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  1. I remember playing the game for 40 hours after I got it for Christmas in 2010. I really liked the game, but I haven't played many games like it since. Do you guys have any suggestions on similar games to play?
  2. Did you have to contact Sony? Was the issue fixed for everyone or for you only?
  3. I had tried the game in 2017. It seemed okay. I never got back to it, though. Today, after updating the game, I logged in and got some bonuses. Along with the bonuses, I got the Master Collector trophy. I was dumbfounded. I had played the game for less than 2 hours in 2017, and all of a sudden a got a trophy for just logging in. What added to my bewilderment is the fact that the guide states it takes 70 hours to unlock this trophy.
  4. A friend of mine who's PSN is also UK has the same problem. He contacted Sony about it maybe 5 months ago. It was never resolved. It went back and fourth. He was finally able to download DLC 1, 3 & 4 but never 2. His system crashed as well. Try contacting PSN support and provide proof that you can't access the content. Trust me they're idiots and won't believe you at first. PUT ALL EVIDENCE on the first post. You don't wanna spend 2-3 weeks waiting for them to respond for a little clarification. Take pictures of your download list, PS Store page, services list etc and film a video trying to download the DLC. If you're lucky, they'll cancel the purchase and you'll be able to buy the packs again. However, it might glitch again. P.S. Pack 4 is not required for trophies.
  5. How do you guys stick with a single game? I've got 5 plats this year, but in addition to getting them, I've started a bunch of new games. I find it hard to stick with a single game. I also tend to get bored after an hour of playing. I used to be able to play for hours on end but not anymore. I know there's so many great games I want to play, but it's hard for me to dedicate myself to playing one. For instance, I've started Control, Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War, Rime, Sackboy: A Big Adventure & Ratchet & Clank. I've also been playing a lot of MGS on my alt account on PS3.
  6. It's a great game. Check it out!
  7. inFAMOUS 2 & Festival of Blood servers have had problems, so if you want to get the online trophies, I recommend you get the as soon as possible. I got Festival of Blood for about 4.46€, and I really enjoyed it. You might want to check it out in addition to playing inFAMOUS 2. P.S. Remember that PSV & PS3 store will be shut down soon.
  8. Let me know what you think about Remember Me. I got free on PS Plus years ago, and it's been on my backlog ever since.
  9. I've heard LOTR fails to load all assets. I've also heard that the fix is loading the game once and then reloading the checkpoint or so. That way, it should have more time to load all assets.
  10. You can get it on your main account. A couple of months ago, Sony added to separate categories for ownership: PS Plus ownership and regular ownership. If you have PS Plus ownership, you can still buy/get a game to keep it forever.
  11. I'm wondering whether the servers for NBA Live 19 are still up as servers for NBA Live 10 were back in the day when the next instalments were cancelled. Also are all trophies still obtainable?
  12. This is my girst update. I got MW2 plat today. I started it on Friday, so I hadn't started it in 2020. Before finishing MW2, I finished BF1 and LBP3, which I had started in 2020. So far, my completion percentage has increased around 1,5%. My goal for 2021 is 5%.
  13. Be sure to get Hitman 2 online trophies asap as Hitman 2 servers will be shut down around the time Hitman 3 releases.
  14. It's a late reply. Your memory card might be breaking up. Try getting a new one. It might fix the issue.
  15. I got the platinum in 2011. Be aware that there's one blast shard on a very long pier. The shard cannot be seen unless you're halfway through on the pier. If you're missing one blast shard, I bet it's this one. It was my last one.
  16. I was looking at your games and noticed you haven't finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, inFAMOUS or inFAMOUS 2. They're genuinely good games, so if feel overwhelmed by annoying grinding, you could give a go to one of those games.
  17. After enjoying the gameplay and after doing a ton of grinding, I'm almost finished. I only need an S rank for the Quiet Exit Mission, I need to collect a couple of animals and then.... finish all the tasks for 9 missions. Here are some tips for newcomers: If you're new to MGS, play Ground Zeroes first. I was overwhelmed by the game, but I got quite familiar with the mechanics after playing Ground Zeroes for 10-20 hours to get 100%. Listen to podcasts while going for side ops. Side ops the most boring aspect of the game mission-wise, so please, do yourself a favor and do something enjoyable while grinding. Also, note that the game spawns some old side ops even after you've finished them. You should always check the missions menu to see whether you've actually finished the side ops or not. I think I wasted at least 5 hours, because I repeated a ton of side ops I had already completed. Don't do an S rank run. Go for the tasks on your second playthrough. You'll easily get an S rank for most missions if you get most of the mission tasks done. When you're having trouble getting an S rank or completing a mission task, look it up on YouTube. There's a lot of great guides by PowerPyx and Malice.... I don't remember the account name entirely. If you don't get the animal collector trophy after seeing all animals captured, it's because you've tranquilized some of them and not extracted them. Some people tell to look at emblems to see which ones you're missing, but the emblems sometimes glitch, but luckily, they're not required for the trophy. To see whether you've captured a particular animal, go to database, encyclopedia and look whether there's a question mark in the place of a picture of the animal: captured animals have both their names and pictures visible whereas not captured ones have neither visible or just the name. Both the name and the picture need to be visible for the game to register an animal as captured. I've put around 144 hours in according to the records screen, and I've still got things to do. Enjoy the game!
  18. I'm looking forward to joining. I've got a 76.12% completion rate at the moment, and it's probably gonna go up as I'll soon get MGSV platinum. I'm targeting a 5% increase in percentage — whatever my percentage on January 1st will be. In 2019, I finished a lot of games on my backlog, and in 2020, I finished a decent amount, too. I'm looking forward to finishing at least around 12 games on my backlog in 2021. Edit: my final completion percentage for 2020 was 76.26, so I'm targeting 81.26% for 2021.
  19. I got the platinum last year. It's offline only. The reason why so many people don't have the plat is because there are no video guides around. The collectible guides on the .org site are bad. I think GameFaqs has a decent one.
  20. You need to buy the Marvel edition. I had to buy it used on eBay. I had a Nordic standard copy and had redeemed its online pass and bought a French Marvel edition. The save and online pass carry over. Though, I'm not sure if that's the case with a US copy and UK copy.
  21. My girlfriend doesn't speak English, so I'd like to be able to browse games by Finnish to find games to play with her.
  22. I finally got it to work. The DLC was broken. I couldn't buy it on the regular PS Store, but I could buy it in the in-game store. However, there were two packs named Collection 1. One of them was a general one, and the other one was English version. They both have the exact same content, but the one didn't work but the other did. I wish Sony hadn't removed PS3 and PS Vita content from the webstore.
  23. I'm trying to buy MW3 DLC Collection 1 with Visa, but I keep getting an error message. I was lucky to buy DLC Collection 2, because at first, I got the same error and then when it finally worked, my PS3 froze. Does anyone know any fix for the issue?
  24. You should try accessing your download list on account manager. It's way faster than loading the app and accessing download list on it. If account manager works, you can use the website on a PC or Mac, or PS App on your phone to make purchases.
  25. There's a conversation that's not shown in one of the collectible videos. It's the first conversation at the beginning of chapter 10. It's conversation #32. It's shown at "1 hour 15 min 43 second" mark in 360Gametv's video. It's missing in iFreeMz's video. Here's a link to 360Gametv's video: