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  1. I remember boosting for the platinum with some of the guys on here, back in 2013. Even back then we thought they would shut down servers any moment. Turns out they lasted another 6 years. Good times.
  2. I figured that after getting Genie, I'd be through the worst of it, but apparently there are a few even harder in later seasons. I'm doing them in order, and am currently stuck on 'Going Nuts'.
  3. It's a known bug:
  4. Thanks to ToAzalea for his help Here are detailed steps of how I got the 1000000% trophy: 1. Obviously complete everything on digital version. 2. As speculated, you don't need complete Bestiary (I was missing 3 entries). 3. Buy a physical version from your region, and put it in PS4. 4. You don't need to do any save transfers. When the game starts, it will look exactly as if you started your digital version (the opening image is different). 5. I opened the STATS > SECRETS page, to see what got unlocked automatically, just by starting the physical copy. The following 4 secrets were missing: 6. At that point, I started a playthrough on Normal difficulty, using Samson (my favorite character, as you get rewarded with DMG when taking damage). I grabbed two Angel Room keys so I can get to Mega Satan, and I also picked up a Dark Photograph to get to the Dark Room Chest via Shaol. 7. In Shaol, I didn't go for Mega Satan at first. I went to defeat The Lamb. When I did, the game asked me if I want to go for Victory Lap. I selected NO, and went to Mega Satan room. 8. After defeating Mega Satan, I completed the game, and skipped the cinematic. Both The Lamb, and Mega Satan secrets unlocked. 9. At this point I had one secret (besides the 1000000% secret left). It was the 500 coin one. It had me a little concerned, because my donation machine was at 570 coins at the time. 10. I started a Greed playthrough with Samson again (for some reason Greedier mode completely disappeared). I got through all the levels and killed Ultra Greed. At that point the donation machine dropped down (with 570 coins), and the 1000000% trophy unlocked. I did put 2 coins into the machine at the same time, so am not sure if it was necessary, of if the game would've unlocked the final secret anyway (from PSNProfiles comments, I assume it's wasn't necessary). So TLDR; steps are here: 1. Start physical version of the game. 2. Defeat The Lamb. 3. Defeat Mega Satan. 4. Defeat Ultra Greed.
  5. Thanks. So there is no need to transfer the saves - it just works? Also, why those two runs in particular, and have you been able to do it yourself?
  6. Question. I completed everything, except for that very last 1000000% secret that's not unlocking. I'm in the US playing the digital version. If I buy the physical release, and install it, will it automatically unlock the missing secret, and give me the trophy? Or will I have to beat the whole game again? Or worse yet, will I end up with duplicate list of trophies (one for digital and one for physical release?).
  7. Yep. Same here. I can play every other VR game for hours (including Danger Ball and VR Luge), but Scavengers Odyssey makes me want to puke within 5-10 minutes. I've seen other reports from people on this as well, so it'd definitely a problem with this particular game.
  8. Breaking news! 'Signal Studios' Developer Talks About Glitched 'Challenger Trophy' in Toy Soldiers.
  9. Even Hitler had enough of this crap:
  10. No. Regular kills count as well. The trophy popped for me, when I killed Slave, with a regular ship (not a Falcon).
  11. Yes, only non-hero battles count. This guide doesn't mention it, but does. I thought it glitched on me too, and was about to restore PS+ backup save.
  12. The only time it happened, that I know of, is in Helldivers. One trophy required all players to destroy alien homelands. It would take weeks to get this done, but the first time we did it, the trophy only popped for 100 people, and nobody else. A few weeks later, the dev released a patch, and awarded the trophy retroactively. But 9 out of 10 times, you'll have to do the work yourself again.
  13. And I can confirm that you don't always get the trophy after crashing your Falcon into Slave or the other way round. Did it twice with both ships, and still no trophy. From now on, I'll be trying to kill them legit.
  14. They didn't post today's winning lottery numbers yet on, and I got work tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep now. I'll post the winner tomorrow, and send them the PSN card numbers after I get back from work EDIT: Ok, they finally posted the numbers: So the number is 8. According to the rules I posted, that means I'm counting starting from the bottom (since the number is even). The 8th person from the bottom is FrenchDevil54, so he'll be getting the $20 prize (I'll PM you the code later on today). Thanks to everyone else for sending in the tickets. If the trophy ever gets patched, I will randomly award one year of PS+ to one of the people that helped, as promised. People can still submit tickets to be eligible for that prize.
  15. I don't care about the level/trophy count on my profile. I'm more interested in difficulty, and a lot of those games took me months to master and complete. Not to mention the grindy ones, like Warhawk/Uncharted. I'm sticking with this profile no matter what. You never know - Sony may start letting people delete trophies one day. But I still have hope for the dev to do the right thing here.