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  1. Platinum NFS payback couple weeks ago,game is as mentioned by others here.Not one of the best NFS games but interesting if your into racing games.A few each of the speedruns,drift runs to achieve the three star rating were aggravating to get because of all the traffic spawning & wrecking on corners [delivery trucks/garbage trucks/bank trucks/all lanes blocked with vehicles] way too much traffic at any time no matter what road. Got lucky on some night runs & online free roam sometimes had less traffic. Two online ranked trophies are easy don't have to win just complete races. Not NFS but Grand Turismo 7 where are you ???
  2. Get ready for a long grind,now I see why there are so few Platinum/100% achievers Looking at nearly 2000 races Most just brush it off & carry on with something else,even with boosting buddies it's a long 250 online level for this trophy. Lost a couple boosters along the way but I enjoyed the cars/tuning & mostly those two last trophy dings. The multiplayer was pretty good,quiet at times but with a good assortment of racers/different regions/levels. Enjoyed it.
  3. Went trough the many attempts of the fiasco of the failed pre order.My grandaughter & husband said I could have theirs they had just acquired from Bestbuy.I could have it being that they now have a newborn baby & they would not have much gaming playtime for a while & still have a ps4 anyway.Lucked out thanks to them. Now have the ps5 with new Samsung 65inch Q90T tv & HW-Q950T/ ZC sound system. Non stop Entertainment.
  4. A bit of info from others & myself on this hard challenge that help me along the way. Gladiator 5 with Healing-Hoplite sword-Cereberusian cores.All maxed. Round 1 - spam for Chain Seize and use it. [Sometimes dark enemies appear makes it a bit tougher or you can restart] Round 2 - using Target smash eyes into the air spam for chain seize use once spam again and evade if need be while replenishing heath to try getting full bars Round 3 - When you get to the Cyclops in the 3rd wave make sure that you have a nice build up of Soul Energy from the eyeballs use the Talon of Tartarus Bow unload it into the Cyclops face. He'll stop moving and allow you to run in for a couple quick hits. You will also have a Chain Seize ready to use on those flying chicks, which fills your soul bar up half, and gets rid of them for a few seconds. This allows you to run away from the Cyclops, and wait for him to turn to you then you rinse and repeat with the bow. The flying chicks will not be bothering you a few seconds & you will almost always constantly be getting a Chain Seize to refill your bar and the Cyclops will not get close enough to bash you with his hammers.I some times had 9 minutes left on this level & ready to take on Round 4 & the Skeleton King with a fair amount of time left. Round 4 - Spam for Chain Seize and use Round 5 - I found that using harp & maul as suggested by some were too slow and always getting hit & wasting & loosing lots of the life & soul.Using hoplite sword & Cereberusian core was better for me & could get more hits in & get out of harms way faster.Use the skeletons for souls or Chain Seize if need be & try only attacking from behind the King's legs & sucking some of his Souls when he flashes blue.If done correctly he collapses you'll get a Sub Weapon Seize to kill him. If you take out his arms it is very likely he will rebuild himself and screw up your time. My controller took a beating,found all weapons now & finally acquired the Axe of Themis [yet to be maxed] will soon be on venture of S-rank all challenges.
  5. I'm 72 years young,not old 😉.Been gaming playstation stuff for the past 17 years after retiring.Gives my so called brain matter a good workout.Been a Psnprofiles member since a little while after it was started.Enjoy it very much informative & friendly [unless you are caught cheating then friendly not so much LOL.] Excellent Game guides & used the gaming sessions to get those hard to get trophies,love those dings. Managed to live long enough to try & get a Ps5 but unfortunatly no luck may have to live another couple years to get one.Ancient Gamer.
  6. Thanks for material list it will help many.Great game if it wasn't for the rare items dull long farming,as suggested by many setting to hard difficulty made a bit of difference & having high rank/upgraded weapon in second playthrough was no problem.Over 120 hrs playtime & yet have to do D ending & speedrun.Trying to get white moonflower without playing with clock time.Should have done more farming in first playthrough during certain quests or missions.
  7. As everyone says you can do the air spray/vacuuming/remove from enclosed space of ps4 or any of the easier stuff but if all else fails the problem 90% of the time it's the heat sensors are turning up fan to higher speed because chip is overheating on the motherboard. If you keep running it hot like this eventualy because of the constant high heat the board keeps warping & then you may get a bad solder connection & ps shuts down & you get the red light of death virus problem No Start. So If not under warranty before that happens get in there clean it out/remove old heatsinks paste usualy it's dried out & not enough of it [probably why it's overheating]. Lots of good vids out there on webernet,need a few small screwdrivers/torks ones/Rubbing alchool to clean parts. Not all ps4 are the same.How to take apart a ps4 vid -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVzWK3H3iN4,There is others for the full how too's. Get some good paste like mx4 or arctic silver first.Just take your time,take photos of each step,mark were & type of screws.Worst part is making sure all the small patch cables are in the tabs & wire plugs are in properly. It's only a machine,not life surgery try it yourself & maybe have fun with it.
  8. 😞 Crap now have a trophy with MISSING time stamp in Ps3 Nier.My old Phat 80gb that I have since new got the virus,red light of death no start illness.

     Took it apart wasn't to dusty but heatsink compound was pretty dry & not much of it.Cleaned things & Heated up chips with heat gun to reflow solder thingy stuff/new compound.

    First couple starts I had to reset time before it would launch.

    Played the game for a while got a trophy but noticed time stamp missing for it I guess because I wasn't logged in online & didn't sync with psn time.Opened up again to replug battery properly.

