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  1. Not only you can avoid his 3rd phase, this video shows you how to avoid his 2nd phase as well. Worked for me on 2nd attempt. It makes use of ATB boosts including the ones from using Skill materia to unleash a dozen of level 3 Fire attacks to finish off Weiss during his first Stagger.
  2. Strange. They all popped fine for me. If you're running in custom game mode, make sure the trophies are still enabled. I noticed when I changed the cell count from 5 to nothing, for some reason some of the equipment got removed as well, and I was below 20 pieces required for trophies. Luckily I saw the red warning right before launching the game.
  3. I just beat him on 2nd try using this method. You end up staggering him, and finishing him off on the very first phase. The guide gives you step by step commands on what to do:
  4. The best video I've found so far is this one. The guy gives exact steps required for each battle:
  5. From what I remember the issue is with that particular DLC pack only.
  6. My guess is, it's corrupted save file, which is why the game crashes. You can test it by backing up the saves to USB, so you don't lose them, then wipe them off your Playstation (and off PS+ backup if you have one), then try to start the game.
  7. Did you just delete the game, or did you also make sure to delete saved data?
  8. God damn it. I wish they stopped adding new trophies. Just create a sequel or something. I'm sick of having to play this game over and over again. I was done with it 2 years ago.
  9. Just finished the story, and I don't think I'll be playing the next ones, after I wrap up trophies for this one and DLC. Never played the original, but wanted to (didn't own a PS1/2). I always loved the trailers for the FF games back then. Was really looking forward to the remake. The character design/animation and cut-scenes are a thing of beauty. Same with the music. The environments are kind of bland. Also there's a lot of elements/characters that just look out of place (the cowboy section for example). I kind of wish they just stuck to the main characters (Cloud/Aerith), instead of all this other nonsense. I'd rather get a shorter, more focused experience than pointless filler. The game itself gets repetitious fairly fast. Sometimes you think the fight is over, meanwhile you need to go through 5 more stages for it to actually end. I am not a fan of the battle system, I think I'd rather have it be just turn based style, instead of whatever this is. It wasn't explained very well and is very frustrating, since I'm still not sure when to block vs. roll.
  10. Thanks. Can I just finish the story on Normal, and then grind my levels and materia via chapter select, before jumping into Hard? In other words can you grind via Chapter Select?
  11. The reason I'm asking is specifically because the roadmap is unclear. It says it's 'recommended' to go after Discs and Outfits, but it's not stated what are the repercussions of not doing so on the first playthru. It also does not address my 2nd part of the question regarding carry-over.
  12. I'm on my first playthrough in chapter 15 on Normal. 1. Can I just finish the story without worrying about trophies, and then complete them via chapter select or something? 2. I know I will have to complete the game on Hard. Does anything carry over from Normal, or is it a brand new fresh start? Thanks. EDIT: Got the plat and 100% in DLC. To answer the above questions. Nothing is missable, and the worst that can happen is you having to replay a few chapters via chapter select. Also everything carries through at all times. The thread with boss videos on hard posted in one of the comments was very useful. When going for DLC bosses I also found another youtube channel, with even more detailed walkthroughs (literally specifying each button press and command to issue and at what time), so between the two it was mostly a walk in the park. Just make sure to fully upgrade your materia before attempting any of them:
  13. Usually you should just grab the barrel using the detached-head mode via L3 button.
  14. 1. It's a separate DLC you need to purchase. It's $19.99 if you have previous game and DLC. More info here. 2. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you do need Repentance for co-op to work. You can test by trying to press 'OPTIONS' button in starting room with 2nd controller. That's how you join the game. 3. You can play with only 2 players. It's still easier, when you get 2 boss items, instead of 1, and you can use this method to play with a strong character as Player 1 (like Azazel), and weak character (like The Lost) as Player 2, to get easy marks for them. You can also use your mobile device instead of a controller via remote play.
  15. Starting with Repentance you can join with up to 3 other players, that can also be local. After beating each boss, you get 1 item per player. I bought 4 PS5 controllers, so I was getting 4 items after each boss. On top of that you get completion marks for each character used by coop players, even if they die. Cuts down on difficulty (due to extra items), and time (since you get 4 completion marks per playthrough). I put more details about it in this thread.