9. Artists are the best source of blue dice. I upgrade them to level 3 first to get massive fame boost. 10. If you save scum whenever something bad happens, you will have 3000 fame by the time you finish map 4, and can just skip map 5 & 6 (the highest I've ever seen AI score is 3150, most of the time they score below 3K). 11. Always mount your animal (with a square button), it lowers base sanity cost for each leg of the trip. 12. You don't need to win any of the expeditions, as long as you collect every single treasure on the map. At this point I'm at 70% fame and 50% funds trophy progress.
  9. Weird. All worked for me on the first try on the Achievement World.
  10. Yes, so far no glitched trophies, 2 really grindy ones, and 1 that takes a crapload of save scumming (winning the game on hardest difficulty with 19 different characters). It's probably going to be another month before I wrap it up. I would not recommend the game. I've had fun initially but the 3 trophies are just too grindy. Over 100 hours for a game like this is way too much. Should've been a quarter of that.
  11. I have just found all the items and obtained the 'A Collector of Sorts' trophy, so can confirm it's not glitched. I also see that the cash/fame trophies are extremely grindy. Despite playing for 30 hours or so, I'm only 20% done with those.
  12. Thanks. It's like getting a dent on a brand new car. Only the first one hurts. After that you don't care as much. Congrats on Trials Fusion Plat by the way. That one takes skill and dedication.
  13. Link your PS4 username with Xbox Live gamer tag, then PSN me your gamer tag, I'll invite you to a world where you can pop this trophy in a few seconds.
  14. PSN me your Xbox Live Gamer Tag.
  15. The creator updates it almost immediately, and it's ready by the time new trophies hit PS4, since we get our Minecraft version with the delay. For DLC 13 you want world version 1.16.0.