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  1. I created a video with all the crystals locations. I counted 76 in the video, which is one too many so there must be a duplicate there which I couldn't find The magic of glitched counters. It's divided into areas so it should be used as a help to find the last few remaining crystals rather than a walkthrough of the game.
  2. Turns out the game glitched on me and messed up the counters on the map. I restarted the game and everything went back to normal. I found the missing Crystal in 2 minutes...
  3. Some spoilers ahead! Read only if you completed the game or don't care! My patience is running out I've been trying to find one missing crystal that I need for the full upgrade trophy and the platinum. According to the counters on the map, there are still three (!) crystals hidden in the world: - 1 in the waterfall section - 1 in the giant deer section - 1 in the final section of the game where youcome back from the remote island I have the crystal radar upgrade but it still doesn't seem to show any of the missing ones. However, I did get a couple of 'extra' crystals - one on my way back from the remote island (the map says 1/0 crystals) and one in the central area (the map says 14/13). Is there a bug and the crystals are not where the map counters show them to be? Did I really stumble upon 'extra' crystals? Do the black obelisks have anything to do with it? In the three locations that I'm still supposed to find the crystals I can see the following floating structures (top right corner of the screenshot) Are there crystals hidden within them? Is this a good lead at all?
  4. I'm struuggling with finding the last collectible but I have all the other trophies. The one trophy that might be missable is My Enemy's Enemy but I don't want to go into details because of spoilers. I would advise getting this as soon as you encounter the bear. This is pretty early in the game. Then again, I'm not sure about Hide & Seek. I also got this one when I had the option to do so. I'm not sure if the other Fes will wait for you indefinitely. You'll know when to do this when you get there.
  5. Have you tried doing that? It's like saying that speedrunning is easy. Just look at world record speedruns and you'll see how they do it I have looked up the first stage on YouTube and I see what the person is doing but it's very hard to replicate. Believe me, I tried for hours.
  6. Playroom VR was easy and so was Job Simulator.
  7. Yeah, it's a shame. I messaged the devs on Twitter but they're in SF so probably still asleep or partying at E3 There are a few minor changes they could introduce to make it better but to keep the leaderboards fair, they could simply reduce the medal point requirements.
  8. I can see that very few people got the challenges trophies. I've been trying to do the first stage today but I find it barely possible to reach the one-medal threshold. In order to get the three medals you need scores at the level of Top10-20 of the leaderboards. It's very tough, bordering on unfair I understand that some trophies are supposed to rely on skill and golden trophies shouldn't be awarded for completing chapters but this... this is insane. It's a completely new peripheral (both the VR itself and the aim controller) and people need a lot of time to know how to use them. I've seen a few clips on YouTube showing how people do the huge scores and I tried recreating it but I just can't and it's not (only) because I suck Even though I know where the enemies spawn (I've played the first stage probably 20 times already) the multiplier goes down way too fast and the game doesn't reward accuracy and speed enough. People seem to trick the game by shooting the green balls out of the sky to maintain the multiplier and/or allowing the 'armored' spider spawn little spiders to have weak enemies to kill. This partially seems like a design flaw in that if I clear an area quickly, the multiplier goes down back to 1 before I reach another wave of enemies. It might sound like I'm whining but I'll let you give it a go and prove me that's the case
  9. Are you talking about the hashtag one? I haven't revisited the game since I published the videos but I doubt anything has changed. Glitched?
  10. I'm writing one for a Polish website and I plan to finish it by tomorrow. Once this is published I will try to translate it to English but I wouldn't expect it to be published here this week. It's possible someone else is working on one, though.
  11. That's exactly what the steam thing said and I did one of those in my first walkthrough. The placing of the trophy in the list indicates that it should unlock earlier and it got me confused. Thanks for clearing this up.
  12. I'm planning to write a guide for this game but I missef when I got the TMI trophy and I'm not replaying this game on another account. I just don't have 20 hours to spare Can anyone remind me when this trophy is unlocked? It must have been inside the Enclave as Zoe but I don't know which conversation did the trick. I read a description of the steam achievement TMI but it doesn't look like the same one and is unlocked later in the game. I just checked the timestamps of the trophies and my recorded gameplay and the Steam description makes sense. It's just that the trophy is not ordered chronologically in the list. Consider my question solved
  13. Not a problem. Good job!
  14. Understood. You're right. A walkthrough would be a different guide which we could link to the main trophy guide. I submitted it for review and we'll see what happens.
  15. I got the same routine during two separate playthroughs. Maybe I was just lucky. I didn't consider publishing it here but I see no problem doing this. I'm not sure if playstationtrophies has a policy against copying guides. If not, I might as well do it. I wanted to record a speedrun for my original website but I don't have access to my PS4 at the moment so if you do it it would be nice if you included it in the guide here on PSNP. I started a guide on PSNP and added you as a contributor. Let me know if you want to do the speedrun trophy or if I should just submit it for review