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  1. I'd say all of the ways that they railroad the ending of season 2 into new frontier were pretty bad but all things considered character wise Kenny goes out like a goddamn hero in comparison to how Jane does. That said my ending to season 2 was Kenny leaving the kids at Wellington and walking off into the sunset like an even bigger hero, some say he's still out there growing that beard and smashing heads in with a crowbar. God bless you Kenny.
  2. What a bizarre situation that they're trying so hard to push this MP nobody really cared for. I mean if the season pass was selling poorly you'd think they'd just give it a permanent price cut to boost up the sales I don't see how move does anything but get them a handful of sales from hardcore trophies hunters looking to fill their 100% and piss off everyone who already gave them money.
  3. I've been wanting this for a long time but I can't help but feel slightly worried about it I feel like Telltale's quality had dropped a lot since back then and the followup seasons to The Walking Dead have made me very wary of their ability to create a satisfying sequel. That said I'd very much like for this to be real and for it to live up to the original.
  4. Not the Kazuma Kiryu I wanted but thats still a pretty cool pick.
  5. That's weird I was using it just a few hours earlier for the list of flashbacks.
  6. Panda and Chicken are definitely possible in the same playthrough I did it recently enough along with the majority of misc emblems.
  7. Ah I see thanks to both of you I'll get myself a copy in the next couple of days then seems Gamestop dropped the price ten euros for the occasion even their website mentions the transfer service being shut down.
  8. Quick question if anyone knows the answer to it. When the current-gen edition of GTA V was announced I remember reading there was some various exclusive content for singleplayer like new side missions and weapons which was for people who played on last-gen, is unlocking that extra content tied to transferring an online character between the platforms? Because if so so I'd kind of want to try pick up a copy for the sake of not being locked out of stuff down the line because of this service being shut down.
  9. Oddly enough on the EU (Or at least the Irish) store the unlock appears to still be there but I can't see the trial version available which the description states is required.
  10. That's a bit disappointing but can't say I didn't expect it, real shame considering Suda 51's games tend to be the kind of hidden gem you can discover far down the line but with an online only model sooner or later the game just flat out doesn't exist any more and nobody from that point on will ever get to enjoy it. I'll probably wait a little bit see how long it roughly takes people to complete the game and the trophies then put aside some time for it.
  11. Do you need to be online and connected to the game servers to play? Kind of thinking to the longterm of if I'll be able to finish it if like certain F2P games the servers get shut down suddenly.
  12. You could look into this strange game called Attacking Zegeta it has four trophies only one of which has ever been unlocked by only two people and pretty much everything surrounding the game including the developers is kind of an enigma you can check out a thread on its psnp game page if you wanna read more about the strangeness surrounding this seemingly impossible game.
  13. If I can't use the skittles to cast magic spells like in Darkened Skye I will be sorely disappointed.
  14. Ah that's alright then I misunderstood. Activision did right by putting out the DLC for MUA for free when it wasn't initially included so glad they're doing the same here.
  15. So if you buy it separate that means you'll need to pay for extra DLC? Has that been done with any other remasters yet? I don't want that to be a trend.