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  1. In my video, I talk about how I made a trading mistake in RL n the person had no remorse to give me my items. Thanks for watching n God bless you!


  2. Hey trophy hunters, its that time to redownload killing floor 2 for a five minute trophy. Here is my video showing where 10 collectibles are. Make sure to subscribe if i have helped you out. God bless!
  3. I was wondering this same question too. I'm quite enjoying this n got to ch. 3. Don't understand why this game get so much hate. ( you don't have to explain it to me) I'm happy with it.
  4. You couldn't give me a platinum for the game I loved when I was little. I rented the Super Nintendo one when I was little so many times. I beat it with a friend n was so happy. My wife n I were just talking about this the other day bc we both played it n missed the awesome turtle in the beginning. I showed my son the ps1 one or ps2 n it was awful. I felt so disappointed bc he didn't like it. Man this game brings back memories. Thank you for bringing it back but give me a platinum. Hopefully the game is 20 bucks but recommend those hardcore games to buy this game. Hopefully it doesn't come with cheats so people could beat it the right way. God bless you'll!
  5. Here is my video trophy guide minecraft dlc 10. Hope it helps.


  6. Hope it helps guys.
  7. I have a video guide for minecraft dlc 10 uploading. Should be ready around 2 hrs. Anyone want to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications of when it is uploaded. Here is the link n hope it helps. God bless you!


  8. Not sure if anyone here plays Rocket League n was wondering about getting the rocket pass. Watch my video for questions you might have about RP3 n challenges n to see if it is worth it for you. Thanks for watching and God bless you.


  9. Marvel Spider-man story resembles a lot of Jesus Christ. Plus do a lot of other films. Watch my latest God video were I talk about these things. Have a great day n do something for God today bc he paid a great deed for an opportunity for us to go to heaven. 


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    2. redcar200


      Your forgetting all the other Spider-Mans after him too. Funny joke. 

    3. Cobby


      Toby is Jesus Christ tier, the rest are like disciples tier. No one will beat Toby.

    4. redcar200


      Agree. I wanted a Spider-Man 4 to redeem themselves.

  10. I played the other day with no trouble but it was late at night. Luckily almost the whole platinum could be done solo.
  11. I learned my lesson with this game. Don't delete until servers go down. Good luck bc update was 12 GB so wonder what the game is by now.
  12. Video guide for money down the drain trophy has been added at the beginning. Hope it takes 5 mins to get for this 12 GB update.
  13. If anyone justed finished their veteran run of COD:MWR and need to clean up trophies. Watch this video to help with that. 


  14. FYI: Just want to inform you that I have a video trophy guide on COD:MWR. If anyone is interested. Link down below.  I discuss how to get all trophies, best way to get it, veteran mode n much more. I hope it helps you. 


  15. I made a video trophy guide for COD:MWR a while back if anyone is interested in it. I explain tips n the best way to tackle the platinum n show u how to get all the trophies. Hope it helps. It is also in 2 parts. God bless you!