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  1. CG Art gallery Manager CG's achievement 75%
  2. Survivor 50wins in SURVIVAL MODE 7th Sep 2014 12:50:14 PM 121 ACHIEVERS 1.41% ULTRA RARE I am quite pleased to have just earned this. But I think my thumb is about to start bleeding.
  3. Perfection Win by Perfect in STORY MODE
  4. Wahoo free PS3

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    2. amebapiko


      if it's a first gen fat.... all i can say is umm, goodluck!

    3. chanchibar
    4. itzzh3lixx


      Yeah... Have fun with the 1st gen, i have a 500gb and i have trouble with space on it so have fun with 60gb xD

  5. I enjoy trophies but don't care about completion. I'll hunt down the fun ones and just keep playing the game normally.
  6. Thanks I figured it out. Lots of fun!
  7. I am at the first trial. All I can do is select Melodious Voice and finish preparations. Once I am in the trial, it just keeps cycling through the same dialogue over and over. The only bullet I can use is Evidence of a Struggle. Shooting the bullet does nothing, and holding L does not do anything like it says it does in the instructions. What am I supposed to do?
  8. About $10/month for Legacy players (people who played back in patch 1.22 or earlier) or around $13/month for new players.
  9. I have learned that they are a distraction from productive and meaningful things.
  10. Lol this is so stupid. No one can log, in so they all rush the forums, forums can't handle the overload of people so they crash. No game, no forums. GG Awesome early access Square Enix!!
  11. Now I really wish I had a Ps3.. I would instantly unlock about half of those FF XIV trophies upon installing it.

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      your missing out...

    3. KingBaku


      Yeah missing out on error 90000 and some other bunch of errors -_-

    4. chanchibar


      I have it on PC. Been playing since 2010

  12. Lol 2 hours a day isn't enough to play games and get trophies?
  14. Casual Trophy Collector Basically I'll never plat any games that are hard or time consuming.
  15. 501 unearned. That's way more than I even have earned lol