    Got a couple trophies since with time stamps OK.Played for well over 3 hours yesterday runs much cooler & no hiccups.All is well now,Hope it last.🤔 

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  9. Thanks taste in games hasn't changed much,still a hack & slash shootem up kind of guy.Not much into platform games.Deadspace one of favorite series,really liked the motorstorm series because of playing with my two youngest grandsons especially appocalypse & getting together Saturday nights online for some racing fun.
  10. Hellooo,I'm probably one of the ancient gamers here at 72 suppost to be golden years.Gaming since retired 15 years now.Got the gaming itch after trying to help my wife with her Nintendo 64-Zelda.She started playing with the Grandkids,she had the cube & switch also,she was a dedicated get everything to the last end of games like all the Zelda,Mario & others.A Nintendo gamer,she never gave up.My first ps3 game was Wolverine,my list of games/trophies would be much longer but I screwed that up earlier when I had issues with ps3/acct. & lost all & started over.Before I knew of game saves & backup to the backups.I really enjoy the gaming/trophy & gaming community.Santa hurry up & bring me my PS 5 I'm sure I was a good boy.😈
  11. I do get the urge for the ps4 but for now I did set a goal to get as many ps3 platinum as my age.Currently at 51 needing 19 more to complete,you can do the math.Not easy to achieve playing hack & slash/shooter games like GOW ascension,Mirrors edge,FC 2 so on.Many games not yet tried sitting on the shelf saying pick me/pick me for your next game.I will have to extend the time into next year for sure. Many of these ps3 games have great graphics & game play the ps4 must be awesome. Maybe the Ps5 will be out by then.
  12. Hope for a miracle,better yet you may have to talk to the devil & give away your soul to make the diamonds reset. I tried all possible glitches mentioned,did not reset for me,had to play all 1000 matches x 1500 xp =1,500,0000. My Stats show a bit over 200 hrs play time but real time is 250+ hrs/set up matches/change host average 15 min./ match. Oh and you get about ten extra diamonds for doing this which is absolute garbage that nothing can be done with,what a broken online trophy list,so little xp/kills/xp match limit/3 match limits.Devs should be found & tortured to no end for doing this. Hope other online farcry games are not like this.No fun just a grind. I have an excuse for going through with all these matches I'm old & senile. Your trophy profile is awesome,you can do this one.Once a plat chaser always a plat chaser. Online suggestion for can't login to server---As for the constant trying to login to server issue I found that if you turn off psn autologin & wait till you get into the games main menu & select multiplayer then when can't login comes up enable psn online from xmb & select mp again.If no luck,turn off psn login & retry mp & login xmb again.I had better results this way.Especially self boosting/3 consoles.
  13. One of the few multiplayer I enjoyed to play.Easy enough trophies to get,good variety of challenges.Collecting cards/weekly challenges.Multiplayer was great except when you get in matches with clans that just wanted to wreck you,could still rank up in private matches.A game the family can play together. I played online with my 2 grandsons many a Saturday night which was most enjoyable.It was fun with headsets & chatter between us. They told their grandmother I wasn't very good because I didn't win too many races. Another one bites the dust,R.I.P.
  14. From an old gamer to an old member Hi.Having fun is the name of the game.
  15. Does the same here crashes on both accts/2 ps3's.Oh well onto call of duty
  16. Try,if you want alphabetical order you can select that,go to your profile page. Hit the drop down box in upper right hand corner & select settings under general settings pick the order you want.
  17. To get percentage instead of last played go to general settings & select default trophy order "percent". It keeps your preference.
  18. Nice,more detailed & easier to follow progress info than in game stats.Thanks.🎱
  19. Spllt Second----Beat The Team II: The Revenge Beat 1 minute 18 seconds on Power Plant in Detonator For me this trophy was frustrating with all the many/hundreds of attempts with many 10/15 secs short of needed time. Gotta love those dings when finally get it right,another trophy to polish.
  20. Yes it was kind of nice & organized when selected with completions 100%/plats on down list & not scattered everywhere.
  21. Excellent Carrier13,now online stuff is out of way.
  22. Hello,when you get a moment can you add me on the proper list.I now have Plats for GoW/GoW 2/GoW 3/GoW Origins/GoW Sparta. Need some time to recover from all the deaths before attempting Ascension. And thanks much for your time/work for this extra perk/mention of achievements in this awesome series.
  23. Just recently achieved platinum in God of War,GoW 2,GoW ghost of Sparta. Did plat GoW 3 a year or so ago. For me the hard modes/challenges were insane battles but the Hardest was GoW because of the 10 brutal challenges that had to be achieved in one sitting & could not quit/save any progress,start all over if not completed. Would have cost millions $ if I would have had to pay for funeral cost for all the times I died.Had to change strategies /game play. Playing GoW chains hard now,a bit easier so far.Enjoying the GoW series.
  24. The rivals xp thingy from grid2 is tied in with the weekly challenges in grid autosport & not the private or online multiplayer races with friends.I'm having a seniors moment (memory a little foggy) & pretty sure that's how it's done. edit:I stand to be corrected rivals xp in public races,checked other gaming sites & one gamer stated:It works.Let host setup public match & other find/join.Hope no one else joins. With all the correct race settings they got 3500xp with rival & 2500 without but it did not always get it..
  25. I did this with both online friends & second Ps3 acct.Works very well with two Ps3's to boost this 250 online level.It's difficult to keep a boosting partner most just get board with it. After private game has been created/5 event/oval track/Xp standings(to be first at start line) just rubber band the R2 button on controller of second ps3,if you dont the game will just kick second out of race after no activity. Second goes along for the ride,after you upgraded maxed out/tuned your prefered car you can turn off all assists,aids.Force incar cam. You get nearly every win,maxed points/one to watch,the other just wrecks or times out. Host has control,restart after 5th event & race as long as you want,hardest part is to keep from falling asleep after so many repetitions.Drive safe.