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  1. while its true that used games are killing the market i have no problems with it. altho its annoying when its missing the original box art. games arent like gasoline. you cant have the same price everywhere. most of the games i enjoy playing arent worth their price point new or used so i rent. as for digital/physical? i prefer digital but it'll be awhile before its the better choice. perhaps by the time the PS6 is out. as it is now the only advantages digital have are being able to change games without getting up and never having to worry about it being out of stock. with physical you can trade in games/accessories towards new ones, return it or if you really hated it you could break it in half. places like gamestop make it even better. like a while back they had a deal where you could trade in 5 games and get 20$ extra credit. it could have been really old games that combined would have gotten you 5 bucks and you'd still get 20 extra. so yeah physical is better and while i hope digital gets better i kinda hope it doesnt too. i worry about the future being so technology driven. you know its only a matter of time before skynet comes into existence.
  2. bomberman
  3. love yuki kaijura
  4. i look to keep track of trophies i still need. i dont mind seeing the descriptions or hidden trophies. mostly because it saves me from having to do multiple playthroughs. its the image that bothers me. it ruins the excitement knowing what the image is. the trophy list on ps3 is just inconvenient now that you have to sync any new trophys you have. especially when some game's trophies take forever to sync. but personal opinions aside whats the feasibility of adding the option?
  5. define old school? star wars jedi power battles was always fun. i dont know the games id like are kinda cartoony so modern graphics wouldnt change much. like digimon rumble arena.
  6. i think there should be an option to hide trophy images. this site is great as an alternative to the psn trophy list but sometimes seeing the images before you earn them ruins the experience. i know the same can be said of the opposite. anyways all the sites ive been to dont have this option. is it too difficult? if so can anyone explain why its too much trouble?(in laymans terms)
  7. overkill. like in dragon ball raging blast 2. id lose all my health and he'd keep shooting ki blasts so i didnt hit the ground and therefore match wasnt over. i mean i know i lost you dont have to be an ass about it.
  8. i got mine with naruto ultimate ninja storm and ninja gaiden sigma. i dont remember which i put in first but i definitely played storm more.
  9. Nights- NiGHTS into dreams...
  10. its really fun. i definitely enjoyed this plat the most.
  11. this is my grandson. hes been your rival since you were both babies. err...what was his name again? i win!
  12. did it really? thats awesome lol
  13. i recently rented the sly collection from gamefly. i played and platted the first game and loved it. it reminded me a bit of spyro. i started playing the second game...i dont like it much. its really repetitive and i hate how they changed it to episodes. it just doesnt seem as fun. i still plan to plat it though. although it'll be at a much slower rate than the first one. i was wondering if anyone else has a game like this and if so what is it? p.s. feel free to add me if you like
  14. kingdom hearts 3 -.-