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  1. So I'm stuck on this right now. My map says 100% complete, but the game save is only at exactly 99%. I've gotten all missables/trophies on this save, what am I missing? Is there a way for me to get that remaining 1% through DLC?
  2. With 500 item discovery it took me about 5 hours to get 30 of these suckers. I didn't bother restarting, I would just run a stopwatch to see how long between drops. The longest was 30 minutes. The shortest was 3 in a row. I was dual-wielding Crystal Rapiers for +100 drop, wearing Symbol of Avarice helm for another +100, and the +3 Golden Serpent Ring for another 125, Then a coin for +50, and about 40 in luck stat.
  3. I can confirm this method works as of March 2021 on a PS5. I played for over a week legit, and then the game would start crashing during saves. I got tired of continuously losing progress, and just wanted to be done with it. The vid explains exactly what you need to do for trophies to pop despite using dev console. Thanks for making it.
  4. I had fun with it for almost a week on a PS5, and it just crashed on me during a save. For some reason it didn't even roll me back to previous save, but the one before that costing me a day's worth of progress. It's a really shitty single-save system, and I don't blame people resorting to dev console exploits. If it happens to me again, I'll be doing it myself.
  5. I used the cheats because I didn't like the game. But they absolutely should disable trophies with these enabled.
  6. Thanks for confirming trophies pop with that on. Turned it on half-way through the game, after I fell down and had to replay a large potion, because of silly lack of checkpoints. I don't enjoy playing it, and just want to be done with it as fast as possible.
  7. I had the same dilemma this week. Initially I was considering picking a challenging/rare platinum, but in the end decided to go with one based on name and trophy image alone. Ended up picking "THE COMPLETIONIST" from some indie game. I can't recommend the game, because it was repetitive, grindy and kept crashing, but it was worth it for the 100th plat for the label alone.
  8. It was Chuck.
  9. It was an OK game but nowhere near the Trials Fusion quality. As mentioned before the tracks are much less intricate, and easier overall, and the major difficulty spikes come from grappling hook / walking levels because of crappy controls. That one ninja level (Clubbed To Death) was particularly punishing, as in order to A+ it you had to had a flawless run, and then get real lucky at the end, where you had very little control over not getting hit by molten lava, at the speed you're required to go. Took me a few days of attempts, and I must've died on that final stretch a 100 times, before finally getting lucky:
  10. It seems to happen a lot on really good runs, and I don't think there's a workaround. I'd say 3 out of 4 runs it will happen no matter what you do. Luckily the bug happens right after the checkpoint, so you don't lose much time if you immediately reset, just the 2000 penalty points. Here's a vid of me getting A+ with one fault due to getting stuck on the elevator:
  11. This is to get the AP points required to master all your classes (especially the monster one). It will net you about 1000 per battle, which has 3-4 Zotzits and only two monster enemies. Set everything to lowest difficulty, especially enemy scaling. 1. Save the game. 2. Go to Ancient Path > The Gauntlet patrol 3. If you see 3 or 4 Zotzits on the map, then you're good. 4. If you don't see Zotzits, back out to main manu, and click Contiue. 5. Go to Crossroads, use your Sorcerer to instantly take out all enemies (Lay Waste > Void) and complete the battle. 6. Go back to step #1. Basically 'The Gauntlet' has a rotation of different enemies, and if you don't get Zotzits, you need to complete another Patrol (sometimes a few times in a row), in order to get Zotzits again.
  12. I don't know how flagging a user works, but I hope it involves the accuser indicating specific timestamps that are not correct, and those should be made clear to the person being accused, so that they can defend themselves. There are over a 100 trophies in Zen Pinball, good luck figuring out which one is supposed to be the bad one. #Free_Disco
  13. Definitely a false positive flag. Discoking has written plenty of trophy guides for Zen Pinball on site. I wrote a bunch too, and know him from those days. The guy is legit, and even has videos of earning some of the hardest Zen trophies. Here's one of his guides:
  14. I actually didn't mind Binding of Isaac. At least one can see the appeal with the rouglelike runs and the fun combinations of items. But other than soundtrack, I found almost nothing enjoyable about Undertale.
  15. For years I've been hearing how great this game is on various gaming podcasts. I added it to my wishlist when it came to PS4, and then patiently waited until it went on sale. I'm glad I did, because I didn't enjoy it at all. The only saving grace is that once I realized the game is not for me it only took an hour to wrap up the remaining trophies, delete the game off the console, and call it a day. What the hell am I missing here?