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  1. You should try accessing your download list on account manager. It's way faster than loading the app and accessing download list on it. If account manager works, you can use the website on a PC or Mac, or PS App on your phone to make purchases.
  2. HI,could you please help me to get online trophies for MAGIC: THE GATHERING - DUELS OF THE PLANESWALKERS?


    I have send add friend message on PSN to you.

  3. There's a conversation that's not shown in one of the collectible videos. It's the first conversation at the beginning of chapter 10. It's conversation #32. It's shown at "1 hour 15 min 43 second" mark in 360Gametv's video. It's missing in iFreeMz's video. Here's a link to 360Gametv's video:
  4. Not a lot to choose from, but I highly recommend doing FIFA 18, but I guess the servers have been shut down. I got the same bad luck with NBA 2K12. P.S. For the next person, please only suggest a game that is already on my trophy list.
  5. no 2000 friend limit yet thats all i wanted.. c'mon i want it quickly for PS3 & VITA (It'll be default 2000 for PS4) i'm tired of deleting great friends
  6. I think it's just like Xbox 360 1 game can be played at the same time & with all ppl logged in (like split-screen racing game example) not 4 games but yeah if more games will get log in option (on PS3 i only know LBPs Motorstorm Apocalypse, Uncharted 3, and BO2 and hopefully we won't be forced to pay for music unlimited i want custom music just like on PS Vita
  7. reason it needs confirmation of your region & it'll with the update i think... if you download patch from EU PS4 (download patch on US PS Site) it will think it's US PS4 so i think this is maybe it
  8. no if Sony would set it to only 1 delete per month (game 1% to 100%) with password & security question required & could be deleted unlimited number of 0% games & if PS+ was required they could get lot trophy hunters that are hunting 100% profile but has impossible games (sports with closed servers etc) to buy PS+
  9. i dont have PC I have iMac 1000GB HDD and im not sure which iOS maybe iOS 6 im not sure about other details
  10. only bad things with vita that cant be fixed via system update or with current model are 520p nah 720p was been great 2GB or 4GB of RAM was been great and battery life is usually 3 hours and downloading it again takes over 2 hrs 9hrs of battery life was been great otherwise im fine with my vita i use my PS Vita everyday for mostly YouTube and web browsing i dont own tablet and vita is great for YouTube and internet browsing... still internet browser could get few fixes
  11. titanic
  12. I have 60 GB since Q1 2008 or end of 2007 I never remember i haven't upgraded so it's pain in ass delete something
  13. If I'm right it will be on card (kinda disc) with DLC installed so taking like 5-100 MB & Trophies are out already: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/the-walking-dead/trophies/
  14. and if codes doesn't work 3 reasons 1st Different region 2nd You have been or you are PS+ user 3rd someone has used the code already
  15. what power brick exactly means?