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  1. For me, it had to be a shortcut that used "Route Development Components" -- not just money. I realize you had already solved this (over a year ago), but I wanted to at least mention what worked for me in case anyone else is reading!
  2. I'm not sure what Lego games this would work for. My thought is that it should work for some of them, but the trophies have to be very similar to Lego Batman 3 and also have to auto-pop when Player 1 completes stuff. So maybe, maybe not. And it should only work on the PS4 version of the game, not PS3. With PS4, multiple accounts can be logged in at the same time, which allows for this to work. Also, I'm not sure if this works online, but it works locally in co-op. On PS3, the co-op account is a Guest account as you cannot have multiple people logged in at the same time. PS3 will not work for this.
  3. A bunch of people were just flagged for this. It's relatively easy to get this within 30 minutes with someone who already has the in-game 100%. As P2, you can have P1 load in and immediately Save & Exit to get each level specific trophy. Then, for the 100% fountain, as long as it's P1's file, P2 will get the trophy when the lever is pulled. This is crucial to the quick platinum! From there, most of the trophies are just "play as these characters" or "do X thing", which can mostly be done within a few minutes. So yes, it does take somewhere around 30 hours for one person, and from there, a second player can benefit from it. But it's all in-game and doesn't require any sort of save file shenanigans or exploits. Talk to Traveller's Tales if you don't like it.
  4. This is not save file modding or hacking. This is using the USB and/or Online backups and restoring them from online. Here's how it's done in Dark Souls: Player 1 gets all the items needed for most of the trophies and essentially plat's the game first, taking a normal amount of time. They also amass a number of soul items and crafting material. Player 1 backs up their save online. Player 1 trades everything to Player 2. Player 1 leaves the session, closes the game, and restores their save from online (thus restoring all of their items). Player 2 can then either play the game, or repeat the process above until they have enough materials and/or souls. You can do this process back and forth as well, to essentially double the amount of items you have infinitely. Say I have a Large Soul of a <whatever they're called>: Player 1 starts with 5 of these. Player 1 uploads save, trades to Player 2, and restores save. Player 2 has 5 soul items. Now, Player 2 uploads their save and trades to Player 1. Player 1 now has 10 soul items. Player 2 restores save. Player 1 uploads save, trades to Player 2, and restores save. Player 2 now has 15 soul items. Rinse/repeat a few times and now you have 100's of soul items, letting you get above Level 100 near the very beginning of the game. If you started with 1 item, it would look like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... (Fibbonaci Sequence FTW). You can see how fast it scales! This technique is called "save scumming" -- utilizing the backup/restore feature of the PS3/PS4 to assist in trophy hunting. Although some may frown upon it, it is widely used in trophy hunting and not prohibited. It's used mostly to trade items, make multiple save points, or follow multiple "decision" based trophies in a single playthrough. EDIT: Oh, and even if you don't agree with using save scumming to amass large numbers of soul items and crafting materials, trading in Dark Souls is very much normal and expected. A person could still achieve extremely quick plat times if they got the required items from friend. The person playing still has to be good enough at the game to actually get to the end for these quicker times.
  5. Yes, it's very possible with save scumming. Essentially, with 2 people, you can use USB or Online save backups to get as many soul items, crafting material, weapons, and other items as you need. Your character quickly becomes very overpowered, with the massive amount of souls and end-game weapons given basically at the beginning of the game. Then, add in a skilled player who has played through the game a gazillion times, and they can just power through it. Skipping optional stuff, fighting bosses, and collecting spells can be done in NG in under a few hours. All the top times can legitimately be done using this method.
  6. Yeah, just reached Prestige 2 with 27 weapons and no trophy...
  7. Looking to get this trophy, P4P. Please leave a review on the level so I know you've played it, and I'll return the favor and play your level. PSN: DekuTree180 Name: 1sec Level
  8. Little Deviants - Trophyumphant - 0.77% According to this site, I'm the first and fastest person to have it. So I got that going for me, which is nice.