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  1. A Tiddle-Ating Performance Clear the finale of Fishy Tales of the Nekomata in Fury mode.
  2. Netherlands FTW!!! Those were the good ol' days. I really miss that effect in games nowadays.
  3. Finally fnished the second DLC in Muramasa Rebirth. I'm surprised the trophy for completing Fury mode isn't rarer than its counterpart in DLC #1, the haunted mansion boss was a lot easier than the sumo wrestler. Anyway, started the third DLC and I'm liking it a lot. The second boss reminded me a lot of this Naruto moment:
  4. I agree, heard lots of good things about Dead Space being a horror game, so tried DS3 when it came to PS Plus... it felt like Call of Duty in space .
  5. Damn, I haven't played a lot of Visceral games, but I did want to know what happens after the Dead Space 3 DLC ending. Then there's Dante's Inferno. It's a shame to see EA mess up games, then shutting down studios. Here's hoping Bioware will be safe.
  6. You need to do that yourself, check this thread for more information:
  7. This second boss is so incredibly broken, I keep getting killed after he becomes enraged because he goes off-screen and then either charges or uses ranged palm strikes (because sumo wrestlers really need a ranged attack on top of the other OP moves). Oh and let's not forget he's so fast that even superman would be jealous. I get that the main character is a farmer and not a trained ninja, but he's so slow and the weapons are crap.
  8. There's always the Japanese version .
  9. [Muramasa Rebirth A Cause to Daikon DLC] FFS the second boss is so incredibly broken and after depleting a little over 1 health bar, he becomes even faster and goes off screen so many times while chaining attacks. But getting closer is very risky, because he has ranged attacks, which are spammed when the boss is enraged. 

  10. It looks funny, definitely going to get this at some point.
  11. Congrats . It's possible to get higher-levelled personas when importing the item from the Strength Confidant, but it costs a lot of money.
  12. Some of those creatures are disgusting. I noticed that too, beat the second boss at lvl 12 and the final boss as lvl 15. Currently doing the fury playthrough of the second DLC, those crows took a lot of retries. Ended up at lvl 9 before beating them . The sumo wrestler is next.
  13. Aren't TellTale episodes always released bimonthly ? At least that's what I remember from The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Game of Thrones. Tales from the Borderlands was delayed a lot though.
  14. That's a nice image. I was expecting something lewd tbh . Sure, if you want. And yeah, the MC can be named.