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  1. It's kinda ugly but on the scale of things Sony are doing wrong right now I'd say its on the low end of things.
  2. Man thank Christ for psprices I didn't realize just how bad the web store was until I tried using it to check the latest sales. Only thumbnail images with no titles, no filtering or sorting options, no DLC listings on games' pages, it's like they don't even want you to spend money.
  3. If you want to get real technical about it the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy are in fact part of the same series, while the Pokémon games are obviously the most well known Mystery Dungeon games there's actually been several games based on Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy as well as original properties like Shiren the Wanderer though not all of them have been released outside Japan. The developers aren't always the same (Chunsoft was behind all the Pokémon ones as far as I know) the core gameplay seems to be very similar between them all so chances are if you liked Pokémon Mystery Dungeons its worth giving this one a shot.
  4. Anyone know if we should be concerned about their games being pulled from the store anytime soon? The last major company going bust I remember was THQ and most of their stuff was bought up by other publishers but I don't remember if anything got lost in the mix altogether. I guess this explains why they recently didn't renew their licensing agreements for poker night 2 when it was taken down.
  5. Seems like the sever has already been taken down the message "Sorry, the Hitman: Absolution Contracts server isn't available right now. Please try again later" is present when I try enter contracts mode. Looks like anyone who didn't get them by now is out of luck unless IO does manage to bring them back.
  6. Having played the beta and watched the first hour of the game I'm actually a lot more interested in it than I was when it was announced. I expected plot to be very minimal but there was a surprising amount of time spent in that first hour focused on setting a narrative with a lot of questions to with actual characters involved not just generic MSF grunts which was what I expected. I've also seen pictures floating around of all kinds of monster hunteresque creatures and giant cthulu kaijus that make me wonder why weren't they showing those off instead of the more generic zombies? I mean look at this I think would have been way more interested if they were showing this off: I know its super popular to hate on Konami and worship the ground that Kojima stands on which for the most part there's good justification for doing so but I'd implore people to try not be too much of a hardcore fanboy that completely dismisses the game and at least take a look because it seems like there could be some interesting stuff going on. It seems that a lot of people who have been working on the MGS franchise for a long time are still involved with this title and there's clearly way more effort put in than anyone actually thought so just like give it a bit of a chance you know Kojima wasn't a one man team. Always online is complete crap though I'll say that much hopefully that's something that can change in the future.
  7. Is there a new Predator film in the making or something? Because they've really been popping up in games the last few years first in a Call of Duty, then Mortal Kombat and now Wildlands seems someone's pushing Predator real hard, actually really makes me want a decent Predator game to come out.
  8. I was always hoping after heroes' paradise we might see NMH2 on PS3 but after so many years it seemed hopeless, now that the series is active again I hope maybe one day we can see the entire trilogy on PS4. And while we're at it lets get Killer7 on the PS2 classics list.
  9. I used to not care that much about this kind of thing thinking it's just there if you want it and it doesn't affect me if I don't want to use it but I've since come around to the fact that when there's microtransactions of any kind being implemented then the game mechanics will be balanced in such a way so as to encourage their purchase. GTA Online does this by releasing expensive in-game content that's technically free with their updates as they can be purchased with in-game currency but the rate of acquiring the money is balanced in such a way that it'll take you a huge amount of time to get it thus encouraging you to purchase shark cards instead, they even released more expensive shark cards a few months after release to accommodate the wealth of expensive content they were creating. Shadow of War's loot chests sell for both in-game currency and a premium currency that can be earned in "small amounts for certain milestones" or purchased with real money, undoubtedly the prices will set at such a rate that it comes down to either spending a lot of time to buy them yourself or spending real money. The drop rates for items you can get from loot chests will also likely be adjusted to be uncommon enough to push people toward buying. I haven't looked too much into Destiny 2 because I'm not that interested in it but based on what I've just read the loot box equivalent is called bright engrams and can either be purchased with a premium currency or earned through levelling up after level 20, the push for purchasing is that the contents include equipment mods that give all kinds of character bonuses thus those that purchase additional bright engrams have an advantage over those who don't. Basically what it comes down to with microtransactions is developers will balance their game to pit your time vs your money so even if it doesn't visibly affect your experience because you don't buy them it's still affecting you in a way because your game experience is adjusted to accommodate for them. I do not support this kind of business practice and certainly not in a full price AAA game, wait for price drops or even better buy second hand if you can because why pay day 1 prices for a game designed to push microtransactions at you? Sources on Shadow of War and Destiny 2:
  10. I did it in chapter 6 don't think I did anything specific to trigger it I was just using the trouble finder accessory you can buy with CP and saw there was a substory available at Mach Bowl.
  11. Real shame it was probably the last great game they made everything since has been okay at best in my view. Sadly understandable situation though like many others I didn't buy it at first because I wasn't very familiar with Borderlands and didn't pick it up until it went on sale some months later, it was the same situation with their Game of Thrones game for me but obviously that's a much bigger name for pushing sales but I didn't like that one so much where as I loved Tales from the Borderlands.
  12. I'd say all of the ways that they railroad the ending of season 2 into new frontier were pretty bad but all things considered character wise Kenny goes out like a goddamn hero in comparison to how Jane does. That said my ending to season 2 was Kenny leaving the kids at Wellington and walking off into the sunset like an even bigger hero, some say he's still out there growing that beard and smashing heads in with a crowbar. God bless you Kenny.
  13. What a bizarre situation that they're trying so hard to push this MP nobody really cared for. I mean if the season pass was selling poorly you'd think they'd just give it a permanent price cut to boost up the sales I don't see how move does anything but get them a handful of sales from hardcore trophies hunters looking to fill their 100% and piss off everyone who already gave them money.
  14. I've been wanting this for a long time but I can't help but feel slightly worried about it I feel like Telltale's quality had dropped a lot since back then and the followup seasons to The Walking Dead have made me very wary of their ability to create a satisfying sequel. That said I'd very much like for this to be real and for it to live up to the original.
  15. Not the Kazuma Kiryu I wanted but thats still a pretty cool pick.