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  1. I can't say for 100% sure, it's been called Connected Careers, Connected Franchise and Online Franchise over the years. I'd say I'm 99% confident that Online Leagues is just another name for the existing feature - especially with its placement with other Franchise related trophies in the list.
  2. Online leagues have been in the game since Madden 13. It's just an option to have multiple users play the same franchise as you. So winning the super bowl in an online league can be purely single player, if you want. You'll need a boosting partner for the head to head trophy but it's only one game so no big deal. PS so happy that Full Set is gone.
  3. Bring the Paine could be tricky/annoying depending on how hard it is to get caught-behind wickets in the game.
  4. I believe you need to finish the level to have challenge XP count towards mastery.
  5. Doesn't look like there's anything too hard here. There are a couple of grindy ones like Swish and Flick (taking 1,500 wickets) which is 150 matches minimum and that's only if you dismiss the whole team every time.
  6. Probably the laziest trophy list for an annual sports game I've ever seen. They didn't even bother to change the names.
  7. France 1-0
  8. New Game+ confirmed to be coming in "a patch at a later date". Can't wait to dive back in. Absolutely loved GoW.
  9. Aussie Aussie Aussie
  10. Interesting. I just started the Jack the Ripper DLC last night and had the audio stutter in certain lines of dialogue. Nothing as bad as what you described, but I didn't have any issues with the main game.
  11. Fallout 3 (first Platinum) Madden NFL 25 (rarest Platinum) Driveclub Uncharted 2 L.A. Noire
  12. Of course, the one game where I actually have the season pass doesn't get trophies added for the DLC...🙃
  13. To customise a game type go to Cricket Academy in the main menu then Match Type Creator. I believe you can simulate in career mode. I was the captain of my team and accidentally didn't select myself to play and I was forced to simulate that game. There is a warning that says something like "Simulating may affect progress towards certain trophies on this save" or something along those lines. I was pretty stressed that I'd messed up and would have to start all over again but the trophy popped when I was selected for Australia. However you don't earn any XP at all when you simulate so you won't be able to grow your player (i'm unsure if your overall rating affects your ability to be selected - I was 53ovr when I was selected to the test team). Overall time to platinum is hard to estimate as I played it over a span of 2-3 months. Career mode took the longest, I believe I faced around 6000 balls (I played in a patient, realistic fashion dependent on the type of cricket I was playing at the time, strike rate of 70-80 in first class, 100 in list A and 150+ in T20) and I think a safe estimate is about 15 seconds per ball so that works out to 25 hours in career mode. You could speed this up by putting it on easy and smashing a 6 every ball. Then playing the Ashes and getting the trophies was probably at least another 10-15 hours on top of that. Then other trophy cleanup of a few hours would lead me to an estimate of 40-45 hours to platinum.
  14. All of those (other than New Cap) are really easy if you have 2 controllers. If not my suggestions should still work but you'll have to get lucky (just play on the easiest difficulty) Tough Nut - Make a custom game (unlimited overs) where the new ball is available after 1 over. Then after bowling 1 over, hit UP on the directional pad and it should bring up a menu where you can take the new ball (I can't remember exactly what button but it should be clear hopefully). Then you have to take a wicket that over. It's a Super Over - This is 1000% easier with 2 controllers. To get a super over you need to have tied scores at the end of a limited overs game. Basically it's cricket overtime where each team faces one over to decide the winner. What I did was make a custom game where each team had an innings of 1 over. Then I would use 2 controllers to make sure no runs are scored in either innings. That will make it a super over. Then in the super over I did the same again not letting them score any runs and the trophy popped. If you don't have 2 controllers I'd suggest the same setup but bat 2nd if you can. That way you'll know exactly how many runs you need to score to force a Super Over. Then you'll just have to bowl a maiden against the CPU in the Super Over. Win In One - this means you dismiss the other team 2 times while you only bat once. There is 2 ways of doing this. Start an Ashes Mode test match. If you bat first you need to set a very high total (800-900 or so) then you'll need to "enforce the follow-on". You're allowed to enforce the follow-on if the team batting second is still 200 or more runs behind the total. If you're still ahead by more than 200, after the last batsmen walk off the field it should give you the option to enforce the follow-on. Do this and then get them all out again before they reach your first innings total and you'll get this trophy. Alternately if you bat 2nd you'll need to take a large lead in the first innings, then get them out before they can catch your first innings lead. By the way, you can simulate during the innings and it won't affect this trophy. New Cap - This one takes the longest but it is heaps of fun. Basically start a career mode and chose to create a player. You can chose whatever role you'd like to play. Basically throughout your career you'll start at local club cricket and make your way though the ranks by getting offers to represent better teams. The pinnacle is to represent your country. Just keep performing well and it will come in time. It took me about 3 full seasons to be selected to the test team. You can see your selection status for each league by going to my player > selection status. I believe the hierarchy goes something like NO CHANCE > FAIR WAY OFF > GETTING ATTENTION > BEING CONSIDERED > EXPECTING SELECTION > FRINGE MEMBER (this is when you've been selected) > CORE MEMBER > CAPTAIN. I just had a thought, the process may be shorter if you do a career as a woman as I'm not sure if there are as many teams to go to in women's cricket. I have not tested this (I'm not even sure if you can do a career as a woman) but just throwing it out there. I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  15. I'm not aware of any guides at the moment but I do have the platinum. What trophies are you wanting to know more about? Maybe I can help.