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  1. Did the Platinum for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles not get me the Hashira emblem or do i need the PS5 version as well?
  2. I noticed i hadn't updated this recently got more plats. One Piece got 3 more Piece Demon Slayer slayer Dragon Ball got 2 ball
  3. One Piece: Odyssey
  4. I know i'm late on info but it took me 244 attempts.
  5. Yes, but I haven't played it too much recently. It still works as of May 2022. It's from 2011 320GB slim inFamous 2 bundle.
  6. Eternal Happiness from Little Misfortune with 136 achievers, but to be fair the game only has 293 owners. If i went with an actual rare trophy for the game itself it would be Rune Factory Master from Rune Factory Tides of Destiny which is 715 out of 11,528.
  7. World Seeker plat finished Piece
  8. Got somewhere between -2-0
  9. Bleach Soul Resurreccion I Will Transcend All 3.52%
  10. I have finished the Pirate Warriors 4 plat it doesn't change my place just an update Piece
  11. I created a second account after i turned 18 and couldn't change my account to a master account to buy games
  12. See how durable it is
  13. Waiting for games i'm interested in
  14. Either Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny or One Piece Pirate Warriors
  15. In 2018 i played 29 different games Top Games Monster Hunter World 243 hours Yakuza 0 132 hours Persona 5 86 hours Top Genre RPG 6 games 391 hours 2598 hours of Gameplay 2510 hours local 88 online Longest Gaming streak 16 hours Prime Gaming Hours Daytime Prime Gaming Day Saturday 375 Trophies 3 Platinums 11 Gold 58 Silver 303 Bronze
  16. I was already in the One Piece PP at spot 2 on Yonko i don't need to be spot 4 on Yonko as well thanks for putting me in the Naruto PP as well
  17. Can i join this i have One Piece Pirate Warriors 1, 2, and 3 Unlimited World Red Burning Blood Piece Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1, Generations, 3, and 4 Bleach Soul Resurreccion
  18. The first game i put in my ps3 was inFamous
  19. Can i join i've earned the platinums for the all 3 Pirate Warriors, Unlimited World Red, and Burning Blood
  20. Of the few i played Persona 5 by far
  21. These are the games i'm getting this year for certain Naruto Storm 4 One Piece Burning Blood Persona 5
  22. Kill la Kill Episode 12 Naruto Shippuden Episode 290
  23. How about Uncharted 3
  24. The unbeatable amount of 20
  25. Complete more of my games 55%-60%+ completion rate 20 plats 2500 trophies