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  1. Another week has ended, which means it's time for the weekend. Lately, l've been playing Fate Grand Order, zo I'll most likely play that and a bit of Dragon Star Varnir. What about you all? 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Just trying to wrap up Borderlands 3 before the next KYC begins, I suppose. 

    3. mecharobot


      Ao no Kiseki, made it to chapter 3. Gundam BO2, made it to rank B, hopefully I don't fall from there before I get the trophy. Little Busters, last route before true route.


      There's some good progress, but I'd like to play the new Atelier game asap and still have Lulua to finish on Switch. Also part of me just wants to do NG+ on Xenoblade 2. Too much stuff. I don't even have brainspace left to care about plats right now.

    4. Ala-Arska


      Having a break from gaming and trophy hunting, 

      I think I'm having a mid-life crisis of sorts.


      But, since then, I've noticed things that I never knew were there before...

      birds singing, dew glistening on a newly formed leaf, stoplights...:awesome:

  2. It's weekend again. I heard God Eater 3 got a new update, so I'll be checking that out. What about you all?

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    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Grinding the online for Strike Vector Ex,may do some work in Disgaea 1 as well........oh and of course watching FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....dood

    3. Beyondthegrave07




      Got the platinum already for Teslagrad. It's been a good haul for me this month!

    4. JadedDragos


      Working on them horror games. =-D

      RE Revelations 2 right now.

  3. I really want those editions, but I can only order one game at a time, which means double the taxes and shipping cost. It completely nulls the discount .
  4. The weekend has started :dance: . I'm enjoying my new job a lot and I've been very busy. Time to kick back, relax, and play some SAO vs Accel World. What about you all?

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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Sounds good - hope you have a nice weekend, Archon.  Honestly I have no idea what I'm doing yet this weekend. haha

    3. PooPooBlast


      I'm hoping to finish the spiderman main game stuff and then moving on to the DLC! I have a long weekend ( Thanksgiving weekend) so this should be good! Only thing that sucks is that I had to take work home as that extra day off will make next week's schedule more hectic. 


      I also want to kinda move on from Spidey. Game is great but I feel like combat has gotten kinda stale (what with the bajillion crimes out there) and the so far "typical spiderman story." It's definitely not bad at all and is quite enjoyable but the only question is for how long? We'll see :)

    4. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast I keep forgetting that thanksgiving in Canda is Columbus Day for the states. 

  5. Ah ok, I thought multiple stacks didn't count for points from the start. I find it irritating that people try to come up with anything just to squeeze out more points. Also, if you really don't care about winning, it makes me wonder why you're pushing so hard over "something silly" to make FFF and FFF:ADF both eligible for points and beast mode.
  6. Yeah, I feel the same about HDN VII and VIIR. I must say I'm surprised we're even having this discussion, since I've seen people mention something about not wanting to change things after the contest started. The keyword in this is "added". I'd like to know how much of the vanilla game is actually altered that affects the story as in playing FFF:ADF means you'd never know about that unless you play FFF too. The prologue still has two scripted fights, but the 5-minute dungeon has been added. Fang's second transformation is changed, but he got a second form in FFF too, so that's purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the story.
  7. I say it shouldn't count for points nor for a beast mode bonus, as Advent Dark Force is an enhanced version of FFF: it's the exact same game with additional story content. The story from FFF hasn't been changed in the slightest, there's just more added to it. That would be the same as saying Ys VIII PS4 version counts as a separate game from Ys VIII Vita version or that God Eater 2 Rage Burst and God Eater 2 should count as separate games or even Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen. If you play FFF:ADF (or Ys VIII PS4, GE2RB, and DD:DA for that matter) you won't miss out on anything from the vanilla game and won't even need to play it.
  8. I can't get the combo to work Q_Q Is the Witch 100% required?

  9. I agree, that would be a pretty good milestone image *remembers trophy #10,000 is approaching*.
  10. Sorry for suddenly going MIA, someone I know suddenly got hospitalized and I've been busy with that these past few days. I think my Magion contract has expired by now, so I'll make one with Fiel next. I'll let you know when it's done.
  11. Awesome, congrats . Sounds like I should punish the Blacksmith for not being able to distinguish friend from foe. Which nation and class do you want on your trophy?
  12. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about the slime bounty. I'll add that to the guide.
  13. If you want a memento, go to the Information section. I believe you need to go to Ranking, choose the war where you became a Hero, press , and you'll see an overview of the 4 heroes. You can take a screenshot of that. IIRC the last 7-8 war rankings are saved.
  14. Yeah, Hero status only lasts the day after you become a Hero. Once the new war ends, four new heroes are chosen.
  15. I imagine people are worried/stressed about the servers closing or annoyed at the game's grinds. So, in order to liven things up a bit and ease the grinding, I propose the following challenge: fight Magion today during the online wars and try to win as many fights as possible. That way, you may encounter Magion's Hero. The people who manage to defeat them will obtain a Hero weapon. Simply post a screenshot with the weapon in your inventory (select the weapon so that it shows the hero's name) or better yet, a video that shows the epic battle and the weapon you've obtained. You'll know you're fighting the hero if the banner at the start of the fight says "Hero". The weapon you'll obtain after winning the fight starts with the word "King's" You may be asking "Why should I do that?". Well, hopefully to relieve you of some worries/stress, make you more motivated to take on the policy point/leveling/skill mastery/flag grinds, you'll obtain one of the top tier weapons, and I'll even throw in a custom trophy that contains your favourite nation's symbol and your favourite unit. So, go out there and crush Magion... which only seems possible for those who have a contract with Fiel. The deadline for this is until today's war ends. Good luck, happy hunting, and you may want to bring 6 units with you when attempting to fight Magion's Hero .