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  1. That's what I assumed, but got paranoid that I may not really understand the system. Thanks!
  2. I'm old and dense. I struggle to follow blogs, don't have a twitter/facebook/etc. so I'm asking for someone with more understanding to draw it in crayon for me 🙃 Once they publish games to these subscriptions, they are available in (assuming) perpetuity? I guess I'm asking this, unlike the traditionally "free" monthly games I used to always get with PSN+, I don't have to download these specific games to keep them on my list, correct? So using the new games for August as an example, I could not log into my Playstation for three months, and still sometime in December go download Trials of Mana for the first time?
  3. Way too tight when playing with others. Reasonable when playing solo with the Ranger class specifically. Double jump helps reduce the difficult aspects of the dungeon. That being said, I could be biased that there is plenty of time since we practiced so much with three people. We had no idea the time penalty we were getting hit with and we got very good at navigating the dungeon. By the time I was just going to keep practicing solo to get better, I was already incredibly well versed on with all the random rooms and knew exactly what to do.
  4. I mean Minecraft is a commercial success for a reason, I've played the game through twice on PS4 and PS3. I'd do it again on PS5 if they release a trophy list for it. that being said, I play these kinds of games with IRL friends/spouse so it makes it a lot more fun. Solo cleanup would feel a bit like a slog.
  5. If I was doing it all over again, just pick Ranger class to have at least slightly more fun. The double jump ability and distance attack make it the best of the characters. I had no fun playing the mage. Way too restricted on mana/spells.
  6. I played it at launch and there was a mobile app that allowed you to get gems/crystals for doing... something... I can't remember what it was. But basically using the app allowed you to knock down a lot of the tedious RNG aspect. I wonder if the mobile app is still available.
  7. Yeah, strangely after the somewhat dull nature of the main game, we actually enjoyed the timed dungeon the most. However, we beat our heads against a wall for like three play sessions. On a whim, I was like "I'm going to practice before we play next" and I one shot the final/longest dungeon with so much extra time. We were livid at how much easier it was solo.
  8. 100% It looks like you and I may share a strong affinity towards getting 100% lol. I agree that the main game is easier than the DLC. What we found though was the DLC was about 3x easier if it is done solo. They are way more unforgiving if you have multiple people running the timed dungeons.
  9. Yeah, I thought it be a lot more fun than it was. The world is just kind of dead and lifeless. Nothing really deep or complex about the item creation/crafting. I had a lot of hope when I saw trailers, but it did not really have a lot going for it.
  10. I really enjoyed the game, but I played it with two buddies, so it was mainly fun for the coop. It is a grind in some sense, but as long as you don't pick the FREAKING wizard as your main, then it won't be too bad lol. That guy is a glass cannon with no survivability. Just my opinion, but if you are playing alone, the grind will be much worse and the fun way down.
  11. Awesome, thanks for the fast reply. I keep seeing this game talked about/hyped, but know very little about it. Hard to beat "free" so I'm excited to give it a try.
  12. I'm assuming we just have to wait for the store to update? Somehow the store page says I have 8 friends who play this game... so either I'm missing something or the store was updated in other regions already.
  13. You are actually the second person I've seen say that. I didn't know it would be free for the higher PSN tiers. It actually makes me worried that the game might not be great... I hope they are just trying to bring people into the ecosystem.
  14. Fortnite - Hero of the Storm - 0.11% Sport's Champion - Living Legend - 0.53% Path of Exile - Completionist - 0.54% Playstation VR Worlds - Platinum Trophy - 0.62% Little Deviant - Trophyumphant - 0.63% This is a cool thing to check. I don't normally notice the rarity. I'm legit surprised by a couple of these.
  15. I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of this game and my apparently aging eyesight read "Color Slaver" and I thought, there might actually be something to this thread. Then I opened the thread and squinted. I'm only sad I have to put away my pitchforks and torches.