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  1. People that have been affected by this can ask a guide team member to add the new username as a contributor to the guide. That way they'll regain control over those and once the issue is fixed, they can remove themselves as a contributor.
  2. Thank you all for submitting questions. We've even reached a new record . All the questions have been sent to MidnightDragon. Since there are so many questions, it may take longer than usual before the interview is posted. I hope you all look forward to it.
  3. Completely forgot about this, will take care of it after getting home.
  4. Woohoo weekend :dance: . I hope the busy weeks are over, especially now that the summer vacations have started, meaning no things to take care of until ~2 weeks before the start of the new term. Anyway, going to attempt to finish Nights of Azure 2 again and play some more God Eater 3. What about you all?

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    2. JadedDragos


      9 pages of uncommon trophies ahead of me now!! Woo!!

    3. ee28max


      Reset the TV factory settings and see if the HDMI signal on the PS3 will work again.

    4. Dragon-Archon


      @Leon Castle Oh wow, I had no idea that elf girl was in S1 too.


      @JadedDragos Sweet, you're getting there :yay: .


      @ee28max Good luck with that.

  5. Yeah, that's how people blew it out of proportion by making it seem like the entire game had bad translations, but ~75%-80% of the game was fine. Better hurry up, interest in the thread has been dying for a long time.
  6. That would explain why Adol has so much bad luck at the start of each game . The translation fiasco was blown out of proportion, there were some odd sentences and names, but most of it was fine.
  7. If anyone has any questions, be sure to submit those. The deadline is July 18th.
  8. Inb4 Death kills the pawn with 1 hit of the scythe .
  9. You gain rift crystals based on the price someone paid to rent the pawn + the amount of exp the Arisen obtained while your pawn is in the party. So, just renting it to another character of your own wouldn't work, unless you play the game again from scratch.
  10. Nope, there's no limit. The only downside is if you're the kind of person who plans their trophy milestones, as hiding trophies will mess that up.
  11. Awesome, congrats with the . I got 99.99999999999999% of the rift crystals from people who hired my pawn and ended up with ~16 million of unused rift crystals, even after obtaining a full set of each rare lvl 3 BBI armour.
  12. Damn you Google, shooting your own foot isn't the way to go .
  13. Lol , that means you need to be more active on PSNP *whispers* bring back Song Vote . Yeah, I asked Mango about it, but he didn't know how to fix it.
  14. Yeah, the time limit has been removed for the event, but I can't edit the OP anymore, so can't change it. Whenever I try, there's a notification stating that the post is too old to be edited .
  15. Sure thing and thanks buddy . I'm also still working on the game. It's going to be plat #1,000 .