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  1. The synopsis makes me think of Persona, so it piqued my interest. Lol, I didn't notice that until reading your post .
  2. I'm surprised by this as I assumed PS4 Celceta would have extra content instead of being a simple port. Fun fact: I did at first create trophies with antagonists for Ys Origin. For Celceta I thought of using Nina for the special trophy, but might just change Leeza as the bonus trophy, since no one picked that one yet. Have fun with Celceta.
  3. Oh ok, I misunderstood that. Yeah, unpurified loot can be given to pawns as gifts, but the purified version will change when it switches owners.
  4. Unfortunately, that's not possible.
  5. You can't gift lvl 3 weapons and armour. After defeating Daimon for the first time, go challenge him again. This time it'll be harder, but the loot also improves. The 4 chests after Daimon are your best bet to find lvl 3 weapons and armour. Save before opening a chest and use Godsbane on yourself if you don't obtain a lvl 3 weapon. Edit: I should clarify that there's only 1 chest in Daimon's treasure room that can give you a lvl 3 weapon. The other 3 can give you a lvl 3 armour, moonbeam gem, and a lvl 3 gear. Though I believe the moonbeam gem is fixed. Another option is to defeat Death. When I did that the first time I went from level ~80 to around 105. Every second volley when using tenfold arrow with blast arrows will stunlock it and Death retains the damage you inflict. Aim for the head to deal more damage.
  6. Weekend! Time to unwind. Planning to continue Berseria, finished the story a few days ago and started the post-game cleanup. What about you all?

    1. Show previous comments  22 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      Kinda late but RDR 2! Started it officially yesterday but most of it was spent tweeking the settings menu and adjusting the HDR settings. Today I spent a solid 3 hrs or so and so I got a greater feel of the game.


      Lol that realism stuff though might kill me! Too many things to manage atm and I'm just trying to understand the mechanics which the game flashes at you while so many things are going on that it's easy to miss. 


      So with that in mind I can say I'm officially starting it this weekend once the ball gets rolling :D

    3. Yuna4353


      @Dragon-Archon That good to hear I need to get back to it at some point. 

    4. JadedDragos


      Working on Sacred 2. 😀

  7. As much as I want to play this game, I'd rather the devs take as much time as they need to finish it.
  8. I'd like to see these combinations: Lindow (God Eater series) and Crow (Trails of Cold Steel series) Velvet (Tales of Berseria) and Zero (Drakengard 3)
  9. Miraculous Myriad Inflict 10,000 or more damage with a single hit. Use Break Soul combos, increased damage from stuns, and various skills to create the ultimate crushing blow.
  10. Good job on the Ys VIII guide. It helped me out a lot with missables. 

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Thanks, glad to know it helped :D . If you've noticed an error or something that can be improved, let me know. Also, please rate the guide if you haven't done so already.

    2. thepeaguy


      Will do.


      Have a good weekend. :)

  11. Nice, congrats . It took me about 10 retries to get it done. I've heard Le-Kyanos is a cakewalk on the PS4 version due to being able to level up and change forms.
  12. [God Eater 3] It seems update 1.30 is live :dance: . I was hoping it would add some trophies, since there are new story missions too, but alas. At least there's new Aragami, weapons, party members, customization outfits, and special moves.

  13. Here you are: You're the third person to obtain the bonus trophy . It's good to know you enjoyed the Vita version after experiencing the PS4 version. I was worried it might seem very inferior. Also, how was Le-Kyanos on Nightmare?
  14. Congrats with platting both versions . What are your thoughts about the game when comparing it to the PS4 version? Unfortunately, the bonus trophy has been discontinued ... seriously though, you've earned it. Which trophy do you want for completing the vita version of Ys VIII?
  15. Bee Stinger Defeat the dire foe, Queen Bee. Discretion is the better part of valour, but failing to escape is just fate.