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  1. I am having the same issue. Farming Simulator 22. I unlocked two Trophys today and they are still not showing up. Ok I just looked at it and its correct. Dah Sorry.
  2. Call of Duty Black ops Cold War !!!!
  3. How do you light fires at camp near at lake in the Weirding Woods ???
  4. I am at 76 and Zero Pop !!! Up date as of 7-1-2020. 79 medals. For it to pop.
  5. Did NOT happen here for me !!!!!!! I had to buy it
  6. Why will my guy NOT look through his scope every time ??? What am I missing here ??????
  7. Anybody having an a problem with the game not Counting Gold Coins after the PS 4 system update today ?? 😭
  8. Thanks. After about 12hrs I did complete the tutorial.
  9. Whats it take to Complete the Tutorial ???
  10. Check your Satchel under Documents for the Hunting Request Poster. You might have looked it one on the billboard at one of the post offices. I got mine in Rhodes.
  11. Beer For My Horses. Down at The OLD Oak Tree In Texas. I Do NOT Like Crooks would Rather Be A US Marshal going after Bandits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dodge City KS.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I am 20 hrs in to my second play after 130 hrs before the Major Update which left a lot of my items obsolete.
  13. I ran Out of Carbon and can not buy any. Can not even refuel the Refiner. Any way around this ???
  14. What am I missing here ?? I own ALL rifles and not one is on my weapon wheel.