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  1. 😞 Crap now have a trophy with MISSING time stamp in Ps3 Nier.My old Phat 80gb that I have since new got the virus,red light of death no start illness.

     Took it apart wasn't to dusty but heatsink compound was pretty dry & not much of it.Cleaned things & Heated up chips with heat gun to reflow solder thingy stuff/new compound.

    First couple starts I had to reset time before it would launch.

    Played the game for a while got a trophy but noticed time stamp missing for it I guess because I wasn't logged in online & didn't sync with psn time.Opened up again to replug battery properly.

    Got a couple trophies since with time stamps OK.Played for well over 3 hours yesterday runs much cooler & no hiccups.All is well now,Hope it last.🤔 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Sadly, no way to reverse it.

    2. electrifryer


      Yup,so they say.Live & learn & move on