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  1. I would take LIttleBigPlanet if I could. Started it years ago but as far as I know it's unobtainable now.
  2. Gotta go with MAG. Was so excited for that game but it "died" before I was able to get it 😂
  3. My 50 rarest consists of 18 games. Mirror's Edge - 9 NBA 2K20 - 7 NBA 2K16 - 4 Star Wars Racer Revenge - 3 CoD Black Ops 2 - 3 Star Wars Battlefront - 3 Goldeneye Reloaded - 3 Velocity 2X - 3 SingStar - 2 Tour de France 2014 - 2 FIFA 14 - 2 FIFA 15 - 2 NBA 2K19 - 2 NBA 2K17 - 1 NBA Live 18 - 1 FIFA 19 - 1 WC 2014 Brazil - 1 Hohokum - 1
  4. Final Fantasy VIII. One of my all time favourite games. A lot of great memories playing that game way back on the old PS1. Would be great to have the platinum.
  5. Thief. I started playing it back in 2014 but stopped for some reason. Never gone back to it, but I really want that platinum.
  6. It's kind of a random avatar so I'm gonna say all kinds of different games. I'm guessing you enjoy a random indie game from time to time.
  7. I'll go with Battlefield V here. I really want that plat but the trophy for destroying five gun nests with a plane is stopping me from getting it. The grind is just too much.
  8. Black Ops 3. I'm working on the campaign on veteran now and those warlords are driving me insane. Don't even wanna think about doing it on realistic.
  9. Tomb Raider for PS3 at 5.02%.
  10. Final Fantasy VIII. Absolutely love that game. So many great memories playing it on the old PS1.
  11. Overwatch
  12. Finally got the trophy with a time of 18.30 seconds, and I don't really feel like trying to get a better time. That was way too frustrating 😅 I got 20.25 last night and after that I got a long run of 23-26 seconds so I got really frustrated. But got it after 15 minutes today. So the moral of that short story is to just take a break when the frustration gets to you.
  13. The only requirement should be the level. You have to be level 5 to use a level 5 weapon and so on.