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  1. Send me message on my ps3 account if you want, most of my ps3 friends are hardly ever online If your going to have ago at me for this thread dont bother, as i wont reply to any hate mail, have fun & keep gaming
  2. been banned again for 1 month what a joke sony are, this is the last staw ill just go get my xbox out & play that goodbye sony
  3. gta 5 will be game of year easliy, satins row will be fun aswell
  4. tied between fifa & gta cant choose so both
  5. only 11% female wow thats low :/
  6. yeah still dont know why i was banned
  7. thanks guys its only a 1 day ban still dont know what for
  8. i dont know why but my account been banned, any way i can get it unbanned?
  9. rainbow six vages 2 & santis row 2
  10. xbox one? fail what a dumb name lol
  11. new club in town - fifa 12, now im obssed with getting trophies lol
  12. i would but im bit shy
  13. Fuse (when it comes out) ha
  14. guns are illegal here so no, why would i want one anyway
  15. football (soccer) no other sport like it