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  1. I created five videos showing how to beat all the levels in the game. This will not automatically give you 100% but the remaining trophies are extremely easy and can be unlocked in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!
  2. My friend at got the platinum and prepared some video guides if you're having issues with the trophies. Enjoy!
  3. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stream tonight and I won't be available for the next few days so if you got the game I hope you'll manage without the walkthrough I started a separate thread for the one trophy that I think can be confusing so please have a look there if you're stuck getting that one. I might still do the walkthrough when I'm back next week.
  4. The majority of the trophies in the game are unlocked by playing through the chapters and solving the puzzles that the game throws at you. They aren't particularly difficult and there are a lot of hints if you listen to the extra conversations provided by the visions. However, The Grand Recital, can cause some trouble as it did to me and several other player who contacted me about the trophy already so here it goes Be warned, what comes below is a major story spoiler so don't look at it until you've played through the game. When you loop back to the tutorial section and make your way to the girls' bedroom you will again touch the wand and get access to the red ring. Note that the environment has changed this time and you can see the other characters whereas in the initial tutorial the world was dark and empty. That's an indication that you didn't really loop back and something else needs to be done here. The twist is that when you pick up the floating red ring you must not put it on your finger - this will really loop the game. Instead, put it on Julia's finger and unlock the true ending as well as The Grand Recital trophy and the Platinum.
  5. That's a very interesting analysis. I haven't played any of the From Software games but I wonder if their brand can pull people to PSVR. Astro Bot is a MUST HAVE - perfect choice I platinumed it a while ago and it's my second favorite PSVR game, Super Hot VR being the winner so far. Deracine doesn't take full advantage of PSVR the way those other two games do but there are instances in the game where it plays well with the technology. There is nothing intrinsic that would not work in non-VR setting, though.
  6. I haven't played the game but as far as I understand there aren't. There is chapter select. The videos listed here should guide you well enough to get the Platinum easily. If you want to play with Google translate head over to where the original guide was posted
  7. Actually the author of those videos mentioned that he was interested in such a run I can't promise when this will happen, though. Edit: I reminded him of this and he said it was unlikely to happen any time soon, if at all. He's busy with other projects already Sorry to get your hopes up.
  8. Well... me telling you this would surely spoil the game, wouldn't it? All I can say is that the marketing materials reflect very well what the game looks like and feels like.
  9. Not stupid at all Many games only support PSVR but don't require it. Deracine is a VR-only game.
  10. If you don't rush through the game and pay attention to all the extra story elements, I would say it's around 4 hours. That is if you know what to do with the one trophy that is a bit unclear. I will not tell what it is, when it happens and how it's unlocked because it's a major spoiler.
  11. All the trophies are story-related and except for one they just require you to move along the path of the game. I will most likely be streaming the entire game tomorrow and will post the VOD as a platinum walkthrough.
  12. Yes, you need two Move controllers for the game.
  13. Sorry for being late. I just got a reply from the author of the guide Glad you made it! For future reference, he told me that there were many more things to find that are required for the trophy but you need to invest your skill points into the ability that lets you see them. Then you need to investigate each area looking for an icon to appear in the corner of the screen - you can see that in the videos above.
  14. Hey, My friends ate prepared a trophy guide for the game ( It is in Polish so it might be a barrier for some but they also posted a few videos on YT so I hope they help you get the Platinum. John Raymond Legrasse is not included in the video because of random placement of items in the game and because it depends on how you assign your skill points.
  15. Hey, A friend of mine with whom we write trophy guides for a Polish website prepared a set of YouTube videos that outline how to get some of the trophies in this game. I haven't played it myself but he's a known quality so if you're looking for help head over to the playlist below