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  1. ok I don't get trophy for beating the game as well but trophies for 15 and 30 hours unlocked 🤔 hope it unlocks next time I finish it .
  2. just sync the whole trophy list and plat at once and u will be fine. the only problem with this trick is that u sync some of the trophies in ur alt account by accident and the rest of the list to ur main .the trick itself doesn't affect ur timestamp and is not glitchy.
  3. so trolls who prevent ppl from getting online trophies can get a life now . its like all other online honors and achievements ... will end by a click .
  4. yes and its 16 gb
  5. yes all battle games are always active specially this last one only problem is death from above trophy which is hard to get legit
  6. frotline mode is available now ...
  7. its not possible and not impossible . u need to do all stuff for any trophy in one server without disconnection and that is not easy . also that flag trophy in frontire become time limited and currently unobtainable till next week and then maybe become unobtainable for weeks or months again .
  8. no fix just marita map 😒
  9. another 500 mb update is out let see what happen ...
  10. no nothing fixed
  11. new update is out 2.5 gig
  12. no its free in na store too .
  13. just a heads up its free for two weeks in store and if you get it in this period you can keep it forever so pick it up if you want
  14. i just got this trophy and i can say u just need regular 10 runs in each world and no need to collect consoles and no need to hit speed run timer just complete it .
  15. if you want to unlock everything u need to play the game for 4528 hours or spend 2100 dollars 😶 . its why ppl hate ea and this game . ea open a new door of capitalism into gaming industry i hope next battlefields survive from this shit .