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  1. Put the video games aside n listen to something that is important. Give 35 mins of your time for the person that died for your chance to enter God's kingdom. Jesus!


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    2. ThePhantomWriter


      Here, here Ezio! I second that sentiment.

    3. redcar200


      I love that u posted to me thank you! From what I read you are a believer of God, you just don't know it yet. I'm gonna try to respond to your questions or ideas.

      "in my opinion religion is a relic from the past when people had many more unanswered questions about life than we had today, while at this point it's mainly ruining people's lives." Your someone right about religion. It was created by the devil to separate us from truth which is the word of God (bible). People of religion try to change what God says because it doesn't fit their belief. Which is definitely not God. By the way, I don't consider myself a religion, I try my best to live by what the bible says.

      I do accept your antitheism n I'm not trying to convert u but understand the consequence that will come from it. God will convert you to love Him not me.  I'm only the messenger. That is the part I'm trying to get people to understand. God says to hate the sin, not the sinner.

      "1) likely aren't that many truly religious people on here"

      God says what is the reward for man, if he talks to people who love Him already. My goal is to get people who don't know Him n that is why I post on this international site.

      "I doubt your status will reach many."

      I know it won't but God sees what I'm trying to do n that is great enough for me. 

      I read your comments n your beliefs now it's time for you to do the same for me. Please I beg you, watch my video n God bless you! 


    4. Stevieboy


      There are 2 subjects guaranteed to create arguments. Those are religion and politics. Neither should really be included on a gaming website. The video is still there for people to watch should they choose to, but I'll have to lock the status. Hope you understand.

  2. I would love for u to watch my lastest video. Remember God's not dead. I talk about No Man's Sky release, why people don't want to talk about God, James 4:14.

    Hope u enjoy n God bless u.


  3. I made a highlight video of my friends playing Rocket League. Here you go if anyone wants to see it. If any trophy hunters play rocket league send me a FR.


  4. Hopefully, a weekend out of the month. If u start up pvz:gw2 check ur mail n they give u the month's schedule with all the special events.
  5. I made a video discussing the plat. Hope u enjoy n if u do check out my other videos n subscribe.
  6. I just finished my akumu playthrough/video guide of The evil within of all the hardest parts.  It's broken up by parts. Part 1 has ch.1-6, part 2 has 7-10, so on. It has time stamps if your only looking for a certain spot.


  7. Pvz:gw2 is having boss hunt till Monday. Here is a video of how to defeat the saquash. 


  8. Sorry guys, I tried to listen but couldn't. My iPhone is not updated for soundcloud plus I couldn't listen browser.
  9. Hey guys, this is my video playthrough/guide of The Evil Within Akumu difficulty of the hardest sections. I have uploaded part 1 +2 which is chapter 1-10 so far.



  10. I'm starting a series were I discuss n show you trophy information of different games. So far I have 4 episodes which is 4 games so far. Let me know what you think. Here is the link:





    1. Desidian


      Dude, i was on board with everything you have going, the whole "plat it or skip it thing" that's cool, interesting, something i could see myself watching...THEN you peddle your REAL agenda:Religious Propaganda; i IMMEDIATELY clicked off the video. TO BE CLEAR: nothing against you personally, believe what you want , by all means, but don't use THAT platform as ANOTHER platform to peddle your propaganda dude, it's a slimy tactic, your cool all on your own, make SEPARATE religion based videos, don't lure people in with shade. Your a good dude, keep at it with the GAMING if that's what you want but not EVERYONE is gonna take kindly to your deception, it might not be out right deception, but it's kinda grimey if you think about it. Stay gaming bud.

    2. redcar200


      The video is what I say it is about. I do talk trophy information about the game but I have a deeper purpose on why I'm doing these types of videos. That's not my channel main agenda to talk about trophies. I feel if we have a personal relationship or see that we have a personal interest(trophies), you are more likely to listen to what I have to say about something that is more important than video games (God). Please I encourage you to at least give me 10 mins to listen to the whole video n don't shut me down just because you don't like something I said. If you feel like I tricked you, I'm sorry but if you listen to my other videos about God, you know why I talk about Him to gamers. God bless you!

  11. I created a video playthrough/guide of all the tough sections of The Evil Within Akumu difficulty. This is part 1 which contains ch. 1-6. Part 2 should be coming out next week.


  12. Check out my new video. Plat it or Skip it Ep. 4 The Evil Within. If you want to see why the game is a tough platinum, check out the video.


  13. I played the game on ps vita n had no problems with it. I played a lot of NFS games n thought this is one of the best ones. Never had any problems with any NFS game in terms of trophies now that I think about it. You want to hear a glitchy racing game don't play the The Crew pt1. I could never see my friends car in the game. I see his name above where the car is spawn but no car. So I'm riding around with a ghost.
  14. But...... Nobody has the plat to this game. Which means this is a grindfest! This is free to play? Is this similar to world of tank? Thanks for the info. I'll look into the gameplay.
  15. Check out my video. Plat it or Skip it Ep. 3 is Helldivers. Game is on sale for $7.99. Hope you enjoy.


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    2. Teslacron_Prime


      Line up? Anything non violent. No shooters. Adventure/exploration (stuff like windlands & journey, never alone, brothers), rythm games (miku, retro;grade, etc), puzzles, tabletop (magic, risk, civ). <shrug> suggestions?

    3. redcar200


      Games to help you out. Rime, LBP 3 has some killing you jump on the enemies head, peggle 2, n my favorite Rocket League. Hope this helps. 

    4. Teslacron_Prime


      Thanks man! Rime looks crazy good, can't believe I never heard of it. Like a journey and windlands squashed into one ball of awesome. Rocket league others suggested but I never watched the gameplay till now; and it looks great. Already own every LBP, Karting is perfect for casual settings (especially now that the MP is dead lol).