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  1. Thank you! I'll keep on playing hard then
  2. Here's the thing, i started off my game in hard mode (which isn't even THAT hard btw) cause i wasn't really following a guide but a friend of mine told me there was a trophy difficulty-related and since I didn't want to play the game all over again (considering it's 80-100 hours) i chose the hard mode. But my backlog is really killing me and i just want to enjoy the story in order to move onto the next open world of 100+ hours as fast as possible, is it maybe better to play in easy and just do the premium quests on hard? (I see they're like... just 20?? Or is it better if i just keep playing the game in hard mode? Thanks!
  3. They seem not to take count of other characters besides Squall and Quistis! If you have like, Selphie and Rinoa in your party and they get the kill the girls in the garden won't count it. To have a better track i killed both Quistis and Rinoa in my party to make sure Squall always had the kill.
  4. I tracked that also but it only tells the encounters. I did not play cards against the prison guy though, maybe that upgrade also shows individual fights per character?
  5. On the second floor, the two girls of the TREPE Club keep track of Quistis' and Squall kills
  6. No wait, not even 10 minutes have passed and the trophy unlocked (I also got the plat 😎) I confirm it's 1000 single enemies and not encounters. Balamb students can keep track of Squall's kills. Hope it's helpful for someone!
  7. Hello everyone, Does anybody know if the 1000 kills trophy means 1000 enemy kills or 1000 encounters? For example: an encounter with a pack of 3 monsters counts as 3 kills or 1? It's the last trophy I'm missing and i think i'm over 1000 kills (but i'm at 600 encounters, considering most encounters have 2-3 monsters) Thanks!
  8. I've tried putting mission inbetween the item crafting, even crafting other items, and it didn't work
  9. Hm, i have multiple saves I think one before getting the mithril (if i didnt delete that), one before smelting 7 of them and one before smelting the last one. I tried smelting the last one and the 7 of them all together again but it didn't work out. I tried getting some more mithril but i guess there are only 9 divine items in the game so I get another item instead. Imma try follow your advice and try to do some mission inbetween the mini game Too bad i dont have a save before getting all nine of them or i would have gone for that Btw the game is full of glitched trophies, I also got another one at the beginning that made me restart the game all over again (but it was early in the game so no biggie) Thank you for your advice
  10. I can't happen to get the "acquire 9 divine items" for the platinum trophy. I did 9 different golden items through the blacksmith minigame and it just didn't pop up. Since i saved right before the last item i've tried doing that over and over again but it just won't work. Am i doing something wrong maybe? I'm a little hypeventilating here I can't believe it's glitched Thank you!
  11. I'm talking about those pesky fighting games that require online matches to plat them. I need help for Soul Calibur HD Online (three really fast trophies) but i can lend help also for other fighting games (Street Fighter 4, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur 5, Tekken Tag Tournament, Persona 4 Arena...) if someone needs to win matches. Thanks in advance!
  12. I've found Project Diva and Taiko no Tatsujin very useful for the purpose of playing without fully understanding the japanese language. Though, if you found that too unchallenging I might suggest you try Ciel Nosurge for the PSVita. True, it's a novel with much story to follow but almost all of it it's dubbed so you skip all the trouble of reading kanji and you can master your listening/speech-understanding skills. (And anyway if you don't care much about the story the gameplay is very minimal so you can just skip all the chit chats and go straight for the trophies)