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  1. I reported him as the same guy was the first achiever for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires since 2015 and earned the trophy for completing the game before the one for completing the first mission, im not sure how he managed to stay on for so long. I also noticed he was fastest achiever for BADLAND and i believe the first player to get it? This forum post 9 months ago was dedicated to him, again not sure why he wasn't banned. As i said, i reported him and still not banned so i messaged the Cheater Removal Team explaining it and they promptly removed him. I'm not sure if the report button is working correctly or if people are too busy creating forum posts rather than actually reporting them...
  2. The Order 1886 Platinum
  3. The Order 1886 Platinum
  4. Bird Game. Honestly i know like 99% of people have platinumed it but the controls are absolutely awful and i got frustrated playing it. No doubt i could platinum it but just couldn't handle the controls. EDIT: Went back and platinumed it. I was using the wrong f'kin buttons, no wonder the controls felt horrible! I was using L2/R2 and not L1/R1.