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  1. It's about time Congrats .
  2. Awesome, that's good to know. I wonder if SE will start working on DLC from now on. I bet @Kent10201 would love some Marvel and Star Wars story DLC .
  3. Got a small progress update: managed to defeat the boss of chapter 6 in Dungeon Travelers 2. That was a huge difficulty spike. The devs really trolled gamers with this chapter: usually it's possible to convert defeated bosses into a tome that can be equipped for passive bonuses. However, that wasn't possible with this boss due to story reasons .
  4. A Spyro 3 guide is already submitted for review. Ok, I'll send a PM.
  5. There's another in progress for this game, are you interested in teaming up?
  6. Yep, it has been suggested before and it can't be done, simply because the forum software is from a third party.
  7. That's not fair, everyone should suffer like I did . Same, I tried to avoid most of the mid to late game enemies as much as possible, especially those robots that were immune against force attacks.
  8. Star Wars The Force Unleashed: completing the game on the highest difficulty was incredibly hard for me. Duke Nukem Forever: same as above, the hardest difficulty felt incredibly cheap. Drakengard 3: the final boss of ending D was horrible.
  9. Yep, it seems to work again. It just needed a good ol' whip .
  10. Unsure if it's due to the update, but the guide bot seems to be lazing around. Guide status isn't updated in the thread title and there was no new thread created when a new guide was submitted for review.
  11. Yep, I agree with that. Was hoping more people would plat at least MSZ as it was part of PS+.
  12. I'd be surprised if Wicked K wasn't in the game. Would be funny if he was the final boss of the game .
  13. Hey, Boosting threads aren't allowed, but you can create a gaming session. Check this thread for more information:
  14. It seems similar to the second list: complete the game on the highest difficulty, upgrade stuff, and collect lots of things. I do hope the collectibles aren't as bad as the second game though.
  15. Forgot that this event starts today, here's my list so far: 11: Entwined 10: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance 9: Dungeon Travelers 2 There's probably going to be one more game for the bonus requirement though.