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  1. Skill levels don't increase based on earned exp, but on amount of battles fought. Each battle awards a fixed amount of skill exp for every equipped skill, even if you don't use it.
  2. Just a few more hours to submit your questions.
  3. Almost time for the weekend. I'll be working on Accel World vs Sword Art Online. What about you all?

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  4. I used my Valkyrie unit for that trophy, though a Paladin is also a great one to use. What I did was, use tomes and scrolls to increase some of the aptitude ranks and level the unit up back to lvl 99. I had some of the better equipment from bounties and equipped pyroxene on all slots. Besides that, I also gave the unit the healing skill from the guild shop. Did you participate in the online war every day? If so, it might be because you switched factions that counts as the first day. I'll test this out once my contract ends and see if I can get a flag immediately after switching factions.
  5. Do you mean the trophy for soloing a quest or something else? Edit: Seems like overview of which classes can learn each support skill came from the google spreadsheet that Bobble_DD linked.
  6. Yeah, hero weapons start with the word "King's". I also have the King's Spike and the King's Hammer. Do you use this method for the daily flags?
  7. You get blueprints for some of the better weapons from defeating the strongest bounties during travel quests. Killing heroes awards one of the best weapons in the game. The national shop is random, it might have something better than you're using, but most of it is average. Still, you can buy some weapons that are aesthetically pleasing and add the stats of a stronger weapon to it. That way it becomes just as strong as the weapon you sacrificed. During online wars this is a good way to fool people into thinking you're using weaker weapons . This is useful info, where did you find it?
  8. How long does it take to farm enough BP to get one character to lvl 1000? Ah ok, thanks for the heads up. I remember Skoell being in the World's End stage. I already defeated it 10 times there, but no weapon yet.
  9. AFAIK hiring other units doesn't require to be contracted by the same nation. I'm currently affiliated with Landerth, but players fighting for Fiel have been able to hire my unit. My guess is the servers don't keep track of all units, but only the active ones as some people told me they couldn't find my unit. Once I downloaded the game and participated in online wars, the unit was back again. You shouldn't have dropped XCOM doc . For the daily flag, I noticed you first need to have a contract, wait for the new war to start, visit the War menu to see the war declarations, and finally visit the plaza of your contracted nation. Once there, talk to the NPCs, one of them will give you a flag, one will tell you something, one will ask you to trade common/uncommon items for rare ones, and one is a bard who mentions the last war's hero.
  10. Also, people don't forget about your policy points. Once you've completed the requirement, you can invest those to increase the amount of exp, gold, and royals obtained from quests and online wars. As your mercenary rank goes up, so too does the requirements to unlock policy points.
  11. Easily, I'd say in around 10 hours. Just do some main quests at first to level up and familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics. Try to do quests that reward you with equipment and pyroxene (crystals that can be added to equipment for stat boosts). To make things easier, hire units that have the field skills Max Charge, Earth Heal, and Experience. The first increases attack, defence, and magic defence with 10% for 3 battles, the second restores 30% health to your squad, and the last increases obtained exp with 300% for 3 battles. These 3 skills are invaluable during online wars and offline missions. As for classes, try to obtain at least a Paladin, Valkyrie, Blacksmith, and Hunter (preferably with the 3 field skills I mentioned earlier). Those 4 units are a solid squad and get turns earlier than other units, except for the Hunter.
  12. It heavily depends on RNG, though I got one roughly every 20-30 fights. During online battles, go towards enemy fortresses and cannons/ballistas/catapults to do 3 consecutive fights. It's the fastest way to level up and obtain flags. You get to finish the 3 fights, even when the operation or war has ended. There are no level requirements, but you have a harder time until reaching lvl 10+, obtaining better skills, and consumables.
  13. For everyone who is worried about obtaining enough flags: you only need 12 from online wars and daily handouts, as there are 6 that can be obtained from offline quests and 1 is given for reaching Mercenary Rank S. Then there's the starting Fledgling Flag, which also counts. If you resort to purchasing the DLC flags, you only need 2 flags from online stuff and you can still reach 20. I've updated the guide with video walkthrough for the 6 Infiltration missions. Ah, I see.
  14. If you find a Medic worthwhile, by all means use it. However, at some point you'll notice having a Medic is a liability, as you can buy healing consumables to use between consecutive battles and healing skills that can be used on every unit. What you want is more attack power to finish fights as soon as possible (preferably before the enemy units can even get a turn). Shorter fights means less opportunities for the enemy squads to inflict damage. Having units with the Field Skills Max Charge (+10% ATK, DEF, and M-DEF for 3 battles) and Earth Heal (recover 30% HP for your squad) are a huge help too. But yeah, don't leave operations until it ends.
  15. Sweet, congrats . You should be able to get the trophy now @Arin1979.