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  1. I’ll try to get it updated to meet the requirements. Thanks for giving me a chance rather than shutting it down. It’s been a while since I’ve been on this website so I don’t know any of the changes.
  2. Here is a trophy guide for the game. All puzzles solved walkthrough. Check out all the other parts on my channel.
  3. Man I can’t believe this video is still getting some love. This was like 3 years ago. Happy you enjoyed it. Congratulations on entering the vita family. A lot of great games for it. Good times and thank you for watching it.
  4. Rocket League is free to play today! No PS plus required. Easy platinum trophy? Watch the video for my opinion.


    1. Xenoblast91


      Is still priced on the store. I hope that during the day becomes fully free. 

    2. redcar200


      I think it happens mid day. 

  5. I made a video with a Fall Guys Parody/ Review of the trophy list. If you need a good laugh or want to check out info on the trophies. Hope you enjoy!


    1. Sir_Bee


      Interesting video, but I have to disagree with the conclusion.  Still, entertaining to watch.

    2. redcar200


      Thank you for watching! Happy you enjoyed it. 

  6. Should you platinum Minecraft Dungeons or not? Find out in the video.


  7. Check out the video for help with trophy. I have more for this game if interested.
  8. Need help with A Friend in Need trophy Minecraft Dungeons. Check out the video.


  9. If your playing Minecraft Dungeons check out 6 things the game doesn’t tell you video.


  10. If you plan to go for the platinum in Star Wars Battlefront 2, please check out this video to see if you want to. Free ps plus game June 2020.


  11. If you need help getting Blast radius in Minecraft Dungeons check out vid.


  12. My thoughts on Covid-19. Must listen to better understand what is going on.


  13. Watch my video if your interested in going for the platinum in Bioshock. Hope you enjoy n God bless you!


  14. Giveaway result. Ty for all the support n God bless you!
  15. Last day for giveaway