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  1. I don't even know how to approach this game's trophies. $500000? Unless someone finds an exploit that doesn't even seem possible.
  2. The amount of trophy descriptions that have to specify "non-DLC" is horrifying. I bet the title skills.trophy will be the 100 hour grind one.
  3. Picked up the Asian physicals for Accel World vs SAO and Moe Chronicle finally, and Super Meat Boy from LRG.
  4. I recently finished getting all of the bones in campaign but the Mt. Bone trophy did not unlock. It may be glitched.
  5. Having trouble with some of the "kill 7 enemies with a special" trophies. A few were easy enough but some of the characters have weaker specials with a smaller radius.
  6. Oh OK, even without EXP plug ins it only took two and a half hours to go from Lvl 65 to 80, and I even ran out of brain field items at Lvl 73.
  7. Where is the EXP increasing plug-in? I heard it was DLC but I don't see it in the store.
  8. You get the new weapon on your old save, not the ending E save.
  9. So what do people think are the best weapons to skip now that there is some choice, like which ones have the most annoying materials to get?
  10. Getting the upgrade materials for the weapons better not be as grindy as it was last time...
  11. It is a separate PS4 trophy list.
  12. The EXP grind is worse than I expected. I'm at level 47 and I just feel like it's crawling up.
  13. Is it possible to get the 100 photo trophy F2P? It seems like it only saves 5 per song and replaces them if you take new ones.
  14. Has this been fixed in NA?
  15. Definitely a big grind that would get especially repetitive if you don't buy any of the DLC. But then that's not really worth it for a game without a plat.