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  1. This is my new series. Hopefully you enjoy!

  2. Check out my new series on youtube called Plat it or Skip it. Tell me what you think. 


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    2. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Hey just advice if you are doing game videos don't talk about 2 things, religion

      or politics


      those things are the most divisive things you could do to an audience. I like the others respect your religious views too I'm just saying that as advice :) 

    3. redcar200


      I understand people go in an up riot with religion. My main purpose of doing game videos is for people to like my gaming ideas n then maybe they'll listen to my point view about God. I don't plan on making it big because of the way people are. People hear about God n run away. I'm just trying to get people to think about God n make their own decision.

    4. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Ok :) just giving you advice I was always told. If that's how you want to do your channel, power to you friend!

  3. Thanks for posting. Let the grind begin.
  4. Just wait for the dlc to be free like the other battlefield games n that would help it out.
  5. It's a grind repetitive type. My opinion is if you are in for the platinum then I will encourage you to skip because of the grind at the end. The map is huge which requires you to take over many areas so it is time consuming. If your gonna play n don't care about trophies then play it for the story. I'll maybe get back to it one day. When I could bare the grind.
  6. Here is 20% code for psn that expires today. Let us know if you have used it.


    sorry so late was gonna buy something but decided don't really need it.

    1. Conker


      Code has been used, thx for it :) 

    2. redcar200


      Your welcome. You could dedicate the plat to me.

  7. I wish they made a real movie but I enjoyed yours.
  8. Yeah the 2 new dlc videos are right under the 1st post.
  9. That's funny. It's you Toogie. I believe we played Last of us multiplayer for a bit but I had already finished should get Rocket League for Ps4 when on sale. It's such a fun game with friends.
  10. Thanks for watching my videos. Killing Floor is a great game that you should put at the top of your list for games to play. It's a lot of fun. If your playing Rocket League you should shoot me a FR so we could play together sometime. Power core took me sometime to find does batteries. They were well hidden. On diesector I was worried about that too. Wave 8 pretty much open the map enough to get all the collectibles. They should have added a trophy to get to wave 25 on Hell on Earth or something like that. That would have been a tough one to get.
  11. I got another video Remember God's Not Dead Ep.7 on this "Holy" day. I talk about Easter and how its bad to celebrate it, Good Friday, when Jesus got crucified, thing, how God should be over everything. Hope you enjoy and God bless you.



  12. I wanted to add videos for the locations of the batteries on Power Core and the bobbleheads for DieSector for the 2 new dlc collectible trophies. Check out my video platinum guide if you just recently started the game. Check out my other videos about God.
  13. Hey guys, check out my rocket league highlight video. It features Christian music. All highlights are in ranked matches around platinum rank. If you like check out my YouTube channel redcar200.


  14. One of my favorite video games is borderlands 2. I love the humor, story n a lot of gameplay. Sorry about the other post. You are doing something nice n trying to give your hard earn money away to other gamers like you. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to win. I wish people were so passionate about other topics that are way more important than video games or trophies. Keep your head up n God bless you!
  15. I see those 400-500 hours grinds n it makes think of how many other games that could of been played. I complain about the Helldivers grind for kills. It's 10,000 kills n I put in more than 50 hours n I'm barely at 3,000. You pros probably laugh at me for complaining.