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  1. Someone can take my turn
  2. I'm surprised no one guessed it, although i'm sure MrYoOnutz knows it ^^ R.O.D Here is the next one. Probably Really really hard, unless you looked at next season's lineup
  3. Dat Yuri Action ^^
  4. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui
  5. So i do post, Best girl in series
  6. old old stuff Vampire Hunter D And someone can take my turn if i don't post a Screenshot, just because I can't think of one atm
  7. cardfight vanguard someone can take my turn
  8. Nope, but since no one is getting it, i'll post 2 more screenshots of the same movie
  9. nice guess, but unfortunately it's not precure.
  10. no guesses? If you can guess it with a hint, state how many you used with your guess. Hint 1: Hint 2: Hint 3: Hint 4:
  11. Koi choco cosplaying madoka
  12. koukaku no regios was epic. Too bad they didn't do more with the potential that they had with the anime
  13. Yes, yes and no. It wasn't Safari zone. A random episode in season 4 (ep 189) A random SS from marathoning pokemon in japanese right from ep 1 anyways, its GPTV's turn
  14. Ok I will take your offer. Here is the next pic And for the old one that no one guessed, Its Ginga Eiyu Densetsu aka Legend of the Galactic heroes or something like that Edit: a Hint in spoiler if it is too hard,
  15. Since there is no reply, Here is the next ss
  16. yep
  17. G-G-G-Gatcha Force Anyways, Here is the next Screenshot Hint (Only If you want to use it)
  18. Yes the show was Amazing. Great plot and Amazing music (even if it is from the original idol group). AKB0048 and AKB0048 Next Stage (Season one and Two). Would recommend this anime to anyone who liked shows like [email protected]
  19. ガチャフォース