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  1. This is the problem, you shouldn't have a flag against you for someone else hacking your trophies. I recently went on Bo1 and didn't experience any hacked lobbies but that's not to say there isn't any.
  2. I know you said you didn't play Smite but Susano still gives me nightmares when he was initially released.
  3. PSN - Original Mouth from dead nation, great game. PSNP - Because Thief King.
  4. Im following the guide for the around we go trophy and ive come to a point where im stuck. The RPG in metropolis museum has to be bugged, the glass will not smash at all and ive followed the guide accurately. The video shows batman throwing the propeller from the plane and it smashes the glass open, ive done this so many times and the glass doesn't shatter. This game is so buggy. EDIT: The propeller doesnt seem to work anymore so i used solomon grundy and used the LEFT-X heavy combo and it smashed it. Then switched to my main controller and used the RPG as batman.
  5. No worries man easily done
  6. Dont think it does mate, ive just tried that and it shows first and latest achievers, not fastest achievers.
  7. We have fastest to 100% but this is a bit unfair when people get the platinum before the DLC comes out months later. Someone could have a world record platinum time but there 100% time is 4 odd months waiting for that DLC to drop. I have a 12 hour platinum time on the new cod, why would i ever want to go to 100% for it to change to X amount of months. Why is there no leaderboard for fastest platinum earners? It seems daft if you ask me and this topic has been brought up many times before with no actual answers.
  8. Look again, DLC trophies for Spec Ops
  9. Agreed. If they're going to add MP or Spec Ops trophies then they need adding as part of the DLC, not in the base game. Multiplayer and Co-operative trophies have always been hated, not sure why people are complaining. I guess people will never be happy and for people moaning that it's the easiest one, there will always be an easiest platinum in ANY series, we also don't know how hard the campaign will be yet. Golden path trophy sounds quite hard but we'll have to see.
  10. I reported him as the same guy was the first achiever for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires since 2015 and earned the trophy for completing the game before the one for completing the first mission, im not sure how he managed to stay on for so long. I also noticed he was fastest achiever for BADLAND and i believe the first player to get it? This forum post 9 months ago was dedicated to him, again not sure why he wasn't banned. As i said, i reported him and still not banned so i messaged the Cheater Removal Team explaining it and they promptly removed him. I'm not sure if the report button is working correctly or if people are too busy creating forum posts rather than actually reporting them...
  11. The Order 1886 Platinum
  12. The Order 1886 Platinum
  13. Bird Game. Honestly i know like 99% of people have platinumed it but the controls are absolutely awful and i got frustrated playing it. No doubt i could platinum it but just couldn't handle the controls. EDIT: Went back and platinumed it. I was using the wrong f'kin buttons, no wonder the controls felt horrible! I was using L2/R2 and not L1/R1.