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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I kind of forgot about the Disgaea series, and while I've heard of XCOM, I've never seen anything about it. I'll check out some gameplay on youtube. If it can scratch that FFT itch, I'm in!
  2. Looking for a recommendation. I absolutely love Final Fantasy Tactics. Love it. It literally tickles everyone of my fancies and I recently-ish played Fell Seal and it did a great job of scratching the same itch. Like a crackhead though, I'm looking for another fix. Anyone know of any games on PS4 that are similar (job class, grid system, fantasy world, etc.)? I'm also highly interested in any game like Azure Dreams (also PS1 game). Town building, monster collecting, and dating sim strangely enough lol. If any old-timers played the game and have ever run across something similar, I'm very interested.
  3. You know about that experiment with the tar drip? That is about the speed at which I'm able to back up save files to PSN.
  4. I'm going for two at the moment. Streets of Rage 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm also getting close to my 300th plat and I'm dragging my feet about what it should be... I want FF9, but I'm afraid of getting my ass kicked on the jump rope.
  5. A man of culture I see Seriously though, I know these kinds of threads always devolve into disagreements but even for the people who look down on those that play Rata games, should be allowed to have their opinion. I wish we didn't live in a world where we judged one another, but that doesn't mean there isn't legitimate points on both sides of the debate. I'm not trying to be an apologist for any side, company, etc. but if someone can create a perfect system that makes all sides valid points work while removing all the negatives from each side, I'll eat my hat. Be kind to one another, even while disagreeing.
  6. Preach. I've done some grinds, like hella long grinds (one of the first 25 people to platinum Fortnite) and there is something cathartic dinging a bunch of trophies after spending months going for a single trophy. I've been trophy hunting for 12 years. I used to be rank like 400 in the world but a combination of getting married and easy games quickly moved me down the ladder. I sometimes wish these kind of games didn't exist because they do really change the leaderboard, but I truly understand their appeal and will continue to partake every so often As someone else said earlier in the thread, it is also nice to use them to manipulate stats if you are going for certain trophy milestones. Happy hunting!
  7. Unless something has changed recently, I was able to platinum it with just the controller. Man I love this game.
  8. Yeah, I will definitely buy day one. It is us early adopters that subsidize you slow pokes
  9. Incredibly fair point. If loot boxes are here to stay, then there is nothing wrong with some oversight and transparency.
  10. Like pretty much everyone else, I would agree that this is gambling by almost all definitions. The bigger question is what is the role of personal responsibility? While the mechanics are meant to be addictive and they are known to prey on some individuals, a person can always choose not to engage.So by that cookie-cutter logic, developers should have the option to include the mechanics if they desire. I did the Fortnite grind and I bought probably $30-ish worth of V-bucks. I actually enjoyed opening the llamas and can truly see why it would be addicting. Is it kind of gross to include those mechanics? Yes. However, I'm realistic enough to know that until developers have a way to make money through another method, they will continue down the path of loot box and microtransactions. I wish there was an easy solution, but I know that it isn't all black-and-white.
  11. Missable trophies. Not something that will ever occur of course, but when I get a chance to play a game like the new God of War, where you can play it on one save file, no walkthrough and just do cleanup at the end... Literal heaven.
  12. Their track record is considered by most as impeccable. I'm glad they have a vision and are trying to communicate with their community. As someone who loved both the single player and Factions, I'm perfectly glad to wait for a fully-realized MP experience.
  13. I never played this back on PC, only the console games Dark Alliance. Are these games co-op on the PS4? Local or online?
  14. This most definitely works. Feels like magic compared to the nightmare hellscape that was trying to grind this out on PS3. Thanks to the brilliant mind that found this, and thank you very much to OP for sharing.
  15. Dragon's Crown. I loved Odin Sphere, but haven't had the money to buy Dragon's Crown. Super jealous!