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  1. Dragon's Crown. I loved Odin Sphere, but haven't had the money to buy Dragon's Crown. Super jealous!
  2. This community is so cool! Unfortunately, I still don't have a copy of the game. It seems that the new version coming out has actually INCREASED the price of the original disc.... As soon as I can get one on sale, I promise to come back and help. Money is tight, but I'm trying to clean up all my physical media games so I can maybe just trade some stuff in and get it that way.
  3. Can you only download this now with the season pass? I don't see at as a stand alone DLC yet (US store).
  4. I loved FF9 as a kid and I really want to have this platinum. Probably a dumb question, but if I'm really good at rhythm games (Rock Band, Amplitude, Beat Saber, etc.), do I have a shot at this? I hear a lot of people talk about memorizing a beat and using sound as a guide, so I think I can do it, but I'm hoping someone else who is good at rhythm games can tell me if the skill transfer helped at all.
  5. You the man @HuntingFever I will look for your guide on .org before I update my thread there and really try to determine the best way to keep the taxi alive.
  6. Important Note (1:44 p.m. CST, USA on 8/22/2019):Hello Travelers! The mighty @FarSideOfSaturn has been crushing it while I've been away. Seriously, please show him a ton of love and support. It seems he has run into a bit of a snag though and some in the community are still needing a lift. I no longer own the game (had to sell it to fund the gaming habit lol), but will start trying to find a cheap copy. Unfortunately, all the stores seem to want at least $25, but I will check local Craigslist. I live in Missouri, so if anyone knows a cheap way to get the game let me know!!! iamthedotcom & FarSideOfSaturn Taxi ServiceHelping any weary Traveler quickly and easily get the two Galactic Center trophies (To Live Forever, Take a Deep Breath), as well as the base trophy (Reunion). What you will need:1) Permadeath Save2) About an hour's work following the tutorial. This should get your ship operational. 3) Hyperdrive Installed (no other materials required). 4) Send me a friend request. You will be added to a large message group. For tracking purposes, please exit the message group when I have helped you. 5) Headset is optional, but as long as you can hear me, I can walk you through it. Hours of Operation: TBD Central Standard Time, United States
  7. @FarSideOfSaturn So has anything changed in the process since I stopped last Christmas? I sold the game, but with the new release if I can find a cheap copy of the game, I could pick the mantle back up for awhile.
  8. Grew up with old school JRPGs where I felt compelled to have 100% save file so believe it or not, when I started collecting trophies, it actually allowed me to play more games. Going for 100% is just something that appeals to me. I have a pretty strict budget, so it helps to feel like I have gotten the most out of the game. However, DLC for five year old games is starting to takes it toll on my wallet.
  9. @Akrioz Awesome! Let me know. I have a map ready to go. I've done Chayula and can definitely help with that map. How many splinters do you need? I only have two but can start trying to trade for some. Uber Atziri is a different beast. I have done all content except for Uber Atziri and Hall of Grandmasters. I don't know why that mirror loving freak beats me every time. Granted I've only tried a couple times since it is so rare to get all four mortal fragments.
  10. Anyone good at clearing Hall of Grandmasters willing to help out? I am in Standard mode. My spectre's build is great for a lot of content and I would be happy to help with other maps, currency, trades, etc., but Hall of Grandmasters requires gear change that would screw me as it would require me to resummon my spectres using desecrate. I only have two maps left, and this is one of them. I can help run you through shaper, elder, or anything else you might need (I can't clear Uber Atziri yet, but I'm getting close). PSN = iamthedotcom, USA, CST Timezone.
  11. I only got to keep my unique map completion, so I will be starting from scratch as well. I will report back any funny business.
  12. That is incredibly cool of you. George or I will reach out. I need to write up something like a small end game guide and potentially start a taxi thread so we can generate a larger user base with this game. The more we can convince people that the game is grindy, but they will have help, the more people that we can trade with.
  13. Hey eGeorge! I think this is a good idea, and would like to throw out the idea of creating a group that could potentially act as helper for people in the end game grind. I'm not to your level yet, but I think it would be fun to recreate something similar to the No Man's Sky taxi service. I always enjoy helping others and this is one of those games that if anyone is done with the trophies and wants to donate their currency to helping others, I would be willing to run it for a few months. I don't know how large the community on this could potentially get, but I have linked my No Man's Sky taxi service just as some background on what I'm talking about. I ran the service for about eight months I think and once I have the platinum in this game could do something similar if I had some help. So anyone reading this who may be done with the game after they get their trophies, hit me or eGeorge if they want to donate to the cause.
  14. I literally lol'ed at the exchange.
  15. That is awesome for taking up the mantle @FarSideOfSaturn I sold the game or I would offer to give you all my resources Anyway, thanks for continuing to do this, even if it is only for a little while, it is incredibly cool of you. Happy New Year!!